The most trusted RV Mattress brands you should know

Almost 9 million US households own Recreational Vehicles. This growing number is because most of them realize the greatness and practicality that this lifestyle gives. Some use RV as their home away from home during campouts. At the same time, others use this as their primary home to meet the extent budget. 

Living in an RV is more practical and less costly than living in a traditional home. But one thing some people are still hesitant to do the switch because of the comfort that it can offer. 

As you know, RV needs to be compact to make it easier to move around. That means you need to give up some space and loads to meet the requirements. But it doesn’t mean that you need to give up comfort as well. 

In that sense, we will prioritize in this article the best mattress for your RV. We know how important sleep and rest are to a person’s well-being. And it does not have to be that impossible in a compact space like RV. So browse further as we unravel the most trusted RV mattresses in the market.

Rv Mattress 2
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The Difference between RV Mattress to the regular one

If you are thinking of just inserting one mattress that you don’t use at your traditional home, well, it does not work like that. You have to respect the difference that it has to achieve desired results. 

In that sense, the difference comes with size and weight. Of course, an RV mattress is lighter than the traditional one to meet an RV’s weight requirement. If you happen to neglect this part, you might make your RV suffer. Hence, more maintenance to come over. 

In addition, the size is different and smaller compared to a regular mattress. So if you say queen, it does not mean that the extent you will be getting is like what you have on your bed. 

Also, some RV mattresses differ in shape because they are mostly custom-made. As you all know, the interior of the RV, especially the bedroom, is not the same. So you have to look for a mattress for an RV that can be precisely cut out to match your RV bedroom.

Best Overall: Brooklyn Bedding Wanderlust

Brooklyn Bedding
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The best thing about this RV mattress is that it is available in three different inch profiles-six, eight, and ten. Also, it has twenty different sizes to choose from. So if you want to cut the searching time of the right and perfect size for your RV, look for this brand. 

The best thing it offers:
  • Suitable for couples or families living in an RV
  • Memory foam mattress
  • It can accommodate most sleeping positions and body types
Amazing features:
  • Infused cooling gel to avoid overheating
  • Foam that provides pressure relief

Best Value: Bear RV Mattress

Bear original
Credits to: Bear Mattress

So why do we consider this brand as the best in value? Well, let us elaborate more. Let us talk about the overall structure first. It was built to match an RVer with an active lifestyle because this mattress can withstand all bounces. 

On top of that, it can regulate temperature to ensure a good night’s sleep. No more moments wherein you will wake up soaked in your sweat because of the heat of the foam. 

Now let us check out each layer of the mattress. Beneath the Celliant cover is one-inch graphite-infused memory foam. This conductive layer draws heat away from the body. The second layer of memory foam relieves pressure points and supports the Bear mattress. 

The high-density polyfoam base improves the durability of the mattress. However, the foam construction lacks a reinforced perimeter for edge support, so those who sleep or sit on the edge of the bed may notice some compression.

Even more impressive in this mattress brand is that it is available in RV sizes bunk, queen, and king. In addition, the company offers a 100-night sleep trial. Finally, the Bear RV Mattress includes a 10-year warranty, covering defects in materials and manufacturing.

The best thing it offers:
  • Perfect for couples who look for motion isolation
  • Cooling technology
  • Durable and best for sleepers with an active lifestyle
Amazing features:
  • Celliant fiber cover
  • Low profile
  • Space saver

Best Luxury: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Brooklyn Aurora mattress
Credits to: Our Sleeping Guide

Want to feel like a king in your king-size RV bed? Then make sure you fill it with a luxurious mattress to match your preference. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is perfect for looking for the right luxury bed. 

Let us check out the best thing that made it fit for a king. Are you always traveling to warmer places to enjoy your vacation? For sure, staying in your bed is out of your option to its emitting heat. With this mattress, you can now enjoy the comfort of your bed without minding the heat that you will experience. This bed is equipped with cooling technology. 

A layer of CopperFlex polyfoam relieves pressure points. Copper is antimicrobial, which is beneficial for traveling. The layer of gel swirl memory foam beneath offers deep compression support. The base of the Aurora mattress is 8 inches of zoned pocketed coils, which respond to pressure for full-body support.

In addition, the brand also allows you to choose your mattress firmness. For example, if you are a side sleeper, you can opt to have the softest one, medium soft. Furthermore, if you are more of a stomach or back sleeper, the medium-firm is perfect for you. But if you are a total stomach sleeper, choose the firm one to accommodate your sleeping position. 

In addition, this brand also offers standard, short queen, and RV king size. Moreover, it includes a 120-night sleep trial, with a mandatory 30-night break-in period. Finally, Brooklyn Bedding covers the mattress with a 10-year warranty.


Your bed is an important thing to prioritize when doing your home because this is where you sleep and where you rest to fill up your energy bar. If you can not sleep with your current mattress, did you notice that you have a bad day? So is the saying waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

As a frequent traveler and professional, enough rest is a good thing to refresh your mind. So choose among the three mattresses we provided above to get the best out of your rest. 

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