Reasons why you need to upgrade your RV awning cleaner

Have you already experienced cleaning your RV awnings but felt that it is not enough? That feeling that you have that there are still some parts of the awning is clean enough. Well, every neat freak will be able to feel this way. 

In that sense, why not try upgrading your cleaner and cleaning techniques to achieve that cleaning satisfaction you are aiming for. And that is what we are going to talk about in this section of this day. 

Let us see if you are already doing it, or is this the first time you hear it.

cleaning your awning
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Why you need to upgrade your RV awning cleaner

Reason #1: The Molds Apocalypse!


Create a mix of one gallon of warm water and one quart of white vinegar. This solution will work well with fabric awnings or a vinyl one. The acetic acid present in white vinegar is a colorless compound that gives vinegar its sour taste. If you would also check some of the store-bought RV awning cleaners, this acid is also present in the ingredients section. 

The acidic compound of vinegar dissolves dirt, mineral compost, grease, and grime. These are usually present in our RV awnings. Also, it is strong enough to kill bacterias which is essential in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some of the types of vinegar that you may use: 

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Red or white wine vinegar

The best type of vinegar to use among the four is white distilled vinegar. This is because it contains five percent acidity, which is used primarily in store-bought multipurpose cleaners. 

Solution #2

In this solution, you will mix a gallon of warm water, a quart of white vinegar, and a squeeze of dish soap. This is to enhance the cleaning factor of it by the use of soap. You can use it in vinyl or fabric awnings. 

Solution #3

Now this solution will need one part of hydrogen peroxide and six parts of water. Adjust the mixture depending on the size of your RV awnings. But before you use it in the entire awning, test it on a small part first. Hydrogen peroxide is a harsh chemical that changes the color of whatever it touches. 

In that sense, test it on your awning fist for about fifteen minutes. If it does not change in color after that period, you can use it in the entire unit. If it does change well, you must not continue using it or adjusting the solution by adding more water. 

Solution #4

Here, you will mix one part of hot water, one part of washing soda, one part of borax, and two slices of bar soap. It should be semi-liquid when cool. You can use this solution in vinyl or fabric awnings. 

Solution #5

Combine a small amount of water with baking soda to make a paste-like solution. This recipe works well with fabric awnings. 

Solution #6

Have you experienced dealing with highly stubborn mold and mildew? Now, here is the best solution for that. Mix 2-1/2 gallons of water amidst a 1/4 cup of bleach. Bleach can quickly attend to persistent stains, and you should only use this mixture once every few years. Bleach can soon damage your awning, so make sure not to overdo it.

Reason #2: It does not smell good

Cleaning should have that relaxing ambiance after you do it. But will you be relaxed after smelling that pungent smell coming out o the awning? This is because the cleaner you have used is entirely too strong that it overflows in the entire RV. 

In that sense, upgrade your cleaner by adding some scent to it. If you are going to buy from a store, choose something with added scent in the mixture. You can quickly check this in the bottle or packaging as they will highlight it tremendously. 

For homemade RV awning cleaners, you can add detergent or fabric conditioner of your choice. In this sense, the strength of the cleaning mixture will not be affected. If you aim for a strong scent, you can try dropping some tiny amount of essential oil. Just a few drops are enough.

Adding perfume is also advisable as it possesses alcohol that can also kill bacteria. There are many options for you to cleanse and make the ambiance perfectly good simultaneously; all you have to do is add a little bit of our touch and preference.

Reason#3: Cut the mess by buying readymade cleaners

Some people always say that you must spend every penny wisely. This simple statement made most of the consumers afraid of spending when they can make it by themselves. But if you are having too much on your plate, why not just invest in something that might help you in your daily chores?

Let us also remind you that sometimes, the more you think you are saving, the more you are exerting a lot of effort and time. In this sense, you will feel like you are exhausted or running out of time. Make sure to save a little time to relax and be it just for cleaning your RV or for a hike. 

Imagine this way. Yes, you have made your cleaner, but it took you quite some time to perfect it. See? You had wasted quite a lot of time wherein you should be earning, unlike when you just bought it at a store. All you do is spray it, wipe it, clean it, and you’re done. Now you will have time for an extra hike or to sleep. 

Remember to work and save intelligently. Sometimes investing in a good product is one of the things that may help you. 


If you think that your regular RV awning cleaner is not enough for you, upgrade it slightly. We hope that the article has helped you realize that there are some parts of your RV awning cleaning routine that you need to elevate to the next level. 

Sometimes, tweaking a part of your routine will eventually make a huge difference in a good way. So enjoy the upgrade suitable for your lifestyle. And experience a better change! Let us meet again in our following discussion about RVs and the life out of them. 

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