Exciting Features and Must-Know Details about Pleasant Creek Campground

Have you ever wondered about exploring excellent hiking trails, rivers, forests, and some lush canyons in Illinois? Well, on today’s talking point about campgrounds, we give you the Pleasant Creek Campground!

This place is another favorite site you can find in Illinois! Its name indeed suggests what it can offer to Recreational Vehicle camping enthusiasts. It is also an excellent place to unwind and to read your favorite book while sipping your best-loved coffee together with your dearest person.

You can embrace its wildness! Zip-lining and kayaking are available. Also, this place offers an exciting skydiving opportunity! What is more, to discover is the Pleasant Creek Campground can give you some glances of its uncovered hidden secrets.

The fact is the place is only five miles away from the famous Starving Rock State Park! This place is near the Illinois Valley’s heart. It means that it’s only minutes to go to unique shops, recreational activities, historical sites, and some fantastic dinings!

Read more below for great details about accessible amenities and exciting available activities!

Basic Details

Let’s start uncovering its basic information. Here, we have gathered some necessary information you should know about before you tap, call, and book a reservation in this place. We trimmed this information to read and understand the data more manageable.

Operational Hours:
Check-in time: 1:00 PM
Check out time: 11:00 AM  (noon)
Quiet time: 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM
Reservation:Contact (815) 431-0936
Customer Service Availability Time Frame:Friday: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN
Busiest Season:Summer
Address:926 N 2150th Rd, Oglesby, IL 61348
Location Information:
Latitude: 38.1000600
Longitude: -111.336956
Elevation: 8600
Google Map: shorturl.at/vwHPX


You can find the upper part of this campsite 17.9 miles to the southeast part of Torrey, Utah. Go head on the main Street(east on UT24) for about 1 mile. Then you turn right(that is south) further to UT12 for 17 miles. The upper part of this campsite 

There, you will arrive in the upper part of this campsite. You should look to your left(east) or left side of the road so you can spot it instantly. Here is the Google Map for your more manageable reference.


Credits to: TDYRT 

An organization said that having some excellent amenities can live up to life’s quality, and precisely what this campsite wants to offer you when it comes to its amenities. Here, you can see a mixture of convenience, excitement, and satisfaction. Here they are:

General Store

(Image credit to The Dyrt)

If you forget something related to your food, this store has excellent amenities you can rely on. They offer a wide variety of stuff to buy, from food, including ingredients, to firewoods. But it is still nice that you will not forget anything you should bring to ensure you save time, energy, and money, too.

Picnic Table

(Image credit to Enjoy Illinois)

At this campsite, you can see many picnic tables available. But it varies depending on the site you will reserve. It is a perfect moment for you to bring less stuff, like a table, and give the space for other things you must get. But if you have something to display at your camp, it’s advisable to bring small tables, if necessary.

Fire ring

(Image credit to Trip Advisor)

This campsite offers you a warm night by firing up the fire ring available at each camp place. People love these fire rings because they will not only warm up at night. But it also helps you to improve your mental health. Study shows that staring at the fire or any warming object can increase your mind to think deeper.


This amenity is an exceptional edge when we talk about camping. It is because there are camping places that do not offer drinking water. With this, you can bring fewer gallons or water dispensers since you can get water from the campsite. Plus, if you are camping for more than two days, you should prepare yourself for running out of water. Well, that will not happen to you since there is available drinking water at this campsite.


(Image credit to Campground’s Facebook Page)

If you have a lot of stuff to bring to the campsite, you should consider having a cabin. Cabins are an excellent place to get more space. Yes, that is the cabin’s primary duty to ensure all your stuff will be securely protected and enough to put in and play. You can check with the campsite facility information center if their cabins are still available.


(Image credit to The Dyrt)

You do not need to do heavy and hectic work gathering firewoods. Since bringing firewoods to the campsite is not allowed, there is a firewood vendor you can check out in the place. You can purchase firewoods, usually located at the campsite’s general store. Rest assured that these firewoods are of good quality.

Group sites

Are you coming because of a birthday celebration where the celebrant wants another relaxing camping trip, or are you coming because there is a special celebration, as an anniversary? If you bring your friends with many of your family members, the campsite provides a group site where it can accommodate a good number of campers. You can check this with the facility information center to gather more information.

