Mountain Vista Campgrounds

Wandering about the great city of Pennsylvania and looking for an excellent place to relax and take a deep breath? If that is the case, Mountain Vista Campground is suitable for you. 

Mountain Vista Campground is an area nestled in the beautiful and natural scenery of the Pocono Mountains in the Northeastern bound of Penn. It is a small forest located in the State’s whirling hills where you could have secluded areas for all types of cabins, recreation vehicles, and tents. 

You could look forward to its unique features that would exceed your expectations and make lifetime friendships with nature. It offers old camping and full-service cabins, making you convenient, comfortable, and relaxing because it is a camper-friendly place.

The camp area also offers many activities and amenities that you would love to use and enjoy while you rest, as stated in many reviews about the area. 

You would not go wrong, choosing this place to bond and relax with your household, friends, and loved ones. Thus, let us go hiking to the Hill range of insights about this great camp area featured here.

Getting there

To reach Mountain Vista Campground of Pocono Mountains, which is in East Stroudsburg of Penn, from Interstate 80 or Exit 309 United States 209 North, you have to continue for 3.5 squares of United States 209 North, then take the second exit onto the Seven Bridges Road at the traffic circle. Then, move 0.7 squares to North. Afterward, at the traffic light, turn left. Take 0.5 squares onto the Milford Road/ United State 209 Bus S, then take one square as you turn right on the Westbound of Craigs Meadow Road. 

You could turn left on Taylor Drive for 500 feet. From there, you would reach Interstate 84 or Exit 30 and reach route 402. You could go to the southbound, 24.5 squares of Route 402, turn right half a square on the S. Business 209. Then, go one square west of Craigs Meadow Road, right at the Country Kettle Store. Then turn left on Taylor Drive for 500 feet.

Basic Information

Operation Hours:24 hours
Address:415 Taylor Dr, East Stroudsburg,
PA 18301, US
Contact Information:(570) 223-0111, 
(570) 223-6733
Website:Mountain Vista Campground –
Family Camping in the Pocono Mountains 
Google map link:Click Here
Emergency hotline:888-727-2757,
717-787-6640 –
Bureau of State Parks
Numbers of sites:195 sites

How to Make Reservations at Mountain Vista

Reservations are essential and strongly recommended to do by a person or group of people via personal review or check, by email using cash, by phone, via money, or traveler’s check. 

It is an arrangement of a particular place by reserving an area for a specific activity. You could secure it using depositing money to the management, which is under the place you want to visit at a specific time. Checks, traveler’s checks, Money orders, and cash could use for check-in and deposit. 

It requires you to deposit for vacation appointments that must be for two nights or more, and during specific event breaks or break, weekends must be for three or more nights. Vacation weekends are Memorial, July 4th, Pocono Raceway NASCAR Doubleheader vacation, Labor, and Columbus Time. 

Until 10:00 in the evening on the scheduled arrival date, The management staff would hold the unit’s deposit unless the camper would reconfirm the reservation via phone. 

You could make reservations by emailing this Hill Campground or to reserve an area for you. You could also free to (570) 223-0111 for more information and details about the process.

You also have to give a 50.00 USD cash security deposit required at Check-In. All the refunds for the money you deposit within 14 days of check out would be through the mail were checked and reviewed as well.

Cost to Book

An appointment in a specific area to enjoy and relax requires you to give a certain amount of money. A deposit would do and an appointment fee as well. So, in the featured camp area in East Stroudsburg, Penn, you have to give an advance deposit of $80.00 for two nights reservations and $175.00 for vacations, week rests, two-night rental vacation rests, and specific event vacation rests.

If you are going for 4-week rests, vacation rental vacation rests, 4-week rests, and week rental vacation rests, you have to give 350.00 USD for the deposit. 

Here are some things you could do when making an appointment in Mountain Vista Campground based on the reviews we gathered about the place. 

The area’s rates depend upon one outing unit per area only and two persons. All areas of the area have six members per household and four adults maximum, including the overnight visitors, and give nightly rates. 

You also have to give 20.00 USD for one additional child per week and $50.00 per month. At the same time, you have to give 40.00 USD per additional adult per week and $90.00 per month of stay.

There are no separate air conditioning charges because they include water, Electric, and Sewer hookup areas. Electric & Water areas charge $2.00 per night of staying in the area. 

There is no electricity included in the four-week rest rate. It has to give an additional $70.00 deposit for electricity usage upon checking in the area. 

