How To Repair An RV Air Conditioner

It’s not all about purchasing only. You also need some knowledge to maintain your RV Air Conditioner properly. However, it’s another thing when you need to repair it. So, to give you information about How to fix an RV Air Conditioner, keep on navigating this article.

Knowing repairing your RV Air Conditioner is a great advantage to fix it without any issues. Thus, it can cause you a fortune if you decide to call professionals to fix it. Besides, if you are a handyman, this information is easy and straightforward for you to follow. It can be a great help for you and use it as your learning in the future. 

Many appliances and devices need excellent repair to function again. Somehow, the information that we are going to give you can elevate your hope. An RV Air Conditioner is one of the most valuable devices that many people have. It is no wonder that many of them also need more attention and repair, especially now that the camping trip is trending.

Different issues can occur when you are using RV Aircons. It can be the noise and the actual function of it. That is why a great thing to do beforehand is to check it before you use it for a long ride. Somewhat, it would help if you had some instances on the spot repairing due to the late checking of your RVs. Then, the details below might be your only solution to perform the repair.

If you want to know the details on how you can repair your RV Air conditioner, join us and explore the information we have for you. Make it as your guidelines to solve specific issues on your aircon. Let us move forward to learn more.

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Some Repairs for Your RV Air Conditioner

This section contains some issues and solutions about the RV Air Conditioner that you have. We provide some information that somehow, you can perform on your own. And it goes like this;

1. Noisy RV Air Conditioner

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It is a typical issue that you can come across when you have an RV Air Conditioner. This section provides a list of the information that can help you resolve this matter. It includes the following;

  • Aging RV Air Conditioner

Having your RV Air Conditioner for a long time can affect the function itself. Because of the long run, it may face different issues like noise. Based on the best brand that you can have, you can obtain a five years warranty. However, many manufacturers doest vouch for that range; instead, they offer a 2 to 3 years warranty.

Thus, the most effective way to avoid repair and issues is also the proper way to use your RV ACs. Of course, there are some instances that even if you use it with care, you still come across a few cases regarding the age of your AC. We suggest that, rather than spend your fortune on the repair, having a new one might be an easy option to consider.

  • Clean the fan blades

The dust and the dirt of the blower’s blades can cause you big trouble when it comes to the RV Air Conditioner. Most of the issues regarding this are that it produces unpleasant sounds while using it. It might have sounded like a broken washing machine, and later on, it could have sounded like a water pump motor. And to prevent that from happening, you need to have a quick remedy.

The better way to clean it is to wash the edges carefully. Avoiding the wires and preventing the moisturizing of electronic components is what you need to remember because if you do that, it may cause your AC to have malfunctioned or, worst, to stop working.

  • Ramshackle Rubber Cushions

A broken, worn-out, and torn rubber cushion can also cause an unpleasant sound. This part of your RV Air conditioner has a vital role in absorbing and catching the vibrations when your ACs work. When your rubber cushion breaks, the best thing to do is replace it with the new one. That way, you can manage to eliminate the noise and extend your RV Air Conditioner’s work.

  • Oil duct tubes

So much grease in your duct can also make an unpleasant noise. That is why the better remedy for that is to raise it with the cleaning agent, and if it’s not working, changing it might be the best option.

  • High-speed Fan

Your RV Air conditioner can produce noises when you use it with a high-speed fan. This setup can give you an annoying decibel that can affect your relaxation big time. So, the best way to remove that noise is to change it in a lower-speed fan setup.

  • Sloppy fixed components

Moving joints and bolts is a factor that can make unpleasant sounds in your ACs. It also might cause trouble if you don’t fix it immediately. Your ACs might fall and cause you an accident. That is why you need to tighten each of the screws and attach the joints properly.

  • Proper Maintenance

Checking your RV Air Conditioner can prevent some instances from happening. It is a good thing to do to make your device run longer and also save you from potential damages in the future.

  • Let the Silencer do the job.

If you believe in your RV ACs inspections, attaching a silencer will do. It can reduce the decibel of your AC by 8 to 10 decibels. Considering this option can provide the best satisfaction and comfort while you are sleeping or relaxing.

2. RV Air Conditioner leaks

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There are some cases that even if you manage to install your AC, this kind of trouble comes across. For that reason, here is the possible solution to that matter. It includes the following;

  • Leaking in a Rainy Day

Leakin AC is a concerning issue that you need to come up with a quick solution. In this case, it leaks in a rainy season; the best way to make a move is to check the screw, joints, and bolts of your ACs. Bumping into something is one of the factors that might affect its job and leak. Tightening each of them might work to eliminate that issue.

On the other hand, if it is still leaking, even if you fix the bolt holdings, you need to inspect the gasket that sits between the system or replace your RV. The gasket is an excellent choice at that moment to prevent water from entering your RV inside. However, it could also break down when it exposes to the elements.

  • Leaking even it is dry outside.

In contrast to the first kind of leaking, this type can be serious also. For the RVs, a slow trickle down the exterior isn’t unusual for models with a drain pan. Thus, the water should stay outside and not run on the inside. Having a poorly silicone job might cause leaks to trigger. 

Moreover, if the silicon blocks the passage, the water finds its way to go outside and cause you trouble later on. You can also consider the dirt and duct that might clog the small hole in the pan. For that reason, it also can cause leakage.


Here is the information that we have. We hope that it can guide you to repair your issues in your RV Air Conditioner. Each of the details plays a crucial role in making you handier and knowledgeable; these instances occur in no time. It can also prevent you from spending more by paying professionals to perform the same thing that we give you.

It is your choice to follow or not each of the information above. We are grateful to share with you these details and teach you some repair ideas that might help your RV Air Conditioner big time. So, thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day! Enjoy repairing!

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