Three Rivers State Park (Sneads) Reviews: Must-Travel And Places at Florida State Park

When you are RVing around Florida and looking for a family-friendly state forest that offers both developed and primitive sites, you might want to stop by Three Rivers State Park. 

Three Rivers State Park is where Florida meets the southwest corner of Georgia. The Chattahoochee and Flint beach converge to form the Lake view of Seminole. 

The SP encompasses more than 600 acres, and it is one of the hillier spots in the Florida SPs system that offers a surprisingly steep drop to the lake view when you are driving downhill from the entrance station.

This spot has a peaceful setting but offers a vast list of activities and natural assets that could make your travel more exciting.

Basic Information

To help you map out your travel plan easily; We have listed here are the essential details that you need to know before traveling to TRSP:

Operational Hours:
Check-in time: 3 PM,

Check out time: 1 PM.

Quiet time: 11 PM to 7 AM
booking:Visit, or contact
Customer Line Availability Time Frame:8 AM to 8 PM.
Busiest Season:Summer
Address:Sneads, Florida 32460850 482-9006
Location details:
Latitude: 30.73917

Longitude:  -84.93528

Elevation:  180

Google Map: 


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If you are from the junction of US 90 and SR 71 in Marianna, north of (IH) 10, you could drive east along US 90 for approximately 15.6 miles to Sneads.

You could approach Sneads through US 90 west from Chattahoochee from the east, or you could take 286 north from (IH) 10 to US 90.

You could follow River Road north from US 90. The spot’s entrance is on the right after about 2 miles.

History and Interesting Facts

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In 1947 the United States Army Corps of Engineers began constructing the Jim Woodruff Dam and Lock. The dam sits at the confluence of the Flint and Chattahoochee and the Apalachicola River. 

A dam famous as Lake Seminole is a 37,500-acre lake view surrounded by undeveloped natural and wildlife management spots.

Specific properties around the lake view are for recreational use by the Corps of Engineers, and one of these leases to Florida and that spot became TRSP in 1955.

For more or less 60 years, TRSP offered visitors and day travelers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors alone or with their families and friends.

Natural Assets

You could have fun by hiking through grassy hills of pine and mixed hardwoods, getting a chance to see fox squirrels, white-tailed deer, gray foxes, and different species of native and migratory birds. 

You could boat while enjoying the best freshwater, beach, and springs fishing experience or fishing from a 100-foot pier in the overnight staying spot. You could also enjoy your meals in a shady eating spot with tables and grills overlooking the lake view. 

Besides fishing, the area also offers outdoor activities at the lake, such as canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, hiking, biking, picnicking, and even witnessing wildlife.

The area also features three biking trails: the Dry Creek, Eagle, and Lakeview (LV). The Dry Creek is in the folded uplands on the upper side of Lake Seminole; This Trail leads hikers towards an interpretive loop through the rugged terrain where alluvial streams cut deep gashes through the slopes. 

Eagle is a loop atop the ridges situated above Seminole; this course features a different perspective on TRSP’s uplands. 

While in the (LV) course, You could enjoy splendid sights of Seminole springs from grassy slopes on the approximately 2.5-mile loop made by the (LV) course and the Ridge course within TRSP. 

Besides, there are nearby parks that you could check whenever you are in this area. You could Stop by the Falling Waters, Torreya, and Florida Caverns SP.

Also, TR SP is close to the beautiful beaches of FL. These beaches offer a great outdoor experience alone or with your loved ones. 


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TRSP offers excellent amenities that you could enjoy, such as Barbeque grills,  Tables, Potable Water, and fire rings. 

This forest is accessible by Recreational Vehicles. They offer some Recreational Vehicle amenities, including power hookup, water hookup, and a dump station. 

But that does not end there; apart from the facilities and amenities above, the forest offers more excellent amenities that could make your visit a worthy one; the amenities include

  • Boat launch

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Two small boat launches are available in the forest, only suitable for smaller watercraft. One of the two launches is in the ground that could be used by registered visitors only, while the other launch sits near the eating area used by forest travelers.

They also offer two county-maintained boat launches that could accommodate larger craft; one launch is on the park’s eastern boundary, while the other is on its western border. 