There are no available hookup camp areas because the vast majority of the areas here are tent camp areas that come with electric and water hookups ready. There are few no hookup camp areas available at that price range of $5.00 nightly rate below water and daily electric costs.

During vacations, including Memorial, July 4th, NASCAR Doubleheader vacation, Labor, and even Columbus Time, you must give a $10.00 nightly rate above the vacation period daily rates. And a Halloween vacation costs you $7.00 per night, above the fall season daily rates. There are no available areas during winter. 

Some areas have full-hookup areas with Cable TV hookups with Free Wi-Fi access from all campsites in the area and a 50 amp service. To qualify for club rates, you have to date no less than ten areas or more, and you have to deposit $60.00 per camp area. 

All the prices and costs to give in this camp area do not reflect any taxes, discounts, or total charges of any kind.

What to do

If you want adventure and breathtaking activities, tours, and good sam amenities to enjoy, you go to the right place. The Hill sight getaway ground would provide you with many things to do and enjoy based on many reviews and ratings made by many campers in the featured area. 


Credits to: MVACG

  • Stocked Pond– The Hill’s stocks fishing pond is one of the perfect activities for losing an afternoon reeling and dropping a line in various catch-and-release fish: bluegill, pickerel, bass, perch, and sunfish. You could take pictures and photos of your loved ones who love fishing.  

(Credits to MVC)

  • Swimming Pool: The camp area’s splash pool is unique, unforgettable, and frequently used as a gathering place for family campers and travelers. It is a place that is complete with the special Sunray seasons. An area occupied as a seat that flows into the pool, there’s no better way to beat the summer heat and relax.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Mining Sluice: It is an activity where you could keep your kids busy for hours getting fossils and hidden gems as they sluice at Sonny’s Mining, and they sift through the sand. And they could take home all the treasures they get and discover.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Basketball: On the Hill Sight basketball court, you could get your game on with your household and friends. It is perfect for competitive pickup games or relaxed shooting and the triumph of all skill levels. You could enjoy your afternoon rest with swishing shots.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Horseshoes: It is an activity where you have to toss ringers at the ground’s horseshoe pits with your household and friends. It is applicable for tournaments, team competitions, or casual games. Horseshoe games are always great, so you can keep the amusement going when you are resting! This activity receives many good sam reviews and ratings from the other campers. 

(Credits to MVC)

  • Tennis Court– In the full-size tennis court of the camping ground, you could do both casual and competitive tennis players alike to lose an afternoon during their play and get their game on to bond with their colleagues. 

(Credits to MVC)

  • Fire Truck Rides: You could make a getaway ground tour while riding in the back of the official fire truck of Hill Sight Ground. Everybody wants to take in and hop on board to see the beautiful sights and scenery of the getaway ground during the ride.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Playground: If you bring your children with you to the camp, and yet they get bored, you could bring them to the Hill Sight playgrounds where they could do certain activities and hit with the kids. It is an area where they could swing, climb, slide, and explore up to their heart’s contentment, along with plenty of their playmates to share the excitement and amusement. You could take photos here.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Volleyball: If you love to play volleyball, this camp area is the right one. They offered an incredible and well-groomed sand volleyball court where you could enjoy under the sun’s heat and create great teamwork during the play. You could spike and serve until you satisfy your heart’s contentment during your stay in the Poconos Hill range.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Disc Golf: A six-hole disc golf course in Hill Sight Ground combines friendly competition with exceptional beauty getaway ground. It would give amusement, excitement, and enjoyment to all ages, whether young or old. 

(Credits to MVC)

Aside from all mentioned above, there are also many activities and services that you could enjoy in this area based on some reviews and ratings about the area of East Stroudsburg. Including other activities such as Shuffleboard Court, Ping Pong (Table Tennis), Bocce Court, Badminton, Giant Checkers, Softball, Quoits, Lasso Golf, Washers, Gaga Ball Pit, Giant Jenga, Stake Truck Rides, Hiking, Bingo, Ceramics, Events, Craft Classes, Tricky Tray Auction, Food, Dance, Live Entertainment, and Entertainment Events. 


Credits to: BF

  • Free Wi-Fi: Many of now’s campers would still like to stay connected in the wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi during their trip or vacation. They love to post on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to update their status. Even if they are on a trip, some people have to stay connected with the other people that use internet connection services. Including free Wi-Fi access in the area would convenience the campers who stayed in the featured area.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Recreational Activity Area: Recreational activities during an outing is a must. These activities would make everyone enjoy each other’s firm. So, having a recreational activity area is ideal in every field where people do outings with their friends, household, and even co-workers. That is why the recreational area in Hill Sight Ground is the perfect place to gather for sprawling yard games and group activities or events that involve team sports. 

