Resort Parks International: Is it worth a spot on your getaway list?

In life, people tend to venture into an abundance of various escapes or relief from the chaotic events happening now. Sometimes it could be hobbies, activities, food, places, weekend getaways, holiday trips, celebrations, etc. 

Concentrating on different things that life has to offer is not bad, nor is it a hindrance towards your peace and nurturing your well-being. 

However, camping for a specific trip with little to no background about the activity could result in many hassles. It will be more convenient and worthy if there will be a program to follow, which multiple destinations nationwide are affiliated, that comes with privileges to benefit from.

Wandering through Recreational Vehicles could be considered as one of the most organic ways we should try to embrace life and to be able to explore different natural wonders of the world uniquely.

Resort Parks International (RPI) is the way to go! If you are looking for a source of ideas and places to choose from to kick start your adventure. Although it may be a freestyle task, being organized won’t hurt anybody; assurance is essential, mostly in peak seasons!

Why stay at Resort Parks International?

Why stay at Resort Parks International
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As adventure advocates, they help you secure your spot in a stress-relieving getaway or the serenity of breathing in nature into your soul. Here, they could provide some factors as to why you should consider being with them on your journey.

Brief History

This organization has been around since 1983, and it may be the best in commerce as a complementary camping program in North America. They are Affiliated with multiple resorts to choose from, lots of places, and activities to delve into a discounted rate within the U.S. 

It’s not available to the general public, yet being a part of it comes with privileges:

  • Making new friends
  • Sharing moments with the family
  • Discovering life
  • Growing closer to the people that matter to you the most

It all comes with an affordable price here.

Affiliating with almost 300 resorts all around America. You may enjoy all of them with your access for as low as $10 a night. Indulge area hopping with your loved ones for up to 7 days each visit and twice a year on every destination.


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The camping programs offered here are ways to help you maximize when exploring in your Rig. Benefits are for availing at the resorts they have affiliations with. You could save up to 50% off at their participating campgrounds located across the U.S. and Canada.

Discounts may depend on the season, location, and what they can offer you. Listed on the official website are the resorts with an active partnership. The discount and rate may differ as well, as it may only be available at selected times.

The organization does not own or is in-charge of any campgrounds that participate in each of their promos. Also, terms and regulations may be applied differently depending on your chosen site each visit.

Amenities & Activities


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Visiting rates costs as low as $10, which may vary depending on destinations, excluding extra charges each to their consumption and availability for members.


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The amenities all over some of our affiliated camps are as follows: pull-thru sites for your convenience, tent camping for a more outdoorsy feel, and bringing your four-legged buddies are welcome to these pet-friendly sites. 


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Essentials such as restrooms and showers are standard, along with the laundry, and sewage; Spa and hot tub to ease your stress and relax you more. Swimming pools may be present, and some are heated too. There is also an available WiFi or Internet connection.

Wheelchair access may be present in some, fitting for our differently-abled guests for comfort. Horseshoes could keep travelers occupied beside playgrounds or near picnic areas, along with available grills to enjoy your newly-cooked BBQs.


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Indulge in a peculiar journey among the wildlife. Relax on boats and do fishing available at riversides or near lakes; though some are only for catch and release ponds to comply with their policies, there’s also scenic ocean frontage on selected areas.


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There are available stores or libraries, fitness centers, game rooms, recreational space, and activity areas. There are courts for volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf courses, and bike trails for sports enthusiasts.

Some have additional fees for extra amenities, additional people, and consumption such as cable, energy, WiFi, and upgraded sites like 50 amp sites or pull-throughs. When on a discounted rate, consider your consumption to avoid extra fees to be collected by hosts.

Additional Membership Information

To continue to be eligible for membership, you shall maintain good standing in your home (sponsoring) resort. We may only be available to individuals who are already associated with one of our resorts.

If by any chance the affiliation of your chosen resort ends, your access may remain valid until the expiration date of your card; transferring it to another resort is possible, yet it may be non-renewable. Individuals might only have one participation access each visit.

The group can’t guarantee specific types of requests for venues, and we advise you to notify the sites before the date of your supposed stay so penalties won’t be applied. 

Refunds will be taken care of by your host destination, which may differ based on their policy. Additional material requests are available for a fee. Shipping of which outside the continental U.S. is subject to additional shipping charges.

