Mushroom Rock State Park Experience: A Must-know Information before Visiting One of the State Park with Geologic Rocks Wonders

A serene setting with a hint of history could be a breath of fresh air for us, it may calm us in a way that we may relate to at times.

Historic symbols could be constant notes to reflect within ourselves; there are always in-depth stories, more than the surface or currently dealing. We shall also bear to withstand any struggles in life, like the storms that these rock formations conquered.

A glance at Kansas’ smallest state park may not be an ideal destination at first; some may say that it appears like it’s filled with unusual legends. Here, we will conclude how the figures became the way they are and why this area is an actual gem.

Mushroom Rock State Park is one of the county’s pride; Included in the 8 Wonders of Kansas. This park is probably a relevant figure for the Native Americans and history enthusiasts, which must be discovered by the new generation as well.

Basic Details/ Informations

Mushroom Rock State Park is one of a stunner regardless of its modest area. The history that is deep within is more significant than itself, which makes the happening worthwhile. 

Here are some of the essential details that you may want to know before you stop by:

Operational Hours: 24 hours

Reservation/ Inquiries: (785) 546-2565

Busiest Season: Anytime (Refer to contact number)

Address: Ave K, Brookville, KS 67425

Location Info

  • Latitude: 38.72613
  • Longitude: -98.02972
  • Elevation: 1,601′
  • GPS: N38 43.568′ W098 01.783′




From Kansas City:

Head south on N 7th St Trafficway towards Armstrong Avenue, then turn right onto the ramp towards Topeka. Merge on I-70W, stay on the left, keep right at the fork, and seek US-40 W/Topeka/Salina signs. 

Keep left to stay on the lane, Make an exit to 250A to merge onto I-135 towards Wichita, Take exit 93 for KS-140 towards State ave. Turn right onto KS-140 W, turn left onto KS-141 S, then turn right onto Ave K; your destination will be on the right.

From Marquette’s Kanopolis Lake State Park:

Head south on Horsethief Road towards Utley Blvd, then go straight ahead through Venango Road, Make a left onto  Kansas-141 N, then turn left again onto Avenue K. Mushroom Rock State Park must be on your right.

History and Facts

History and Facts
(Photo credits to HomeStead On the Range)

Kansas became a state in 1861, and this site is likely the landmark of Explorers and Native Americans way before then. 

At one point, Kansas was a sea of shallow waters, and the process of it decreasing resulted in the formation of the stone figures. 

The area is covered by a comprehensive Dakota Sandstone layer, which wrapped the sea along sedimentary rock; so-called “mushrooms” are formed and held by natural cement. 

The enormous stones started molding since the Cretaceous Era. The interval breach of the geologic period began from about 144 to 66 million years prior. 

Over many centuries, the harsh churning winds have deliberately peeled off the soft sandstone, leaving tiny portions of sturdy sedimentary rocks. 

In 1963, Ellsworth County built a path that travelers or tourists could access. EW County Historical Society gained 5 acres from two partials owners to preserve. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks became its recipient. 

On April 25, 1965, 300 witnesses appreciated the state park officially presented to its people and Kansas to call their own. 

Mushroom rocks resemble fungi, hence its name. It happens when rugged stones sit atop softer ones, making them erode through time. Appearing as the hard ones perched atop of what could be called its “stem.”

Campsite Natural Assets

Campsite Natural Assets
(Photo credits to Trip advisor)

The Mushroom Rock State Park’s three rock figures are Pulpit Rock, the Devil’s Oven, and the Mushroom Rock Formation – which is the biggest of them, which measures almost 30ft in diameter.

Have an in-depth outlook of how the Natives did it before through the Prairie Trail Scenic Byway. Also, the park is near Kanopolis Lake in which you could go fishing.

Located on its South is Kanopolis State Park at Marquette, wherein you could enjoy boating, as well as horse-back riding. 


(Photo Credits to KS: Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism)

Hiking Experience

Hiking Experience
(Photo credits to Oh My! Omaha)

You could access the North and South trails of this site at any time of the day. The north leads onto the mushrooms, while the south will take you on a bridge towards the area’s huge figures. You may enjoy hiking with your kids around Mushroom Rock State Park too.


(Photo credits to No Home Just Roam)

This place is perfect for doing photo-ops and sightseeing while the sun sets or the sun rises to appreciate more of the ideal view. You shall enjoy breathing in peace or have a picnic in the picnic area with your loved ones.

