The top 5 Causes of RV Air Conditioner Problems

An air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment that many of us can have. It is a reliable device that can provide excellent comfort, especially in a hot season. Besides, it can give you satisfaction in some instances like traveling to different places with a particular relaxation, whereas very important for every traveler. Nowadays, many individuals are into camping trips, so the demand for an RV Air Conditioner has an excellent reputation in the market. 

On the other side, there are some issues that you can come across while you have this machine. When it happens, identifying the particular cause to make maintenance and repair is what you need, ideally. Aside from purchasing this RV Air Conditioner, it is best to consider every part of it. Understanding how it is functioning is an excellent idea to know the problem in the future. It is a safe option to make your RV Air Conditioner stay with you longer.

For that reason, familiarizing each of its devices can save your day. Understanding and learning them might be a great deal upon repairing the whole thing. And for today’s article, we want to share some information about the causes of an RV Air Conditioner problem that needs your attention. It might be unusual for some, but still, it can cause huge trouble. Therefore, there is no harm if you see these causes in the future. Instead, it can be helpful for some reasons. 

At this moment, join us as we share great details about this matter. Keep on navigating the remarkable things that this information can offer. Let us move forward and discover the wonders of this incredible technology. Let’s get started!

problems of rv aircon
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The top 5 Causes of RV Air Conditioner Problems

Similar to some equipment, there are some instances that your device is not working even if it is running. It is very unusual for some individuals, still it can cause a severe problem later on. In that case, we give some details in a specific reason where you can fix it excellently. It might complicate you, but knowing it can help you better. 

Each of them has different factors that can affect your RV Air Conditioner. For that reason, it is a safe option to check them out and make a great deal on repairing them perfectly. To know more about it, here is the following;

1. There is a cooling capacity mismatch.

When it comes to an RV Air Conditioner, space and the area can be a significant factor. You can also include the thermal unit of your AC. There is some variation when it comes to an RV Air Conditioner. Sizes and BTU are the primary features you need to consider to ensure your RV matches your purchased air conditioner. 

Moreover, there are some instances that some RVs can achieve a fantastic cooling effect from their air conditioner. It might seem because of the unsuitable thermal unit and space that you provide for them. The area contributes to managing the machines you have inside and the cooling effect you need while you are out and camping. If you have a wide area, you need more BTUs air conditioner features to feel the coolness. 

On the contrary, a typical RV Air Conditioner can work well if you have a small space. Some individuals are commonly making a mistake in matching an RV and an RV Aircon. Therefore, the problem occurs unexpectedly. Upon purchasing, it is better to ask for the seller and mention your preferred equipment. That way, you can decide to buy a reliable RV Air Conditioner.

2. Having a Congested Fins

Another reason why some RV Air Conditioners are not giving a cool has a congested fin. Mainly, straightened fins are what you need to achieve the coldness that you want. The problem occurs when you have bent fins on your RV Air Conditioner. If that happens, you need to fix these particular parts to repair your AC. 

3. With Full Filter

Air Conditioner has a filter that can be helpful to maintain its function. However, there are some instances that it also causes trouble for your machine. It happens when the filter is full of dirt or dust that it collects in time. Clogging is the leading cause for not having the cool that you want in your RV Air Conditioner.

Moreover, there is an available washable filter that you can have. Water and soap are a great combination to clean it thoroughly. Thus, it is not working, and you can avail of a new one. You can visit some shops and ask for an extra filter if you need it badly. 

4. The evaporator and blower are not clean.

Similar to the filter of your RV Air Conditioner. Cleaning the evaporator and blower is a big help. It can cause you trouble for not having a constant cooling effect on your ACs. Typically, dust and dirt are the number one reason why you need to clean it up. If you achieve a crystal clear evaporator and blower, you can now experience an absolute coldness on your RVs.

5. Having Leakage

The primary problem of ACs has leakage. Given that it is well known for having a water exit on a particular place. Still, there are some cases that it leaks in an unexpected area. If that happens, it can cause you a headache. Or worse, it can make a hole in your pocket. 

On the other hand, there is some incidence that the leak becomes grease, hot or cold air and intake and exhaust combine. Yes, that is right. There are some kinds of leakage that you are not familiar with. If you encounter a hot leakage on your RV Air Conditioner, you can say that it is a minor issue because it is from the air from the ducts and roof. 

Notably, it is not the same when you have cold air leaking. That means that it has a severe problem that you need to fix instantly. It happens when the air is only rooming inside on the roof and the ducts. Checking the duct’s seal is necessary to see if it is intact and prevents cold air from escaping. 

Sealing the air pathway is also an effective way to solve the trouble between the intake and exhaust. That way, you can now release and divert the trapped air back to the interior. Due to the failure of the foam ring, the sky is not flowing through the RV inside. That is the time when this trouble occurs. From that moment, you can now repair the leakage from your RV Air Conditioner.


We made all this knowledge into an excellent article. We hope that we give you the option to make a great solution to every problem for this RV Air Conditioner. Each of them can provide frustration, yet you can instantly solve it using the great details above. Every part of this machine can offer an excellent function in your RV Air Conditioner. On the contrary, having trouble is an issue that you can’t avoid.

Furthermore, please browse this section to eliminate all your hassle about this RV machine if that is the case. With the data that we gathered, you can develop significant maintenance to keep your AC functional. Knowledge is the critical factor to preserve your RV Air Conditioner on track, as always. Somehow, having handy learning on your own has a significant advancement in the future. You can save money and earn so much learning on how you can repair your AC on your own. 

We are grateful that you give us an excellent opportunity to introduce this kind of topic. We hope that it serves as your guidelines for having an exceptional performance. Thank you, and enjoy your camping trip!

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