Mammoth Mountain RV Park and Campground Sites; A Helpful Camping Guide

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Dear camping enthusiasts, if you are looking for a place where you want to spend a fantastic vacation day with your family, then the Mammoth Mountain RV Park should be on your list!

Basic Information

Here is the necessary information you should know first about this park. It consists of primary and organized information to read with ease. Plus, we also added their contact details so you can jot them down to your notes. Here it is:

Operational Hours

Check-in time: 2:00 PM

Check out time: 11:00 AM

Contact Information

Number: 1-800-582-4603

Phone Number: (760) 934-3822

Fax: (760) 934-1896


2667 Main St, P.O. Box 288, MMTH Lakes, CA 93546

Location Information

Google Map:

Map and Direction to RV Park

This majestic, beautiful nature art

You can find this exquisite, beautiful nature art on Highway 203. If you are driving from Yosemite Valley, you are here after 100 miles in 2 hours and 30 mins. Here is other helpful information about this park.

Credits to: Google Map

Place you will cam fromDriving TimeDistance
Reno, NV3 hours164 miles
Death Valley4 hours214 miles
Bakersfield4.5 hours260 miles
Fresno (summer)4.5 hours200 miles
Sacramento5 hours290 miles
San Bernardino5 hours290 miles
Las Vegas, NV5.5 hours377 miles
Orange County6 hours363 miles
San Francisco (summer)6 hours300 miles
Los Angeles6 hours325 miles
Fresno (winter)6.5 hours357 miles
Santa Barbara6.5 hours385 miles
San Francisco (winter)7 hours360 miles
San Diego7.5 hours400 miles

If you are from a place not in the table above, you can always contact the official numbers mentioned above to direct your way to the area. They will process your accommodation in a friendly manner. They are super accommodating!


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We know that you should be looking for available amenities here. Looking for a place that caters to it is a process because you plan what activities you can do in a particular location. In this section, we will share the accessible amenities you can find here.

Hot showers

If you want to have some relaxing showering moments, Mammoth Mountain RV Park offers that to you! It not only makes you refreshed from a tiring adventure but makes you calm, opens somebody’s airways, clear-out some of your nasal passages. Also, it will not give you that procession-like queue. There is more to discover about this place. Thus, you should read further!

Clean restrooms

Improved sanitation is what most camping enthusiasts are looking for. If you are looking for the same, this is just excellent to pick. You can spend your vacation day with your family here with the peace of mind that you can clean yourself in a clean restroom. Plus, you will not experience a nasty smell because of stocked terrible stuff inside their comfort rooms. They have a great process of maintaining restrooms clean. 

Laundry rooms

If you are a person that likes to wash and clean every stuff right after the adventure, Mammoth Mountain RV Park is excellent to choose from. Why? It is because they offer a laundry area.

A perfect place where you can wash and clean your shirts and other dirty stuff. 

This amenity is another fantastic help if you want to go home and just want to rest once you arrive. You can check more info by contacting the contact information mentioned above. 

Picnic tables

Excellent sites should have a picnic table since it helps campers helpfully eat their prepared foods. Worry no more because this park has them! It is excellent stuff to enjoy meals with family and friends. 

Indoor swimming pool

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If you plan to go for a swim, and the weather becomes not friendly, you can still do so. Thanks to the park’s indoor swimming pool. It is an excellent place where you can go swimming without permission from outside weather. Plus, the fences and property pillars protect you. They also have an organized process of maintaining their pools. You can check more information by dialing the park’s contact numbers above.

 Heated pool

Right after a heavy and tiring adventure, you can take some relaxing moments with the Mammoth Mountain RV Park’s heated pool. It is perfect for people who want to relax their muscles, enhance blood circulation, relieve stress, and improve breathing. They also have an organized process of maintaining their heated pools. Thus, this park offers you to experience it yourself! 


Do you want to have some relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Arthritis itself? Well, if that is what you want, you should not miss the park’s Spa! It is the answer to lessen medical processes in aiding Arthritis.


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What makes cabins different from solo camping grounds? There are many to mention! The first and foremost to say is that you can have your kitchen where you can prepare some of your favorite meals for your son, daughter, and spouse. They also have an organized process of maintaining their cabins. You can even save money since you do not need to dine out whenever you need to take your lunch or dinner, or breakfast. 

Group tent sites

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Suppose you will be doing a family reunion or friends out day or company team building. In that case, this place offers you a group tent where you can make your family, friends, or colleagues comfortable since everyone is in the area. Since this place can accommodate many campers, you can expect more activities to offer its guests.