Wild Animals Encounter

Wild Animals Encounter
(Photo credits to Travel KS)

You may appreciate the view with wildlife freely lounging around Mushroom Rock State Park. Also, dogs are allowed on a leash so that you may have moments with your furry buddies too.


(Photo Credits to KS Sampler Foundation)

Indulge in history, realize the facts, and not be fooled by legends. Most figures have symbols or writings etched onto them dated a long time ago; They are vandalized off of significance back in the days; that you won’t see in other places.

Site Policies

  • Day Camping – Mushroom Rock State Park is designed for a day-use only, and there is no camping allowed. It’s suited for a stopover and relaxation during the day. There are no requirements that you need to provide. 
  • ADA accessible – We could recommend it to anyone of any age or ability, except for the pedestrian bridge, which differently-abled people may have a hard time crossing. Still, for the most part, you can enjoy this park without having to walk around.
  • Note – You have to manage your expectations since it is only for free; this is a piece of advice primarily for the new-comers.
  • Peace – Expect people to be there, If you would feel more satisfied to have the place peacefully; Even for the regulars, some occurrences may come anew to you while doing so. It may be best to either go in there later on the day or wait for others to leave.

Preparations Before Heading To The Site

Preparations Before Heading To The Site
(Photo credits to Motorhome Magazine)

When going to the Rural parts of Kansas, you shall travel well prepared; it’s essential to check and have your essentials with you; along with food-to-go and water to keep you hydrated on your trips.

The following details are just some of our recommendations; what works for some may not work for everyone on the same note. Still, check the product’s detail and reviews diligently before you avail to help you in making decisions.

RV Essentials

Best RV Sewer Hose

A Sewer tote, together with the most efficient Sewer Hose you may have, is essential for your RV needs to avoid unwanted instances to keep your space well sanitary. 

This functional equipment’s importance is to keep your space well-maintained and your surroundings with the access you could have on the site; it’s helpful for the environment, too, if you could dispose of your wastes properly.

Best RV Awning

Relaxation could be more achieved when you’re not directly exposed to the harmful sun rays or some rain showers. 

What’s best for you is a durable, U.V. resistant, and waterproof Awning, plus a product that gives you an option to operate it manually or electronically.

The scenery is an exposed area, and it is a must that you have a shield, rain, or shine, so you could still feel protected at all times and avoid your journey spoiled by an unexpected weather change.

Best RV Battery for Boondocking

No one wants to run out of power source while on a journey; you deserve to have a sustainable outlet that could repeatedly charge up to 5000 cycles without giving up its effectiveness in exchange for a commendable performance.

It’s important to have a battery with a built-in BMS, which protects from failure and faults. A fast battery that could be used longer than other brands, spill-proof, and preferably made from non-renewable energy to help nature, is recommendable.

Best RV Grill

We can never go wrong on picnics, mostly when they’re just off the steam or on the grill. Since the location is in a rural area, you could consider the idea to cook your food the way you want it.

Grilling is allowed for your BBQ cravings, unlike in other areas. But we must know that we still have to be responsible for it; you should extinguish fires before leaving the site. Also, refer to reviews for the best choice that you could have.

Best RV Converter

If you are looking for an adapter that can cater to your RV with smooth and steady DC energy, which can utilize your electronics and devices very well, this equipment is made for you. 

If you could have a converter that has a constricting function that automatically shuts down on its own if there’s any electrical overload or short circuits, then you can rely on it in terms of your safety, which matters more than anything.

Best RV Cell Signal Booster

A Cell Signal Booster may be your go-to communication aide in rural sites in Kansas. We must still connect with the people outside our trips, mostly in remote places, and it’s vital for emergencies.

An ideal and worthy choice can simultaneously be used by various devices, supporting 3G and 4G LTE coverage. Also, something which has a high-quality voice enhancer that some other brands may not have.

Best RV Refrigerator

A great purchase fridge’s qualities may contain a two-slot combination that you may set from fridge and freezer, or have two fridges and two freezers depending on your liking. And a cooler that has a proper drain plug when you’re cleaning it.

Plus, functions could be if it has Wi-Fi connectivity, which helps you adjust the temperature through your mobile device and equipment with a manual option to change its setting.

Other Essentials

These are some other essentials that you shall have when you’re on your journey towards this camp:

  • Hygiene Kit
  • First aid kit
  • Spoil-proof food
  • Water & Other Beverages
  • Kansas Road Map
  • Tissues, Wipes & Paper Towels
  • Trash Bag
  • Bug Spray
  • Extra Clothes
  • Sun-screen
  • Hand Sanitizers & Rubbing Alcohol
  • Blanket & Towels
  • Camping Chairs
  • Camping Self-defense tools
  • Pets Essentials

Nearby Hotels/Inns

Nearby Hotels-Inns
(Credits to: TC)

Included here on our list are five of the nearest hotels that you can check to fit your preference. You can use your Google search engine for more choices. It’s best if you will communicate with your chosen lounge beforehand for reservations.