In case you consider canceling your membership, it may only be refundable within 30 days from the receipt of payment. Also, you might save a $15 processing fee.

There could be a $150 reinstatement fee may be subjected to be settled if your membership lapse for over 90 days when you decide to renew on top of the current restoration amount. You may renew as long as you’re still in good standing with your preferred resort.

Preparation to be a Resort Parks International Member

It is vital to be informed by the policies, to know what’s in it for you if you will be grabbing the opportunity to be under this program. What makes you eligible, and more than anything, it matters to understand where you will be exerting your time and money into it.


The perks of being a member with an excellent standing grade are the ease of accommodation. However, procedures are listed on each resort page and might vary differently depending on availability: the reservation date can be 60 days before the schedule. Some could require partial payment to guarantee your slot. 

Here are some notes, which may make it easier for you when planning a visit: 

  • Make plans in advance to have room for changes since some areas might be on a peak at certain times of the year, resulting in overcrowding.
  • Keep alternative options in mind when making your accommodations. 
  • Discounts may not be available during the holiday season.
  • Policies are printed on confirmations or viewed online.
  • Proceed with the regulations on each place; restrictions may vary from different locations.
  • To avoid the tendency of incidental charges, check the cancellation policy of your chosen camp.
  • Anticipate a $3 fee or charge for each confirmed booking; regardless of the number of confirmed nights, fees are not refundable.
  • Save time and money by establishing an accommodation account, to get the chance to avail unlimited booking a year. Refer to the procedures online for accuracy. Accounts are still credible while your participation is valid. 
  • Representatives are available to help you make changes through our hotline given below.


As an outlet for multiple destinations that suits your interest, the regulations and passes are ideally checked towards your individually chosen areas, as it may differ from one another, depending on their policy, location, state, weather, etc.

They promote transparency regarding the limits of their offers; however, policies may all be subject to change from time to time, beyond the organization’s control. It’s best to refer to the resorts directly to avoid misinformation and to be misled.

Some sites differ with restrictions; There are age-qualified places that have a minimum of 55 years old. Also, some have rentals available individually; they have their policies for each camp’s amenities.

Contact Information

Queries regarding your enrollment may include answers from the information below; for questions about your individually chosen resort, refer straight to each of their separate offices for legitimate guidance.

Contact Numbers

  • 1-800-456-7RPI (774) 
  • 1-562-595-8818

Office Hours

  • Monday – Friday
  • 7am – 4pm PT 
  • 10am – 7pm ET

Social Media Links

Click Facebook Link Here

PO Box Address

PO Box 25 Gautier, MS 39553-0025



Official Website

> Request accommodations

> Search for resorts by location or resort name 

> Check booking history 

> Order materials and read our news 

> Renew your membership 

> Sign up for special email offers 

> Update your account information

(Source: official Resort Parks International or RPI website – guide)


It could be overwhelming at first with having the long road in front of your eyes. Or even if you have been doing the camping life for a while: you could still gain some reminders. Here we include some of the essentials which might come in handy for you:

It’s essential to have an energy booster right off the steam how your journey’s navigator (and you) want your coffee. You may try to use the Chulux Single Shot Coffee Maker; it’s affordable, portable, and might have a fast coffee preparation cycle.

To avoid spoilage of your food, mostly when you’re in it for a long journey, and to keep your beverages cool. We could recommend Costway Car Freezer Travel Refrigerator for its large volume capacity, and it may also be in Eco mode to save electricity.

It’s advisable to have an awning with you during your journeys so you could still lounge, rain or shine. You should try Awnlux, for they may provide you a 100% waterproof and UV resistant product.

A firm bunk such as the Serenia Sleeps 8 Inches Mattresses might make sleep relaxing and pain-free. Also, it is available in different sizes, yet it fits most recreational vehicle brands.

Champion 3100-watt Portable Inverter Generator energy bank only releases clean energy, so it may guarantee your safety even when plugging in sensitive electronics. It is convenient to have and might make installation easy; it also has a low noise level.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper is 100% organic making it nature-friendly. Also, it is fast-dissolving, making it not an issue to clog on septic tanks. It may be considered durable and could be helpful on different platforms.

Thetford 40503 35-Gallon might make your task empty and fill it quite quickly, with its capabilities and efficiency. However, durability with its tires has issues, but other than that, this might be one of the top products.