Recreational Room

Again, if you will be having a group activity or meeting during your camp out, this place offers a recreational room where you can do such activities. Besides training or forum, you can do gatherings and other events here. You should remember to contact the facility information center to get accurate information, including rules and regulations about renting or using it. They have an organized process in letting guests in use the recreational room. 

Playing area for children

If you want your kids to empower their communication and interaction skills with other kids, this park has a Playing area for your children. It is an excellent place to interact or connect with other people, other parents, and overlook other cute little children playing around and laughing hard! It is a perfect process in teaching your kid about socialization. 

This park has a dump station to dump all your trash and recreational vehicle wastes. Since all camp areas and forests promote healthy green nature, the non-guests can leave here. This place has an organized process of keeping the place clean and green. It is a warm place to camp! Isn’t it?

Storage (available during Summer)

Since this place has animals that also crave your home-cooked foods, the park offers Recreational Vehicle storage, but only during Summer. Here, you can securely protect your food and other stuff to avoid it from being stolen and forgotten. Always follow the place’s processes to prevent any mishaps in the area. 

Non-guest Support (Additional)

Since this place is generous, it offers help to non-guest people. Here are the four necessary support they provide for people who are in the area:

  • Dump Station
  • Fresh Water refill
  • Showers
  • Overflow parking

If one of these amenities attracts your taste, you should remember that proper coordination is necessary. Coordinate it with the officers by contacting the contact number, phone number, or email mentioned above. To avoid regret for not enjoying the perfect vacation day, you plan for a week or a month. In this regard, they have an organized process for non- guests. 

The following section will help you understand and learn what fun activities you can enjoy here. Here they are:

Activities you can do here.

Most awesome camping enthusiasts prefer to have many activity options in a particular park, forest, or campground. The more activities available to complete, the stronger their family bond will be. The effect is the same as your bond with your friends or colleagues. Here, we will share the accessible activities you, your family members, friends, and colleagues will enjoy.

Read them below!

Scenic Wonders Sightseeing

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Have you ever wondered why people feel grateful after their travel adventure with nature? It is because of the scenic wonder they have overlooked while traveling. There are moments when you feel very thankful that you had witnessed another breathtaking splendor of the earth. It is a process of reconnecting to nature. 

It mesmerizes people. It tickles their brain. Lastly, it refreshes their inner-self and gains additional clarity on what they should be doing with their life. They can offer these opportunities to you!


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If you are full of heavy loads of stress, this place can help you release those negative vibes within you. It is also one of the processes to connect with nature and relax./ Try to hike in this place and check out yourself to lessen your weight, add muscle, and have another level of life quality. You can check more information by calling the contact numbers or emailing the email address mentioned above. 


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An interesting fact about fishing in this Recreational Vehicle park, it can increase your concentration level. Plus, fishing here can help you meet more friends by fishing with other guests. It enhances your self-esteem. It is because fishing is not only about catching fish. It is giving yourself a personal goal and achieving it while patiently waiting. 


Have you ever heard about Geocaching? If not, this part is an excellent place to do this outdoor (recreational) activity. It is a kind of activity like seek and find. You will use the Global Positioning System or mobile device or a type of receiver to detect or locate containers called “Caches” or Geocaches.” If this information excites you, you can check more details about this at their front desk. They have an organized process for this kind of activity. 

Family Run (during summer) and Family Run (during winter)

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Aside from the incredible health benefits of running, you can also enjoy building a strong bond with your family members by doing the Family Run here. It can reduce not only your stress but, as a team, the family stress. It is a process of relieving stress after a stressful weekday. If you are a parent, this activity should be considered conducted every once in a while. 


Happiness, a good heart, great bones, and living longer are some of the benefits of playing golf once in a while. Yes, golfing is available, too, here. What makes it more exciting to play in this particular place is that you have nature around you, giving you fresh air and additional scenic beautiful views to enjoy your vacation day. 


One thing about cycling here is it has a low-impact workout, an excellent exercise for beginners. The park will offer you the perfect cycling activity if you are not into medium to heavy exercise. They have an organized process for this kind of activity. You need to contact the front desk to ensure your booking will count. Good luck and enjoy!

Horseback Riding

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Besides the incredible physical benefits of horseback riding, you can also enhance your mental health by doing this activity. You need to train and learn how to communicate with your chosen horse here. Coordination with your body parts and coordination with your companion’s body parts are essential. It means that doing horseback riding trains the physical body and mentally, too. 

Off-roading or Off-highway Vehicle(OHV)

If you are a fan of Off-Highway Vehicle riding adventure, you will love this place since it offers OHV riding. This activity is excellent, especially during the summer. It is because Summer is a perfect season to view the glorious color and incredible natural living organisms around this place. 