(Credits to MVC)

  • Clean Bathhouses- One of the best amenities that many people would love about the featured area is the bathhouses, which all have hot showers, are well-kept, and are clean to ensure that the guests are experiencing convenience and comfort while using them.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Picnic Tables: When you camp, a picnic is one of the things you want to do. So, the Hill Sight Ground adds to their amenities the picnic tables throughout the area so they could give you many options where you want to enjoy the sight and dining in your meal with your loved ones outdoors. You could take a photo of your household picnic. 

(Credits to MVC)

  • Multi Gym: It is an all-in-one unit that would provide a total-body workout for the guests that still want to maintain their exercise routine during their stay in the area. They offer HELIOS Outdoor-Fit Exercise Multi Gym for every camper, a great facility to maintain your body shape and health while in a camp. 

(Credits to MVC)

  • Convenient Laundromat: Doing laundry even if you are staying here? You don’t need to worry because there is an on-area laundry room where you could ensure that you would always have a fresh batch of clothes to wear during your stay in the area. All the services you need including laundry, the area management, would help you. That is why they provided a laundry room.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Ice and Firewood: Do you want a cold beverage during mid-day? In this campground, they would provide you with ice to cool your drinks even under the sun’s heat. And when the night approaches, a campfire in the area fire ring would work. That is why they also provide you with all you need to give light and warmth under the night’s cold wind breeze. 

(Credits to MVC)

  • Camp Store- outing would not be amusing without the getaway ground store with well-stocked souvenirs, groceries, outing necessities, and other services for your extended stay in the area and offers a valuable ATM for those who bring more cash with them.

(Credits to MVC)

  • Relaxing Pavilions: The area’s canopy is a great facility that is perfect to use as a gathering place for family and friends for any kind of event that needs to happen under a roof. It is an ideal area for events, groups, and amusing games. 

(Credits to MVC)

  • Spacious Dog Run: If you are with your fur baby, there must be an area allotted for them to lose their energy and play while you stay in the ground. Luckily, the ground offers the M&M Dog Run. Here is a place with built-in fences, so your dogs would run freely without hassling you to chase them and would not worry that they may lose themselves in the woods. You could also take a photo of your dog while playing in the allotted area for them. 

(Credits to MVC)

Besides all the listed amenities to enjoy on the ground in East Stroudsburg, PA, there are other exciting features, like parks around the area. 

  • ATV Riding
  • Casino
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Boating
  • Hill Biking
  • Rock/Hill Climbing

Nearby Attractions

Credits to: TD

Suppose you want to try other things in East Stroudsburg after an outing, hiking, or trekking. There are tons of nearby attractions you could sight, enjoy and explore in the State. You could choose whatever place you want to discover. Here are the following closeby attractions that we found in some reviews and ratings that you could have around the featured campsite. 

Are you looking for an attraction close to the campsite, including parks where you could quickly go back and forth to it and the ground? There are places you could reach for about 15 minutes away from the ground. Here are those who also have amazing sights and sceneries to give you.

  • Bushkill Falls

(Credits to MVC)

  • Appalachian Trail

(Credits to MVC)

  • Delaware Water Gap

(Credits to MVC)

  • Mount Airy Casino

(Credits to MVC)

  • Outlet Shopping

(Credits to MVC)

  • Pocono Tree Ventures

(Credits to MVC)

There are also reviews and ratings of different places in East Stroudsburg that are perfect for visiting, even if it would take 25 minutes of traveling away from the getaway ground. You could have the following places such as:

  • Pocono Raceway

(Credits to MVC)

  • Big Pocono State Park

(Credits to MVC)

  • Camelbeach Water Park

(Credits to MVC)

  • Camelback Hill

(Credits to MVC)

  • Martin Guitar Factory

(Credits to MVC)

  • Barley Creek Brewing Co.

(Credits to MVC)

Visiting a place far away from the featured grounds requiring travel for about 45 minutes is too long. But going to these places in East Stroudsburg that gained fascinating reviews and ratings from many campers would be worth it. So, listed below are places you could do a stopover. 