RV Rental

(Image credit to PleasantCreekCG website)

Is your recreational vehicle in the repairing process? If you are comfortable having a recreational vehicle and need some convenience, the campsite offers you an RV Rental. All you need to do is contact the campsite before your camping date. Then ask for their specific processes on how to rent a Recreational Vehicle. They are very accommodating and will share the necessary information you need to know with you.

Dump station

If you are still reading this, you are a camping goer. It also means that you love nature. If that is true, it is your responsibility to take care of not only the people you love by your surroundings. The campsite provides some dumping stations to ensure the place’s clean and green is maintained and empowered. What makes this unique dumping station is you can dump your RV wastes.If your RV Sewer Tote is full and needs to release or dump its wastes, the campsite offers you to do so. However, you should check this with the facility information center desk since it is not free, but you can expect it will be within your budget since it is affordable.

Restrooms: flush

(Image credit to The Dyrt)

Yes, you can expect that this campsite has restrooms with a flush. You will not need to hold back whenever nature calls you to release your stuff. But it is highly recommended to use toilet tissues sparingly. It is to help the wildlife and the other people who will use it next to you. You should also remember that there are rules and regulations in using restrooms at this campsite. You can check them below on this page.


You read it right! Showers are available in this camping place. It is another amenity why people love the site. It will help you leave not only refreshed but also fresh physically. The campsite understands that people want an excellent adventure and a graceful leaving time. Thus, you can expect that the showers here will help you clean your body and mesmerize the things you have done with this place.


(Image credit to Enjoy Illinois)

If you have kids and want them to maximize this place’s fun excitement, you can bring them to the site’s playground. There, you can play with them and interact with other visitors to the place.

Basketball Court

This amenity is for you if you are into sport and want to bring out some sweat. You can play basketball with your peers, colleagues, family members, friends, and yes, even with other campers presented during your camping adventure. We all know playing basketball gives more physical health, but we should remember a mental connection with other people is another super benefit this sport provides people! Check its availability by asking the facility front desk and for more information.

Recreational Hall

Are you looking for a place where your company spends your team building and needs a recreational hall where you can discuss the department’s achievements, goals, and challenges? Boom! That is the perfect activity to conduct in this place. You can check more information by contacting the campsite’s front desk.


Like the basketball court amenity, you can play another sport here, like volleyball. You can enjoy playing this on the campsite with your peers, colleagues, family members, friends, and yes, even the other campers presented during your camping day. Please remind you and your group members that you and your group members should follow some protocol. You can contact the facility officer to discover these protocols.


You read it right! This campsite has Wi-Fi. This amenity is perfect for people who need to finish their urgent “last minute” work. You can also instantly upload your memorable photos, so your friends see your actual activities in this place. You just need to remember certain regulations about capturing and uploading images and videos on the site. You can check more information about this with their facility front desk.

Phone Service

You should not be surprised knowing that there are phone services here since Wi-Fi is available. The mobile networks are working. If your phone is about to give up its battery level, you can charge your phone here if your RV Generator runs out of energy.

You see, there are a bunch of amenities here. But we would highly advise that you use as many as possible while you are here. It is your perfect moment to spend some time with yourself and your family or friends. We want to cover some available activities you can find here. You might find some exciting activities here that align with your personality or your kind of sport.

Available Activities

Credits to: EI

Camping is not complete if there are no camping activities. Here, we have listed some life-exciting activities you can enjoy at this campsite. Check out Skydiving and Zip Lining and their benefits!


(Image credit to Pleasant Creek Campground)

Do you want to cope up with your hasty reaction to your stress? Try the site’s skydiving activity. Its benefits are tremendous. It helps to improve your mood for long-lasting. Well, if you experience an extreme adrenaline rush you have been looking forward to, then try Skydiving here with their professional and experienced skydiving instructor!


(Image credit to PleasantCreekCG website)

Hey! Are you the person who wants more excitement on your adventure? Well, check out the place’s rafting activity. Honestly, most adventure-goers love to experience this positive addiction that nature provides. You can check more information about this activity by contacting the facility information center of the campsite.


If you want to play sports but with a “low-impact” one, golfing is your thing to try. With golfing in the Pleasant Creek Campground, your joints will not be subject to some strains and stresses. This sport is not the same as running and tennis, which can lure some long-term joint damages.


