The RV signal booster and my carrier: A guide to having the right one

For those who are just planning to buy their very first RV signal booster, their question might be, “Will it work with my carrier?” Well, technically, the answer is yes. All of the signal boosters are meant to work with any carriers, but it still depends on how far the towers are. 

Now, to get the right one, browse over this guide that we made easy to digest for readers. We will make sure that we will cover the essential details of what you should know before purchasing one. 

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A guide to having the right signal booster

The Antenna

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Since you will install this on an RV, you should choose a signal booster that fits its motion. You need to select the correct antenna because when you accidentally bought an antenna meant for a traditional home, it won’t work the way it should since an RV is moving. 

The antenna suited for an RV is an Omni-directional outdoor antenna. This type of antenna can gather signal reception from different directions and resonate with your phone to create a robust signal reception. 

Also, this type of antenna will keep you connected even though you are on the road constantly moving. If you choose the faulty one, then you will continuously experience signal problems while on the move. 

In addition to that, a whip antenna also works for the inside of an RV. These radiate signals outward in all directions to make sure you will have solid indoor connectivity. 

The Kit

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There are lots of brands and variances of RV signal boosters in the market. Now all you have to do is choose which one is the best among the rest. One way to check if the signal booster is topnotch depends on the kit that it has. This is because not all brands offer a piece of the overall equipment. 

Your kit package should include an indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna, signal booster, and power adapter. If a particular brand has this all in its package, it is a winning purchase because you save from searching all those materials individually. 

The compatibility

rv signal booster compatibility
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Of course, you are buying a booster for your RV, so you should have something designed for an RV. If you accidentally get the wrong one for your RV, you will not experience what it is intended to do. It will be just a loss of money. 

So make sure to buy the one that is specifically designed for your RV. In addition, we would like to give importance that a signal booster designed for a traditional home may work just fine in your RV. But the moment you travel, that is where the problem will begin. 

Hence, an RV signal booster can work just fine whether you are moving or not. This is unlike those other signal boosters designed to cater to still buildings at a specific range only. 

The Coverage

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Which part of your RV does need signal boosting? Well, this depends on the area that you are in. Most of the time, the exterior of the car affects the interior signal reception of the vehicle. And in some cases, the world does the other way around. 

You can also check this before you purchase. Identify whether the booster is more on boosting the outside reception compared to the inside. 

The Warranty and Return Policy

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Back yourself up each time you are purchasing by checking if the product has a warranty. This is your power if in case the product is faulty. Typically, some brands will have a thirty-day return policy, and once they have identified the product is defective from manufacturing, they will replace it with a new one.

Others may have an excellent sixty-day return policy to ensure that the overall test identifies the fault against the manufacturing company. When it comes to a warranty, it can cover some parts for as long as three years. They can repair it inside the contract, or they can replace it. 

We all know that having to process the returns and warranties is quite frustrating and tiring. But this should not be neglected in any way. As a consumer, because this is like safeguarding your investments from the possible waste of money. 

The Carrier

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Most of the carriers in North America have ninety percent coverage all across the United States of America. But there will always be a blind spot in every place you are in due to some factors. On top of that, you can experience network problems whatever carrier you have, depending on your location.

The carriers-whether is a postpaid or a prepaid one both work using the help of their network towers. If there are any hindrances with the network, for sure, your main goal is to switch carriers right away. Remember that canceling your account is not as easy as one two three if you are a postpaid user. There are bills to pay and phones to pay too. 

If you have a neighbor in your area, you can ask if they have a booster at their RV. Ask them if it did fix the network problem. If yes, then you don’t have to switch; you need a signal booster. Also, most carriers have their boosters that you can avail of. But carriers also have their signal boosters. Some are in paid subscription others are for the one-time payment. 

Just choose which one will go better for your phone carrier, and you are good to go.


Our phones always have a carrier partner to work well. If the carrier is having a hard time connecting to its network tower, you will have a problem connecting to the world. Now we have handpicked all the things you need to think of when buying an RV signal booster. This is to make sure that you will buy the one suited for your phone needs wherever you go. 

We hope that this feature has eased you to decide which signal booster in mind is perfect for your RV. 

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