How to Secure Your Outdoor RV Mat

RV mats are lovely. Not only does it makes your camping comfortable, but it also makes it look elegant. Indeed, a must-have in your RV checklists.

However, RV mats could make your camping adventure a disaster if it flies all over the place. Also, it is irritating when it keeps moving when stepped on or the wind blows so hard. Not to mention slips related accidents are due to unsteady mats.

For these reasons, this guide is right for you to effectively and adequately secure your RV mats and avoid any unpleasant experience.

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Fender Washers

You may secure your mats to stay in one place by attaching fender washers at each corner of a carpet. Then place the rug on wood, soil, or ground surface and drive massive nails or screw through it until it holds the mat steadily. 

This strategy works well on any camping site if the ground has dried soil. Nails and screws can penetrate well without loosening their hold. However, fenders and screws might not suit the wet and moist grounds because it is too soft, and the grip might loosen easily. 

Meanwhile, fenders and screws may not fit bricked or cemented grounds as such surface could be too hard. Nonetheless, fenders look amazing when it does on any mat.

Plants on pots

Whether green-leafy or flowery plants, it is delightful in the eyes. It feels calming, refreshing, and rejuvenating. Indeed, beautiful decoration at home and inside any RV.

Also, you could use it to secure your mat. Then, as you jump off the van and spread out the carpet, you may place the potted plants on it. Practically, the weight of the pot prevents the mat from slipping in any direction.  

In addition, the beauty of plants could match well with any best outdoor mats for RVs. Thus, the elegant look becomes more exquisite. 

Ensure that the pot is heavy enough to pin the mat. Indeed, it is terrific when these ornaments in homes and camper vans could come in handy.

Portable Equipment and Furniture

Living on the road through RV camping entails equipping your vehicle with home appliances. Equipment includes an air blower, compressor, heater, and the list goes on. Thus, it makes your life comfy despite being far away from home.

Amazingly, just like the potted plants, you could use some of these appliances as a weight to pin down your outdoor mats. Similarly, you can make your tables, chairs, sandbags, etc., as added weight to secure the carpet. But, of course, you will take out some of your stuff when you stop over at the camping site. 

In the process, these things could be helpful not only in doing their usual functions but also in steadying your outdoor mat. However, you might become worried because you may forget or neglect these appliances when you pack up. Thus, referring to your checklist of items would save you from such a problem. 

Nonetheless, having pieces of equipment and furniture is a brilliant idea to keep your outdoor mat in place.


To sum it up, outdoor mats for RV are simply fantastic. Yet, it’s a pain in the head when it slides and does not stay in place. 

Fortunately, through our guide, resolving this little problem is easy-peasy. You may use fender washers, your plants, and even your equipment and furniture to secure it.

Your creativity and talent would always make your camping experience awesome.

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