But if you are into more hard physical activity, you can also find the campsite’s hiking trails. We all know physical activity can boost and enhance some parts of our body, mind, and heart. Plus, it avoids or lessens some diseases we might face in the future. Thanks to your improved immune system that can fight against diseases because of physical workout.

Wine Tasting

Have you ever wondered how wine tasting works? Well, at this campsite, you have the chance actually to witness the wine tasting. It is typically within five necessary steps. They are color, swirl, smell, taste, and savor. These steps are also famous in “Five S,” which is to see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor. It is cool to know, isn’t it?

Horseback Riding

(Image credit to PleasantCreekCG website)

If you want to get some unique activity, you might want, too, to experience horseback riding at the campsite. More exciting about horseback riding at this campsite is meeting different people who eagerly want to uncover how to communicate effectively with these speedy horses. You can always check with the facility information center to learn more. The contact information is on this site.


(Image credit to Marshall421’s Youtube Channel)

Aside from golfing, canoeing is another “low-impact” activity. Canoeing is an excellent activity to enhance aerobic strength, fitness, and flexibility. With this campsite, you can expect not only physical improvements but mental improvements, too. Well, nature will help you think clearly with its fresh air and greeny surroundings!


(Image credit to IOWA DNR)

If you feel bored with swimming, you always put things to the next level to make it exciting. You can compete with your family members or friends at this campsite to swim the end to end and see who will finish first. In that way, you can make your swimming more challenging, and the more challenges there are, the more fun it will be.


If you have limited time to prepare some of your family foods, worry no more since you can dine in some of their dining areas at this campsite. This dining place is usually located in their General Store or near fancy restaurants. There are some hotels where you can stay if you feel fancier on your next camping adventure.

Drive-in Movies

(Image credit to Route 34 Drive-In theater)

You will not expect it! Yes, this campsite has an available drive-in movie! The Route 34 Drive-In Theater is an excellent place to watch movies with your loved ones. There is also available food to eat while watching your desired movie. The place is open at 6:30, and the movie will start at 7:30. You can always check this with the campsite facility information center if you want to spend some of your time in this fantastic theater.

Race Car Driving

Many people think that Race Car Driving is all about how you can be the first and win. But most people get it wrong. The real reason why most people do car racing is it has more benefits than you actually can think. One unique benefit is it helps you make a fast decision, especially in real-life world conditions.

Like in life, there are many obstacles you will encounter. There will be artificial(mental) blocks, low visibility because of rain or nighttime, and the Sun Rays in the daytime.

Brewery Tours

This one is one of the unique things you can find in the Pleasant Creek Campground. Some people want to visit the campsite for the Brewery Tour. Well, if you want to learn more about brewery tasting and how it works, you will love this place since they offer this kind of activity.


Are you surprised? There are some shopping shops you can visit within and near the site. Here are some you can visit:

  • Canal Cargo Market
  • City Folk Urban Decor
  • Clarks Run Antiques
  • Clarks Run Creek Gifts & Wine
  • Also, the Danchris Nursery

You can always check the site’s facility information center for more information.

Historical Society

(Image credit to PleasantCreekCG website)

We all know that learning the history of a particular place gives us extra knowledge of understanding past people. People who were the previous leaders and how they affected the place. Plus, you know a unique identity(place, people, and other creatures.) Here, you can enjoy the La Salle County Historical Society, where you can also find some historical stuff displayed, like The Lincoln Carriage and other things.

Water Park(Indoor)

If you want to swim but do not like to be exposed to the scorching sun, this campsite offers an excellent indoor water park—a perfect place for kids and parents to make the swimming fun and exciting without getting some sunburns. Plus, if instant weather changes occur, the facility will protect you against harmful weather changes. You can always contact the facility information center to learn more.

Zip Lining

(Image credit to PleasantCreekCampground website)

When it comes to adrenaline boosts, the zip-lining is something you should try! It helps you wipe out some of your stress instantly. And when you combine this adrenaline boost with some sort of fresh air, peaceful surroundings, and lastly, being solely out there with nature!

There are still many to discover the available activities at this campsite. You can always consult your concern with the site’s information center by contacting the contact mentioned earlier.