  • Cabins

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The (TRSP) offers their only cabin with a bedroom, a bathroom, air conditioning, a heater, and a wood-burning fireplace. It is a rustic cabin overlooking the  Seminole.

It has a queen-size bed in a downstairs bedroom and a standard-size bed for comfortable sleeping accommodations.

It also offers an equipped kitchen with an electric stove, microwave, refrigerator, and utensils. You could bring your linens and pillows. 

  • Pets area

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Pets are allowed at the park, given that they are kept on at least a six-foot leash and must be well-behaved. You could also bring your pets while overnight staying, but there are some guidelines that you should follow. 

Pets are not allowed within-group camp spots and cabins. Never let your dogs run around or bark within the park. 

  • Picnic Pavilion

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The place offers three open-air eating pavilions situated in the day-use spot. Each of these pavilions is available for $30 plus tax; you could book it by calling the park’s office. You could still use the pavilions on a first-come, first-served basis, especially during off-peak seasons. 

Three eating pavilions offer grills, dining tables, and some restrooms centrally located in the eating spot. Take note; The hiking course begins in the eating spot.

  • Playground

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This park offers a small playground situated within the picnic spot near the pavilion for travelers who bring their kids into their overnight getaways. 

  • Restroom Facilities

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There are public restrooms available within the eating spot of day-use travelers.

It also has a climate-controlled bathhouse situated on the family ground for registered visitors.

  • Communal Fire-Pit

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Alongside the waterway, you could find a communal fire pit or a campfire circle that overlooks the canal. It is an excellent place to watch the birds and the osprey hunting down the lake.

  • Parks Office

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There’s an office for checking in that centrally sits in the middle of the loop. They offer specific programs, and you could buy firewood here for $5.

  • Recreational Vehicle overnight spots

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They offer sites available for large vehicles such as recreational vehicles, and those sites provide some amenities.

Those sites offer water, power, eating table, and a grilled ring available at each of 30 shaded, semi-private suites. The maximum recreational vehicle length is 50 feet.

  • Fishing Pier

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For fishing enjoyment, the spot offers a fishing pier where you can catch different fish species.


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Three river state park offers an extensive list of activities that would make your overnight trip or tent trips experience a great one. Here, we have gathered details on some of the activities you might want to try.  

  • Hiking

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Exploring the (TRSP) would lead you to pleasant spots to take a hike. The rugged hills surrounding the waterway are light for peninsular flatlanders.

It offers three courses that you could enjoy; The Dry Creek course, Eagle course, and the (LV) course. 

All three courses offer excellent sights during winter, when the leaves are off the trees, down to the land. While in the springtime, the wildflowers add a carpet of color to the woodland’s steeply sloped land. 

Course users could pass the rolling hills of our upland pine habitat and along the shoreline of Seminole. Four self-guided nature courses provide five miles of hiking pleasure. All tracks are accessible from both the picnic/day-use and overnight spots.

  • Bicycling

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The spot features about seven miles of courses and paved roads for bicyclists to enjoy; those courses offer semi-rough terrain with moderate elevation changes. 

Take note that they highly recommend wearing helmets for all cyclists; FL’s law requires helmets for bicyclists age 16 and below.

  • Bird and Wildlife Viewing

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This place is a wildlife-friendly spot, and bird watching opportunities are everywhere (TRSP). They have their very own bird-watching checklist made readily available. 

You could find American bald eagles making their nests within the vehicle staying spot, and you could also see them soaring all over the waterway.

Aside from birds, this spot would also allow you to have fun by watching fox squirrels, white-tailed deer, and gray foxes.

This spot is one of the Great FL Birding courses; it is an FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission project. 

  • Overnight stay and Primitive group stay

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Both FL and Georgia have sight of Seminole with their grounds. This spot would allow you to camp with your recreational vehicles, alone, with a group, or by partners. 

There’s a group camp available that offers one group-size grill and a large brick restroom with several showers, toilets, and sinks.

  • Fishing

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Fishing is the favorite activity of the three rivers state park, and Seminole is famous for its yields. 

Here, you could catch Largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, bluegill, speckled perch, bream, and other fish species. 