Mountain Biking

What makes mountain biking exciting here is you can enjoy nature more. Since you are biking around the almost forest location, you will witness some incredible living animals around the place. Plus, you can experience the real peaceful moment of surroundings, which a busy city cannot provide you. 

Bird Watching

Have you ever watched a Disney movie where the birds are singing? Well, in this place, you can have that experience, too. The difference is it is happening in real life, in your surroundings, in real-time! You can also witness additional or other bird species here, those that you did not see before. Also, it is an excellent reward for yourself after your hard work in a tiring city. 

Jeep 4×4 Trails

Hey! Do you love driving? If you want to take your driving adventure to its next level, you can try the Jeep 4×4 Trails, where you can enhance your maneuverability and your overall driving skills as a whole. Is your stuff about swiftly dodging obstacles? Boom! That is what this place offers for off-road driving enthusiasts. They have an organized process for this activity. Always check more information with the park’s front desk. 

Watersports or Kayaking

What this park’s kayaking can offer to you is not only a healthy body but enhanced mindfulness. It is true since you can experience the water’s tranquil quality, reducing your stress from a busy city. Plus, it minimizes anxiety and avoids causing depression. They have an organized process for this activity. Other water sports like swimming are scientifically proven to enhance your both(yes, it is applicable for women and men).


What makes this skiing exciting for beginners is it helps you achieve a greater spatial sense of awareness. It means that whenever you judge your distance, speed, and your body position, your space awareness around increases. The benefits will enhance your physical body, but it will start with your brain, your mental ability. An ability to estimate, calculate, and analyze the surrounding. 

Skiing (Cross Country)

If you want to experience what most skiing enthusiasts experience, cross-country skiing, this park will offer that to you. Another exciting thing about this activity is it can help you meet many like-minded people, people who, too, love skiing. Those advantages are on top of the health and mental benefits you can experience when visiting this park. 


Are you looking for another riding adventure during the winter season? You should try the park’s snowmobiling! Having this activity can enhance your core strength and flexibility for maneuvering. You can also meet additional like-minded people and friends as you play and ride snowmobiles in this park.


Here is an interesting fact about Snowshoeing: This activity can burn your calories up to one thousand per hour! What is more, to enjoy this park snowshoeing, you can experience the fresh nature air. Additionally, it can enhance your mood since nature helps you improve your physical and mental health.


If you plan to power up your flexibility, you can try the park’s snowboarding. Snowboarding is another balancing art to engage your key and core, muscle groups. You can expect to experience some muscle sprains and muscle strains reduction after doing some snowboarding. They have an organized process for this activity. You can always check further information about this activity with the park’s front desk. 

Rock Climbing

You read that, right! Rock climbing is available in this park. If you want to enhance your physical coordination, this activity is an excellent choice you can pick. What is more, discovering the benefits you can have by doing this activity will boost your problem-solving and cognitive skills. Plus, you can meet like-minded people with whom you can share your expertise and learn from them in return.


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Everyone loves to shop or buy. It is because it makes people, including us, feel good. Since this park aims to make its visitors feel recharged and happy, you can expect that some part has some shopping stores where you can shop your souvenirs or other personal things. You can check further information with the park’s front desk.


If you feel fancier about spending your next adventure, you should check out the park’s dining stores. It is an excellent opportunity if you want to make your family members experience the park’s surroundings and other spots. You can always consult the park’s dishes or dining style with its visitors with the park front desk. 


If you plan to end your adventure with a soft relaxing feeling, well, you should not miss considering the park’s Spa! Since the Spa can relieve pains and aches, it is an excellent adventure ending! It ensures that you will go home with a night of great sleep, a healthy body, and a happy face.


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If you plan for a laid-back activity, quilting will be the perfect activity for you. Focus on creating a lovely quilt with a fabric of your choice. After that, you will be amazed at the results of your work. 

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Enjoy the waters by exploring them using a stand-up paddleboard. Elevate your adrenaline by performing this water sport activity. If you are an adventurer who looks for beautiful extreme action, this place is perfect for you. 

Tour (Craft Brewery)

Credits to Mammoth Brewingco

This place is full of surprises. If you want to check out for some beer tasting and a wonderful trip, this tour is perfect for you. 

Hot Springs

Credits to All MMTH

Enjoy the alpine scenic view while dipping in the relaxing hot spring. If you are looking for a perfect stress reliever, head over to this place and enjoy the majestic icy alpine view while enjoying the comforting heat from the spring. 

Must-know about this Campground

There are some things you need to know about this place. As your guide, we will fill you up with the things that usually concern you regarding traveling to places. You can also check the website’s reviews to know more. 

What time is check-in and check out?

Check-in time is 2 pm, and check-out time is 11 am.

Is it open during winter?

Yes, it is available all year long. 