The “Do-not-forget” Policies

Here is some information you should know before, during, and after camping. It is to help you become educated and guided about the policies and rules you should follow so you can leave peacefully. It can also maximize the potential adventure you can experience by not breaking one of the basic rules implemented here. Check them out:


  • The rates are according to 2 adults. Plus their dependent kids and a single camping unit(tent or Recreational Vehicle) per site.
  • There is an extra charge on the site if you have additional camping units.
  • You can add a single adult at the rate of 10 US Dollars per night.
  • The limited number of children per site is 4.
  • Anyone 17 years of age and below is automatically considered a child at your check-in time.
  • You should check in if you are at least 21 years old.
  • The limited number of pets per site is 2.
  • The electricity will be charged separately, depending on the month and the seasonal Recreational Vehicle sites.
  • Strictly follow the Quiet Time. You should turn off your loud radios, music, and other disturbing noises between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.
  • All kids must be at your campsite during the Quiet Time. It is one of the strictly enforced rules. After you receive a warning, your group has to leave the campsite.


  • You can purchase firewoods near the campsite’s general store. The “Firewood” machine is located next to the store. If you are unsure, you can ask the nearby officers or people who have already purchased firewoods.
  • Remember that you should not bring firewood on your own to the campsite. It is prohibited.


  • Cleaning your campsite is your responsibility. Thus, you must maintain your campsite as clean as possible.
  • You should dump all of your trash into the dumping area outside the campsite’s general store.
  • Never leave any garbage bags in your camping area.
  • If you or any guests who leave the site are damaged, full of garbage, or messy, you will pay a 25 USD clean-up fee. Plus any applicable fine for specific damages.

Fire Rings

  • Any guest cannot move or relocate the fire rings in any location. If you do so, you will get a fine of 25 USD

Camping and Vehicle Registrations

  • Everyone registration has one campsite for one family(two adults and their children, if any) and a single vehicle.
  • All vehicles or other car types must have their car pass.
  • One vehicle per site only. Other extra vehicles should be parked in the campsite’s parking lot.
  • Some vehicles are not allowed. Here are some of the vehicles that are not allowed: ATVs, RTV’s golf carts, motorcycles, min-bikes, dirt bikes. You can contact the facility information center to ask for more details about this rule.
  • A ten mph speed limit is reinforced and should follow all the time. It is to protect the children who are playing from bad scenarios.
  • There is a 25 USD fine warning for those who will break it.


  • All guests will have to register their name and provide other necessary information at the campsite’s general store once they arrive.


  • As a concerned citizen and nature lover, you must maintain your surroundings’ cleanliness; yes, the bathrooms are included.
  • You should flush the toilets after you use them.
  • You should use toilet tissues as sparingly as possible. The campsite’s septic system will not carry toilet paper overloads.
  • As concerned citizens and nature lovers, it is also your responsibility to report any issue in the facility’s maintenance or cleaning challenges to the campsite’s general store officers or staff.


  • The maximum number of pets is only two at the campsites(not cabins).
  • Due to some health protocols, pets are not allowed in any of the campsite’s rentals.
  • If your pet is at the campsite’s premises(cabin), all of your rental fees will be forfeited (including the deposits), and you must leave the place.
  • It is allowed to bring your pets in the arcade, bathrooms, playground, pond, or even in the campsite’s general store.
  • You have to clean up the mess of your pets.
  • Aggressive or vicious pets are not allowed. Owners of noisy or aggressive pets will be requested to leave the site without any refund.
  • Dog outside cages and runs are prohibited.
  • You might be charged 25 USD to your camping reservation if your pets are un-leashed or running at large.

Clothes Lines

  • Clotheslines are prohibited on camping sites.

Dump Station

  • There is a dump station for the campsite’s guests. If you wish to dump your Recreational Vehicle wastes before you check out. You can also use their pumping outs services for only a flat 20 USD fee.

Fishing and Hunting

  • Hunting any kind of animal or species is strictly not allowed.
  • Fishing in the campsite’s pond is available only if you practice and using the catch and release method.

Fireworks and Explosives

  • Fireworks and explosives of all kinds are not allowed from the site. Yes, including the fourth of July.

These are some common rules and regulations you can find in Pleasant Creek Campground. You can check more details here if you have time to specify all the protocols. But the above protocols are great enough to understand so you can have an excellent adventure day!

Nearby Inns You Can Check-In

If you want to check in some hotels, you might check these hotels near the campsite. We have listed here some of the nearest hotels you can check and start looking if you want to make your stay fancier than before.

