Reasons why you should use RV Refrigerator instead of Regular Refrigerator

Many people are familiar with different kinds of refrigerators. However, some don’t know that RV refrigerators exist. And for today’s discussion, we would like to introduce a superior technology like an RV refrigerator to store your food during your camping trip. 

Moreover, some individuals are somehow curious about the difference between a regular fridge and an RV refrigerator. As a result, here we are to explain that matter to you. We are going to give you some information that can provide knowledge to understand their differences. Thus, either of them can offer an extraordinary job to you and your home. 

So, to start the learning. Join us and explore the wonders of these two refrigerators. Let us move forward to know more about them. 

choose rv refrigerator instead of reg ref
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Differences of an RV Refrigerator and residential refrigerator

This section contains information about the differences between an RV Refrigerator and a residential refrigerator. It is imperative to understand this topic to give you an idea of what kind of refrigerator is most efficient when you have an RV. With these details, you can easily make a decision and prevent some instances from happening. It includes the following;

1. How an RV Refrigerator and residential refrigerator works?

Each of them works well differently. It includes the following;

RV fridge
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RV Refrigerator

  • To cool the inside, this RV Refrigerator uses absorption.
  • There is no compression in this kind of fridge.
  • A combination of ammonia, hydrogen gas, and water is the essential thing that cools down this refrigerator and heat.
  • Two to three power sources of an RV are the primary resources for having cooling gases to operate this RV machine.
regular refrigerator
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Residential Refrigerator

  • It uses a compressor to keep the temperature low and cool down the insides.
  • A 120-volts AC power source is what you have as a compressor in your fridge.

2. Power source

Power makes your machine move and operate. So, it is better to know the condition of your chosen fridge, for that matter.

rv fridge source power
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RV Refrigerator

  • In a 2-way RV fridge, AC power and LP gas are the materials that can power up the gases inside the tubes to give the coolness in the entire fridge. For that reason, many individuals are purchasing it.
  • A 3-way RV fridge, AC power, LP gas, or DC power is the cooling activator.
  • A 3-way RV fridge also has a 12-volt battery that has an additional ability to run off. Thus, it has lesser popularity than the 2-way models.
power source
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Residential Refrigerator

  • It needs 120-volt electricity power.
  • You can use it in a campground with 50 Amp Electric hookups.
  • You can use an alternate power source.
  • An extra battery pack and an inverter to make it worthwhile are also considerable.
  • The inverter can help you to charge into 120-volt power.
  • It makes sense instead of using an unplugged rig.

3. Storage Capacity

When it comes to storing for a while traveling, space needs to be accurate with your preference.

3 way rv fridge
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RV Refrigerator

  • An RV fridge starts with the traditional trailers, class B, class C RVs that typically have a small space for their stock foods. However, at this moment, many RV fridge models are making it to the top with a large-sized space inside.
  • The best example for that is the 5th wheel trailers and motorhomes that have a larger fridge inside.
  • Numerous french door models have even up to 18 cubic feet of space for storing foods.
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Residential Refrigerator

  • It has a more extensive and broader space inside. 
  • It can store your food within a long run while enjoying different places.

4. Efficiency

Efficient services are one thing you need when you want a fridge. That is why understanding the details below is a great choice.

inside rv fridge
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RV Refrigerator

  • There is some RV fridge that uses A/C power to operate.
  • You can directly connect it to the power source if needed.
  • Propane gas is the material that can keep your fridge cool.
  • On a fine day where there is no extreme hotness outside, your fridge can work well. Thus, if it is warm out, the internal temperature of an RV refrigerator tends to creep up.
inside reg fridge
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Residential Refrigerator

  • It is more efficient in some terms. It contains a lot larger and broader space inside.
  • It is essential for traveling on long days. You can store a vast amount of food and maintain its freshness with a great cooling temp.
  • It takes time to make it warm up when not connected.
  • They are consistent in their service.

5. Durability on the road

RV tends to have an appliance that can complement the things that you have in your RV services. For that reason, the items below need a highlight.

rv camp fridge
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RV Refrigerator

  • It has no compressor, so it has fewer moving parts that can cause loss while in transit. 
  • It is made with durable and heavy materials that can control and designed to move around.
  • It can serve you 10 to 20 years, depending on proper usage and maintenance.
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Residential Refrigerator

  • It is uncommon for traveling and camping trips.
  • A moving vehicle can affect the performance and the stability of this fridge.
  • More parts can cause trouble like malfunctioning.
  • It has less sturdy materials for long-term travel.
  • The typical age of this fridge is 8 to 15 years. However, it becomes less as it moves for some time.

6. Safety

Security and safety are some of the priorities that you need to have when it comes to appliances. Familiarizing with the information below is a great thing.

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RV Refrigerator

  • If you are concerned about gas leakage, the expert says that it is safe and has less risk, especially when you maintain the propane system perfectly.
  • It has an ARF Fridge Defend System.
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Residential Refrigerator

  • It is riskier. It needs more attention to include the safety precautions that you have in the manual.
  • It would help if you had an intact door and place to ensure that your RV fridge is safe while it is inside.
  • Requiring some force in your doorways upon opening is essential to consider.

7. Cost

Costing is one of the things to consider to prevent making a hole in your pocket. It is better to know the following;

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RV Refrigerator

  • When purchasing an RV, it includes an RV refrigerator in the package.
  • However, if you want to buy a new one, this kind of fridge is cheap.
outdoor mini fridge
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Residential Refrigerator

  • It costs depending on the size and the space that your residential fridge has when installation.
  • It also has a lower price. Still, the service offer can affect the whole amount of this fridge.

8. Suitability

You need to have a suitable appliance when it comes to an RV, especially to the following;

rv fridge 5
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RV Refrigerator

  • If you are traveling to different places, then this fridge is for you.
  • You can use it in your campgrounds with electric hookups and enjoy the night excellently.
  • This kind of fridge can suit some people who want minimal space for their camping trip. As you know, limited space is the primary priority in having an RV.
residential fridge
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Residential Refrigerator

  • It is the best choice for some campers who plan to stay longer from one place to another.
  • It has more extensive space storage.
  • If you have an RV with batteries, solar panels, inverter, and generators, having a residential fridge is not a problem. It serves as your direct power source.


Here we go. This information is a valuable thing to consider to choose the right RV Refrigerator. The differences between these two fridges can serve as your guidelines to decide appropriately. Each factor can affect your choice, so familiarizing yourself with this product is an excellent thing to do. 

Moreover, having an option can result in an outstanding outcome, so it is better to have the knowledge and learn from our advice. The information above is an excellent idea to provide you the best service that you want. Each of these factors can affect the perfect function of an RV fridge in the future. For that reason, you need an extra understanding.

So, to end it here, we thank you for navigating this article. We hope that we help you with this one. Enjoy and have a nice day!

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