  • Crayola Experience & Factory

(Credits to MVC)

  • Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railroad

(Credits to MVC)

  • Claws N’ Paws Animal National Park

(Credits to MVC)

  • Lackawanna Coal Mine

(Credits to MVC)

  • Steamtown National Historic Area

(Credits to MVC)

  • National Canal Museum & Rides

(Credits to MVC)

Before leaving the State of Penn and after the unforgettable outing experience, you should try to visit these places provided below. These are such good sam places mentioned in many reviews and ratings that you should go after the trip to Hill Sight getaway ground that would take you an hour or two to reach the place. It is ideal for visiting when you are on your way home.

  • Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

(Credits to MVC)

  • Hershey Park

(Credits to MVC)

  • Lehigh Valley Zoo

(Credits to MVC)

  • Knoebels Amusement Resort

(Credits to MVC)

  • Railriders Minor League Baseball

(Credits to MVC)

  • Philadelphia

(Credits to MVC)

  • Montage Hill Waterpark

(Credits to MVC)

  • New York City

(Credits to MVC)

Aside from all the closeby attractions above, there are also other places you should try to make tours and visitation as you read some reviews and ratings regarding the places including dining restaurants, Skytop Adventure Course, Antique Shops, Hotels, International Gymnastics Camp, Delaware State Forest Park, Snake & Animal Farm, S&S Speedways Go-Kart Racing, Hill sight Vineyard Park, Sherman Theater, Hiking & Biking Trails, Environmental Education Center, Dunkleberger’s Sports Outfitters, Canoeing, Rafting, & Kayaking, Country Kettle Gift and Candy Outlet, Shawnee Playhouse, Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, Lehigh Valley Wine Trail, Tannersville Cranberry Bog, Cherry Valley Winery, and many more sights and places to enjoy.

What to Be Aware Of

When doing an activity outside of your home property, you must know what you remember or do to avoid interruption, inconvenience, and accidents. So, we searched for some things you have to look at, review, and understand. 

As you give your deposit to the ground’s management, you agree that you would be on the date you specify for the specific time you agreed on. On the other hand, reservation is your agreement to save the area on the campsite for a particular time and date you specify with the management. 

The getaway ground management offers reimbursement for those who would do cancellations twenty periods before your scheduled arrival. If you did not cancel before the twenty periods, you would not get any refund. 

There is also an allotted fee for cancellations to all campsites, which would cost you ten dollars and twenty dollars for cancellations to all rental vacation units. So, review all your transactions and the offer before you decide quickly.

The rental units and the grounds would be one camp unit and two people. If kins were sharing a ground with their outing essentials, including the tent, they would have to charge a regular and nightly rate. But if you are not comfortable doing tent camping, you could check in the hotels available in the area. 

There is sports equipment available at the Trading Post. These include basketball, shuffleboard, ping pong, horseshoes, tennis, softball, badminton, volleyball, lasso golf, washers quoits, and bocce equipment.

Many reviews say that they would not allow you to bring a fishing license to the ground’s fishing pond in this area. It is because the pond of the ground is for catch and release. You could have bluegill, bass, perch, pickerel, and sunfish.

You could use the outdoor pool between 10:00 in the morning and 7:00 in the evening. All children under the age of 14 must have their guardians or adults escort them when using the pool.

Smoking in all Rental Vacation Units is strictly prohibited, but you could do smoking on the Cabin campsites and cabin porches. 

Pets are strictly and rigorously prohibited from all rental vacation grounds and at rental vacation units. The owner must always be attentive to their pet’s behavior, action, waste, and welfare. 

Their owner could bring them to the M&M Dog Run, where they could run and play freely. If you are outside your area, make sure that your dogs have their leash with you. They are also not allowed to go with you to the pool.

When to Go

The best period to go on the featured ground for an outing and enjoy the views is from early May through late October every year before the winter.

What to prepare

When going to an outing ground, there are many things that you should be ready as you backpacking. Readiness is the key to a successful journey, trip, or vacation, especially camp. So, if you are not that ready, you may lose a grip on enjoying the views, sceneries, and activities you could do on the featured grounds. Thus, we looked for some tips to consider. 