Here are the nearby Hotels/Inns that you can check:

  • HOTEL NAME: Quality Inn & Suites
  • Location: 2110 W Crawford St, Salina, KS 67401
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 23.9 miles
  • Website: View website here
  • Contact Number: +17858252111
  • HOTEL NAME: Baymont by Wyndham Salina
  • Location: 1740 W Crawford St, Salina, KS 67401
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 24.3 miles
  • Website: View website here
  • Contact Number: +17853764643
  • HOTEL NAME: Comfort Inn & Suites Salina North
  • Location: 1949 N 9th St, Salina, KS 67401
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 28.2 miles
  • Website: View website here
  • Contact Number: +17855028007
  • HOTEL NAME: Homewood Suites by Hilton Salina Downtown
  • Location: 115 E Mulberry St, Salina, KS 67401
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 26.4 miles
  • Website: View website here
  • Contact Number: +17855152600

Nearby Restaurants

We have included some of the restaurants near Mushroom Rock State Park, which you could choose from to enjoy their different dishes while you are at Mushroom Rock. If you are looking for other more restaurants, you can always check through Google. 

Here are five restaurants near the Park:

  • Location: 1408 Foster Rd, Ellsworth, KS 67439
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 11.3 miles
  • Social Media Link: Facebook: El A De Oros
  • Store Hours: 11am-9:30pm
  • Contact Number: +17854724128
  • RESTAURANT NAME: Gambino’s Pizza
  • Location: 105 N Lincoln Ave, Ellsworth, KS 67439
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 12.8 miles
  • Website:
  • Store Hours: 4pm – 9:30pm
  • Contact Number: +17854725571
  • RESTAURANT NAME: Russell’s Restaurant
  • Location: 649 Westport Blvd, Salina, KS 67401
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 24.3 miles
  • Social Media Link: Click Facebook link here
  • Store Hours: 6am-10pm
  • Contact Number: +17858255733
  • RESTAURANT NAME: Matties Grill & Chill
  • Location: 640 Westport Blvd, Salina, KS 67401
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 24.3 miles
  • Website:
  • Store Hours: 11am-9pm / Closed every Sunday & Monday
  • Contact Number: +17855155715
  • Location: 1617 W Crawford St, Salina, KS 67401
  • How far the restaurant from the campsite: 24.7 miles
  • Website:
  • Store Hours: 10:30am-9pm / Closed every Sunday
  • Contact Number: +17858251588

Camping and Parking

Dry camping and embracing this scenery’s culture together with your loved ones come on a cheap note. You may not need to worry about any fees or reservations when choosing to stop over at Mushroom Rock State Park.

This park has a pit toilet, yet you should have your care kit to avoid inconvenience since some stuff may not be as easily accessible for you. We have provided some essentials that may help you when you’re going to parks such as this one.

Parking also comes for free, and since it is free of charge, you may see to it that you have communicated with their locale caretakers to know if it’s jam-packed for the day, with the narrow span of the area.

You may enjoy what the park has to offer only from dusk until dawn, you can always come back to renew your peace, or you may want to check the nearby inns and try other locations within the vicinity that can cater to your RV.

Do a weather check, and plan your trip accordingly. The path you will be crossing is a dirt road; it may not be advisable to travel here during rainy or snowy seasons.

Some sources may cite that Mushroom Rock State Park is at Marquette, yet if we will check on Google Maps, what we may see with an address of – 200 Horsethief Rd, Marquette, Kansas 67464 – is Kanopolis State Park, which manages the mushroom park.


(Photo credits to Travel KS)

Historical creations such as the Mushroom Rock State Park shall be added to your bucket list to visit since it’s not an everyday chance wherein you may have an intimate understanding of what it feels like in the past.

It matters to discover stuff in our lives from time to time. Some may not be aware of this park, while some have already heard about it, but refuse to live the life to try something unheard of and different.

We may never know what could happen in the future: If the mushrooms stand proud still, we shall seize the moment and take photos to store into our memories. 

Others who are skeptical at first had their perspectives changed after they went to visit. Next, it could change your mind as well, give it a shot; As the saying goes, “don’t knock it ‘till you try it!”.

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