The Benefits and Drawbacks of an RV Mattress

Whenever you are traveling, your primary concern is always how comfortable you’re sleeping area will be. Of course, in every camping, you expect a tent and a sleeping bag to keep you cozy in your camp area. But with an RV, a bed is something that makes camping more luxurious than ever. 

Moreover, as time pass by, more and more people are embracing the RV community. Having a cozy bedroom in the vehicle is essential in adapting a miniature version of your traditional home. Furthermore, investing in a good bed seems rewarding as it will give you that ambiance of relaxation in your humble space. 

And this RV bed will not be possible without a fantastic mattress that matches it. This mattress will feel like you are lying in a bed of clouds after a tiring hike or any strenuous activity at the campsite. 

This article will discuss some of the mattresses used in an RV and the benefits and drawbacks associated with them. 

RV Mattress
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The Difference of an RV Mattress against a Regular Mattress

Before we jump over to the highlight of this article, we would like to give the RV mattress a quick talk about how it differs from a regular bed. It is fundamental to know this to avoid jumping into doing it yourself by putting your traditional mattress in your RV. 

Although it may seem practical, the comfort and performance it gives to your body are somewhat different. Without further ado, here is the difference between the two. 

One of the main differences between the two mattresses is that RV is much lighter and flexible than the traditional one. This is because the weight is a factor to consider fr all the things inside the RV to avoid making them suffer from extreme importance. 

Another one is the size; some are custom-made or corner-cut. This is to match the compatibility of the area that you will put it into. The sizes range from a twin to a king-size one. The thickness of the mattress is also limited to ten inches or lower. Also, the dimensions of the bed are relatively more minor compared to the regular mattress. 

RV Mattress and their Benefits & Drawbacks

Now, let us move forward to the type of mattresses applicable for an RV. Here we will lay out the facts about the RV mattress and the good and bad sides. Our goal is to help you find ut the right RV mattress for your preference. 

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattress
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If you search for bedding that is tried and tested for years, this might catch your attention. An innerspring mattress provides classical comfort and support across your entire body. Remember that if you are going to shop for one, always keep in mind to check out some things. This would be:

  •  The type of coil used in the innerspring
  • The gauge of wire used in the assembly
  • The quality of the comfort materials. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Proven history since 1930
  • Provides consistent comfort


  • Less ability to adapt to the curvature of your spine
  • Will move the entire when make even the slightest movement
  • A cheaper design has a shorter lifespan

Pocketed Coil Mattress

pocketed coil mattress
Credits to: Mattressify

To fully describe this mattress will be like comparing a van and a sedan. Both will deliver you to your desired destination, but the Sedan will do it elegantly. The best-pocketed coil mattress designs comprise several hundred individual springs, each encased in its pocket of fabric. This allows each spring to provide remote support to every square inch of your body. This without being affected by any of the other springs around it.


  • Reduced motion transfer
  • Individual support from individual coils
  • Cooler sleep temperature


  • No sinking moment
  • Less bouncy than innerspring but still has a bounce
  • Quite pricey

Memory Foam Mattress

rv memory foam
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From the name itself, it memorizes the position that you are pressing on to the foam. This is to provide better comfort to the moment you lay on it. On top of that, NASA originally developed this almost fifteen years ago. In that sense, it is durable and will have that out-of-this-world feels. 


  • Best for those who suffer from back and joint pains. 
  • Can support those who need orthopedic needs
  • Durable


  • It becomes hot the moment you stay with it for an extended period. 
  • Poor foam breathability
  • Lack of bounce

Latex Mattress

latex foam
Credits to: The Sleep Judge

If you are looking for a mattress that is the sleeper type, then this is the right one. This is like the memory foam mattress but designed to overcome its drawbacks. In addition, it has a more excellent sleeping surface and a slight bounce that will surely make it comfy. The moment you lay flat on this mattress, you will feel like you are in a high-end hotel.


  • Cool sleeping surface
  • You can easily change position at night
  • It has all the positive sides of a memory foam mattress


  • If you have an allergy to latex, then this is not the right one for you
  • It has a spongy feel when you lay on it
  • Expensive

Hybrid Mattress

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They call it a hybrid mattress as it is a combination of at least two of the above types of mattresses. Most of the hybrid mattresses are from a pocketed coil and memory foam. While there are also some hybrids of latex and nao coils


  • A combination of the services from two types of your favorite mattresses
  • Pressure point relief and joint/back support
  • Cooling features


  • Heat retention


With all the list that we have, we hope you can finally decide what type of mattress you will put into your RV. Also, you can now weigh down the pros and cons associated with every kind of mattress for an RV. In that sense, it will be easier for you to choose the right one for you. 

Now that we have come to an end., we hope that we have helped you search for the best mattress fit for your lifestyle.

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