  • When backpacking, you have to bring your pots, utensils, linens, and towels because these items are not provided in the units. But the unit would provide you with pillows and blankets.
  • You must check or reconfirm your reservation rating to make the management ready for your arrival at the scheduled time and area. 
  • You have to know the details if the area allows motorhomes or tent camping, so you could check in some hotels nearby to give you more comfort and enjoy the night. 
  • Bring all your stuff in your backpack, including personal belongings like toiletries, toilet papers, batteries, sunscreen, bottled water, clothes, and many more that are all necessary to bring with you. Even your RV essentials such as Portable Grill/ Camp Stove, Cooler or food storage, Camp Mattress, Awning, Foldable camp chairs and tables, LED bulb, Dehumidifier, Air Conditioner, and GPS.
  • Stay tuned to the news, weather forecasts, and other essential events before visiting the featured ground and looking for the beautiful views in the area.
  • Make yourself acquainted with the State’s regulations, rules, and instructions about visiting places in it. 
  • Submit to the authorities, ask for a specific use license, fire license, fishing license, state license, and many other licenses you need to keep your trip peaceful and convenient. 
  • If you are new in the area, check for an alternative route that you could go quickly and faster to your destination ground. 
  • Read and check some articles and review the ground you want to visit.

Rules and Regulations

Here are some rules and regulations to review and follow when you go on a trip to Hill Sight getaway ground, like the national park and grounds you want to visit as well. 

  • The quiet time on the ground is between 10:30 in the evening until 8:00 in the morning. All the children must be on their respective campsites and escorted by their guardians, parents, or responsible adult during the following hours. After 11:00 in the evening, they would close all of the public areas inside the getaway ground, and you could only use cars to enter or leave the ground. You should be considerate to others when you camp. So, noise and loud sounds are strictly and solely prohibited. Excessive noise around the area’s property is strictly not allowed at any time, and interfering with anyone else’s enjoyment or use of the ground, either morning or night, is contrary to the getaway ground management regulations.
  • All motor vehicles should have registration, insurance, and the driver must have a license before entering the ground property. You could use bikes, motorcycles, and mopeds only to enter or leave or back and forth to the ground. You could bring only one vehicle per ground. Second, vehicles or visitors must park in the designated areas given by the ground management. 
  • All bicycles must be back on the area provided by the grounds before dark and the speed bound would not exceed five squares per hour in the ground. 
  • The Pennsylvania state law requires all children under 12 to wear helmets. Hoverboards or skateboards are all not allowed on the ground. But it is applicable to use skate parks located within a short distance from the ground.
  • All information, review, and details about the ground are on the bulletin board posted at the office.
  • There is no destruction, removal, injury, or cutting to any shrub or tree, whether alive or dead, even standing or descending.
  • There is no use of power equipment or tools, including chainsaws in the getaway ground property, for better eyesight and scenery.
  • There is no use of BB, fireworks, guns, or firearms on the ground. 
  • If you are not 21 years old, drinking is solely and strictly prohibited by Pennsylvania with or without their guardians’ consent.

Visitor’s Policy

Campers are the ones who are responsible for the behavior, settlement, and registration of their guests. A visitor is a person who does not have legal access and does not register for the entire length of vacation for the outing. All the period visitors must check out by 9:30 in the evening.

All guests must get a registration license, pay the required fee, register at the office before entering the ground, and enjoy the views. If you want to do period visits, you may have 45 minutes to visit the ground, then leave the ground after the given time. Don’t forget to remember and review the details that all visitors should give the extra charge and fee as they enter the ground’s property.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mountain Vista Campground

To know more about the getaway area featured here, we provided you with some of the ideas frequently asked most campers’ questions as they read some reviews before visiting the area. 

What time are the campsite check-in and check-out?

The ground’s check-in time is after 3:00 in the afternoon, while the check-out time happens at exactly 11:00 in the morning for those in the rental vacation units. And for all those in the campsite units have to check out at 1:00 in the afternoon.

If you are too excited and go for early check-in or don’t want to leave the area yet and go for a late check-out, you have to give $5.00 per hour on the campsites. But it would depend upon the grounds’ availability, and there are no early check-in or late check-out available for rental vacation units. 

Does the campsite offer any camping specials?

Yes, there are tons of offers you could choose from, including: 

There are early period savings: three vacations on-ground storage and outing from $315 basic camp fee up to $345 pull-thru recreational vehicle camp fee. There are also two campsites for two nights that cost you only $90 in both campsites for a vacation. In this camp’s unique promo, you have to make a reservation. 

You could also enjoy the get-out and camp express, which allows you to camp on any four consecutive nights arriving on either Sunday or Monday for as low as $155.00. You also have to make appointments on it. 

If you want a family getaway less than 35 squares to enjoy the vacation, you could inquire about this promo because the camp management would give you a 15% discount on your rest in the ground. 

You could also get a 15% discount if you are a retired or active armed forces personnel, including the Hero’s vacation promo.

Do you want four vacations of on-ground storage and outing? You could enjoy it through the start of vacation early, which may cost you from $435.00 for basic camp and $485.00 for pull-thru camp. You have to make an appointment for this promo.  