Other Essentials

Road equipment is necessary for the vehicle and for those aboard emergency road kit, which may include some of the following: 

  • Spare tire & Tire-changing tools
  • Flashlight
  • Duct tape
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Extra motor oil and transmission fluid
  • Drinking water hose
  • Surge Protector & Electrical Adapters
  • Baseball bat (or any alternative self-defense object), etc.

Essentials that you may consider are as follows for your convenience, comfort, entertainment, and needs:

  • Envelope or bag for documents, e.g.: (booking files, insurance, registration, license, etc.)
  • Hygiene Kit
  • First Aid Kit (Band-aids, antiseptic wipes or solution, antibiotic ointment, Insect Repellant, bug spray, gauze, medical scissors, tweezers, safety pin, etc.)   
  • Sunglasses
  • Hygiene Kit (Deodorant, Sunscreen, Lotion or Moisturizer, Disinfectant Spray, Feminine Hygiene Products, Toothbrush and toothpaste, Razor, Shampoo, Soap, & Conditioner, 
  • Regular medications & emergency medications 
  • Sheets, Pillows, Blanket, & Towels, 
  • Extra clothes applicable for the weather & Clothes hangers 
  • Camping chair
  • Small backpack for activities 
  • Sunglasses, Cards & Board games, Chargers, Camera, Sunglasses, Laptop, and Guitar

One of the fundamentals of going on a journey is Water and Food (spoil-proof food: canned goods, dried fruits, grains, instant meals); some of these are the kitchenware necessities: 

  • Cutting board, kitchen knives, can opener, and utensils
  • Thermos
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Skillets, Pan, food containers, & recyclable storage bags
  • Kitchen Towels, napkins, and pot holders
  • Dish Soap, Sponge, garbage bags

Affiliated Resorts

Among over 200 resorts, here are some of the locations you could consider to cross off your list, this random list sought to provide an example for you all!

Located on the Colorado River’s entire length is the longest and improved beach of Emerald Cove Resort. You can enjoy waterskiing, rock-hounding, fishing, or lounging around the pools.

Lake Havasu Recreational Vehicle Resort is a biking distance from the Lake, and it is known for its cleanliness and a tinge of Old England vibe. You may enjoy boating and other activities, and its peak season is from December to March.

Canyon Creek Resort is one of California’s most extensive recreation and water sport areas that could entertain its visitors—located  at Putah Creek near Lake Berryessa. It may offer sailing and other sports, and they are also known for trout fishing.

In the heart of Florida is Bee’s Recreational Vehicle resort, offering the best entertainment being near Cypress Gardens, Disney World, Sea World, and other more. Lakes are surrounding the area suitable for swimming, boating, fishing, and wildlife view.

El Golfo Recreational Vehicle Resort near Sea of Cortez in Mexico offers a pristine white sand beach, breathtaking area views, and tide pools have charter fishing available, great shrimp, and a few restaurants nearby. 

In Canada, situated amidst Vernon and Kelowna cities, is the Okanagan Valley Holiday Resort, a four-season Recreational Vehicle & Condo Resort features championship golf courses, world-class ski hills, lots of facilities, and recreation areas. 

Terry Bison Ranch Resort invites you to hop aboard their private train and ride in the middle of their bison herd or go for a genuine Wyoming horseback ride. They have a Kids Coral too, wherein they could enjoy fishing, and you can have them cooked for you all.


Living the life that you may want to have in life is not all about the luxury and a galore of expensive chattels. Sometimes comfort and peace come with the most extravagant yet inexpensive purchase you could have with your family and friends.

Obtaining a journey at an ala carte mode or a freestyle way sometimes may cost you more, rather than to save and dedicate your expenses for more substantial and worthy bargains or investments.

We aim to be your assistance towards your most incredible trip. Although, there are still some instances wherein situations occur beyond our scope. We are not accountable for the errors that may occur during your expenditure. 

We are here to be your navigator or channel of options, and we could be your source of support in looking for great finds. But once you’re all-set already, it might be best for you to coordinate with your host resort to prevent misinformation, as details may change. 

If you are still uncertain about proceeding with the lifestyle change or getting on a journey you never had before. May you be uplifted to conquer your doubts, as the saying goes, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Anthony Robbins

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