When should you make your bookings?

Make your bookings as long as you are sure of your schedule. This place doesn’t take a non-refundable deposit. 

Do they have overflow parking?

They offer overflow parking for the local condo guest at $15 per vehicle per night.  

Does overflow parking require a heads up?

No. It is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Just stop by the office to avail a parking pass. 

Do they accept guests with pets?

Yes. It is one of the park’s best features as long as your pets, especially dogs, are not excessively barking, angry, or aggressive.

Do they allow campfires?

Yes, of course. Camp out experience is not complete without a campfire. Just make sure that you won’t leave your campfires unattended, or else they will dismiss you. Keep in mind that the park is a large dry wooded area. One spark would threaten this wonderful place. 

Do bears come through this park?

Yes. Proper food storage is required to avoid enticing the bears to park. Negligence will cause immediate eviction.

Fees and Rates

Here, you will glance at the fees and rates charged at this park. It is to help you manage your finances well while enjoying your days here. 

Type of StayRate
Cabin (Weekday)It Starts at 85 USD per night.
Cabin (Weekend)It Starts at 90 USD per night.
Campsite (Weekday)It Starts at 60 USD per night.
Campsite (Weekend)It Starts at 65 USD per night.

You can check it here to know the specific rate according to your chosen stay package. You can also book on this page and check if they can accommodate you on your chosen dates. The page also shows availability for the whole year. You can also check out the reviews of this website for more details.

Nearby Hotels For You To Stay In 

If you plan to check in on hotels nearby during your stay here, we have gathered some of the closest hotels nearby in this palace. Check them out and look for the one that fits your finance and preference. 

  • HOTEL NAME: Shilo Inn MMTH Lakes
  • ADDRESS: 2963 Main Street MMTH Lakes, CA 93546
  • HOTEL NAME: The Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa
  • ADDRESS: 164 Old MMTH Road MMTH Lakes, CA 93546
  • HOTEL NAME: The MMTH Creek Inn
  • ADDRESS: 663 Old MMTH Road MMTH Lakes, CA 93546
  • ADDRESS: 75 Joaquin Road MMTH Lakes, CA 93546
  • HOTEL NAME: Travelodge By Wyndham MMTH Lakes
  • ADDRESS: 54 Sierra Boulevard MMTH Lakes, CA 93546

These are the five hotels nearby in the place. You can still check other hotels of your preference via the Google search engine. Also, contact the hotel first to book your room for your convenience. You can check their reviews for more details. 

Nearby Restaurants

Credits to Visit MMTH

Being on an adventure will make you hungry. If you haven’t packed some food with you, you can visit some of the area’s restaurants.

  • RESTAURANT NAME: Mogul Restaurant
  • ADDRESS: 1528 Tavern Rd off Old MMTH Rd
  • RESTAURANT NAME: Good Life Cafe
  • ADDRESS: 126 Old MMTH Rd, MMTH Lakes, CA 93546-6000
  • RESTAURANT NAME: Roberto’s Cafe
  • ADDRESS: 271 Old Mammoth Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
  • RESTAURANT NAME: Nik-N-Willie’s Pizza & Subs
  • ADDRESS: 76 Old Mammoth Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

If you are craving something that these five don’t cater to, please search for more using the Google search engine. We assure you that tons of diners and grills cater to almost every dish known. 

RV Essentials

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Traveling is fun, except that it will have struggles caused by some factors on the road. We want your every adventure to be fun without having any hiccups on the way. 

RV Cover – your vehicle keeps you safe and protected on your every adventure. Giving it the care it needs is a must. With that, we suggest you have the best RV cover for your recreational vehicle. 

RV Bike Rack – this place offers a beautiful track for bikers. If you are a biking enthusiast, bringing your bike is a must. Of course, it needs a pleasant and secure place in your vehicle. We suggest installing the best RV bike rack to your recreational vehicle so you won’t worry about where to store your bike. 
RV Recliners –  a tiring day of adventure is fun until you get to your vehicle, and it is calling you for a peaceful resting time. In this regard, upgrading your vehicle with the best recliner must ensure that you will have a good rest after a tiring and fun adventure. 

Final Thought

After reading this page will entice you to visit this place to relax and enjoy. The variety of activities and amenities of the area makes it camper-friendly. The most fantastic thing here in this place is quilting. If you are a fan of the action, you might as well check on their annual event about quilting. 

Here, there are lots of activities to enjoy. Also, there are many hotels and restos in the area for you to check out. Aside from that, the restos in the area cater to not just one cuisine. But also a lot to choose from. This place has so many wonders.  

We know that the wide range of fun you can have here needs days to explore its beauty. Don’t worry! Because You can always come back anytime you want.

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