Does the campsites’ management allow Pets like dogs?

Yes, Hill Sight Ground is a pet-friendly place to bring your four-legged friends with you. They allowed the pets to rest with you throughout some parks in the area except for rental vacation units.

It is to ensure the enjoyment of the visitors and guests. There are some guidelines to review and follow, which the camp management established with the most sincere intentions to provide for all guests and their pets’ well-being and safety as they rest in the campground. 

All pet owners should carry proper papers indicating their pets’ vaccinations, which they must present to campsite staff upon request.

They could bring their pets to the campground and the park but are prohibited in rental vacation units and pool areas.

When doing a campfire, could we bring our firewoods to use?

Hill Sight ground always welcomes campfires at their outing area. All rental grounds and campsites have their respective fire ring where you could do your campfires. Firewood could be available at the Trading post inside the ground. The Penn Department of Agriculture requires the campers to purchase firewood inside the camp due to the Asian Longhorned Beetle. So, they issued a notice prohibiting any movement of all firewood species into the State City from outside of Penn to avoid the Asian Longhorned Beetles access in the State. 

Is there any high-speed internet connection available on the site?

Yes, Like the other parks and grounds, one of the best amenities you would enjoy at this campsite is Free WiFI, which allows you to surf on the internet from anywhere and wherever you are inside the getaway ground, your tent, or trailer. The High-Speed Wireless Internet connection is available throughout the getaway ground for ease, convenience, and relaxing time in the camp. You will not need to worry if there are emergencies to deal with at your home because you may connect to it through the high-speed internet. 

How many camping units could we avail of per site?

The management licenses one camp unit per ground for one household; if you added another tent for the camper’s immediate family, it would be one only per ground. An immediate family is a person who is under 18 years of age, unmarried, and living with their parents. But the use of additional tents is before the official approval because they bound the number of people per ground to six total persons, including four adults. 

Do Mountain Vista campgrounds offer group rates?

Yes, you could enjoy camp groups and clubs at Hill sight. They welcome it with specific events and rates only for the extensive group visit. You could enjoy one of the two campground pavilions at an available time for different club activities, which gives a good sam review of the campers that used the place before.

But you have to properly check the time when making an appointment for the pavilion. Group rates are not available during vacations, the Summer period, or the Fall period. 

Is requesting a specific site valid?

Yes, you could request a specific campground you desire. Still, honestly, the management would not give you a hundred percent guarantee that you could avail the specific ground you want to be on some reviews because of the volume of reservations they received and the changes in some appointment status that mainly occurred while making an appointment. 

But to meet the client’s expectations, they suggested that you give a quick visit to the ground before making an appointment. You could choose the perfect ground with amenities you want to acquire in the camp space. Then you could talk to the staff and the receptionist to help you choose the right spot for you. 

Are there any restaurants and hotels available nearby the site?

Yes, there are various restaurants and hotels you could have nearby or within a short distance from the ground featuring varieties of foods to eat based on many reviews of campers that already came to the place. There are also a few places that have takeout and deliveries available. The ground Trading Post also has local menus for you to look at and try.

Are there any grocery stores we could find nearby?

Yes, there are a few grocery stores within a few squares away from the camp space. Within three squares, two grocery stores usually open from 6:00 in the morning until midnight. So, if you run out of camp food, you could purchase it in the closest grocery store you could have within the space.

What to Expect

Finding a good and encouraging getaway ground to visit with a touch of nature is satisfying and fulfilling. If you want to relieve your stress and relax for a certain period, Hill Campground is the most suitable and ideal place for you. 

They offer many activities, good facilities, and amenities that you would surely love and enjoy as you rest on the ground. They also have many camp spaces like cabin camp, seasonal camp, camp express, or even resting in a hotel after the entertaining activities. That will be perfect if you have some preferences you want to see and review before visiting the place. 

Many people love this place for its orderliness, cleanliness, and friendly staff, not only for humans but also for their furbabies. It gained fascinating reviews from the other campers who wanted to go back. It is a place that would allow you to take a deep breath and rest your soul with all of its unique features. 

It is a scenic, picturesque, and incredible getaway ground that could serve you more than you expect and imagine. Hill Sight Camping ground is one of the wonders that Penn must take care of very well. 

So, get ready to explore the beautiful views, unique sightseeing’s, and countless natural wonders you could discover in this getaway ground. Start your engine and let us travel together, experience the adventure, and reach the best destination, the Mountain Vista Campground.

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