Here are the hotels near the campground:

Hotel Name: Grand Bear Resort at Starved Rock

Address: 2643 N Il Route 178, Utica, IL 61373-9707

How far is the hotel from the campsite: 7.2 km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel Name: Days Inn by Wyndham Oglesby/ Starved Rock

Address: 120 N Lewis Ave, Exit 54, I-39, Oglesby, IL 61348-9771

How far is the hotel from the campsite: 8.9 km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel Name: Best Western Oglesby Inn

Address: 900 Holiday Inn St, Oglesby, IL 61348-9697

How far is the hotel from the campsite: 8.9 km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel Name: Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Peru

Address: 5253 Trompeter Rd, Peru, IL 61354-9616

How far is the hotel from the campsite: 17.5 km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel Name: Hampton Inn & Suites Peru

Address: 4421 Peoria St, Peru, IL 61354-1017

How far is the hotel from the campsite: 17.2 km

Social Media Link: Click Here

These are only the top 5 nearest hotels. You can still check more available hotels near the place using the Google search engine. Again, you should contact them instead of walking in to reserve your reservation.

Nearby Restaurants

If you taste the same excellent foods near the campsite, here is the list we have gathered for quick reference. Here, you can check the restaurant name, address, and kilometer how far it is from the campsite.

Here are the restaurants near the Pleasant Creek Campground:

Restaurant Name: Nonie’s Bakery & Cafe

Address: 522 Clark St

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 9.5 km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Mark Allen’s American Kitchen

Address: 1402 Peoria St

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 14.8 km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Uptown Grill

Address: 601 1st St

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 12.3 km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Starved Rock Lodge – Main Dining Room

Address: 2668 E 875th Rd

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 7.4 km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Cajun Connection

Address: 897 E US Highway 6

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 12 km

Social Media Link: Click Here

These are only the top 5 nearest restaurants you can find near the campsite. You can always check some restaurants of your choice using the Google engine. There are plenty of them which you can check depending on your food taste.

Camp Rate and Fees

Here, you can quick-glance at the pricing of the things you can enjoy with this campsite. This section is the summary and short ad-on when you camp on this campsite located in Illinois.

Type of siteRate of site
Primitive SiteStarts at 32 USD per night
CabinsStarts at 60 USD per night
H20 plus electricityStarts at 38 USD per night
PlaygroundStarts at 38 USD per night

You can check it here for more specific rates for particular camping places. You can also try to book the dates on this page and see if they can accommodate you on your planned vacation. Plus, it is an excellent web page to see more places and actual pictures.

**The rates displayed do not include any applicable service fees or charges incurred during your stay.

Booking and Payment Policies

You should know that the campsite will accept reservations through credit card only. Here is some other essential information about the campsite’s payment and reservation policies. Please read it slowly and carefully. It ensures you got the essentials and will not regret not understanding them very well.


  • Full payment is a must at your booking time.
  • All other extra purchases will be made in the campsite’s General Store using your cash or credit card.

Cancellation or any amendment of the reservation

  • You can contact the campsite’s Reservation Department for cancellation or any amendment of your reservation using these contacts:

Phone: (815) 431-0936

Email: info@pleasantcreekcampground.com

  • If you request cancellation, as long as you are within seven days of your check-in date, you are entitled to a refund.

Final Thought

After reading this page, you might be surprised how it elevates itself from other campgrounds in the United States. Skydiving is our favorite activity, and its General Store is indeed an excellent convenience. But what we want to highlight in our closing remark is how you will use and enjoy more moments in this pleasant place.

You see, there are many activities and amenities you can enjoy. Plus, there are plenty of fancy restaurants and hotels nearby. With these things in mind, scrutinized planning is essential. You should plan all your expenses, your time, and even your energy. The best way to do it is by structuring how you will spend your day with this campsite.

Well, never forget, too, to live by the moment, especially when you skydive, alright?

Lastly, if you love this page and get some beneficial insights, we would love to hear about it in the comment section and let your friends read this(so you all are on the same page!).

This amenity is an exceptional edge when we talk about camping. It is because there are camping places that do not offer drinking-water. With this, you can bring fewer gallons or water dispensers since you can get water from the campsite. Plus, if you are camping for more than two days, you should prepare yourself for running out of water. Well, that will not happen to you since there is available drinking water at this campsite.

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