But make sure to have a fishing license and follow fishing rules and regulations. 

  • Picnicking

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Aside from the eating pavilion, there are eating tables on the spot; you could enjoy simple meals alone, with your family in front of a scenic sight of the waterway. 

  • Walking and Running

Credits to FL Hikes

Course users could travel the rolling hills of the spot’s upland pine habitat alongside Seminole’s shoreline. 

They offer four self-guided nature courses that feature five miles of hiking pleasure. Also, there are over seven miles of trails and paved roads for bicyclists and walkers alike.

  • Boating

Credits to Northwest FL Outdoor Adventure

Boating and Paddling in Lake Seminole provides an excellent spot for canoeing and kayaking. It offers a great boating experience alone or with your partners. 

They offer Aluminum canoes available for rent by visitors at the spot for $15 per day. And They also provide personal flotation devices and paddles.

Three Rivers State Park Rules and Regulations

In a public place like National and SPs, there’s always rules and regulations that you might consider; here are the policies that you must know before traveling to TSP: 

Three Rivers State Park Policies

  • SPs in FL are open from 8 AM to sunset every day of the year. Most museums, traveler spots, and historic sites in FL close two days per week, usually every Tuesday and Wednesday. 
  • Most national and SPs would require an entrance fee. And there’s also an additional user fee for activities, including overnight staying, boating, canoe rentals, and tours.
  • The management protects the plants, animals, and properties of the SPs. Collection, destruction, or disturbance of any plants, animals, or spot property is not allowed.
  • There are spots allocated for pets. However, you must put your pet on a leash at least six feet or shorter. Take note that SAs are always welcome in all spots of the spot.
  • Some spots allow you to do fishing, boating, swimming, and making fires. You would also need an FL fishing license. 
  •  Fireworks are not allowed in all FL SPs.
  • Hunting is not allowed, but the spot offers special hunting activities in particular seasons.
  • Bringing and Drinking alcohol is allowed, but not in all spots. 
  • You could attach a hammock to trees with a minimum of 12 inches in diameter, but some SPs provide hammock posts instead of using trees.

Check-in, Parking, and Quiet Times Policy

  • Eighteen years of age or below could not camp unless they were with their parents or guardians, who would remain on-site for the entire booking.
  • Never overcrowd your site or cabin. Camps have a limited capacity of up to eight people or one immediate family; parents and children 17 and below.
  • Quiet time is strictly from 11 PM to 7 AM.
  • If you plan to arrive at the spot after sunset, you must call the site before 5 PM for the gate combination.
  •  Spot staff decides the vehicle is staying spots, and it is limited to two cars per site or cabin. If there are additional vehicles, they might require you to spot in other vehicle staying spots. 

Trails Etiquette

  • You must obey all the trail rules at trailheads.
  • Always stay to the right side except when you are passing.
  • Always give a clear warning signal when you are passing.
  • Always look ahead of you and behind when you are passing.
  • Always travel at a responsible speed.
  • When walking your dogs, keep them under your control on a maximum of the 6-foot leash; and walk them along the edge part of any shared-use trail.
  • Never trespass on any private property.
  • When you stop walking, running, or biking, always move off the trail surface to allow others to pass.
  • Never disturb wildlife.
  • Always watch out for traffic at road crossings. You must obey all traffic signals.
  • Helmets are requirements for cyclists and equestrians of all ages, especially those under 16. 

State Forest Pet Policy

Domestic dogs are allowed in some day-use spots in most SPs. But there are some rules that you might consider. 

State Forest Service Animal Policy

FL’s SPs welcome travelers with service animals (SA). These animals are “dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.” However, dog Policy applies to SAs that have the following exemptions: 

  • SA with working capacity is allowed in all public spots of the spot only when they are with a traveler that has a disability. 
  • SA should be in a harness, on a leash, unless such devices interfere with the SA’s work or if the person’s disability prevents these devices’ use. However, the traveler must maintain control of the animal through their voice, signal, or other adequate controls that they know.

State Forest Dog Camping Rules

This place is a dog-friendly place, and to fully enjoy your getaway, especially when you are with your dogs, then you must consider the following dog overnight staying rules in FL SPs: 

  • You must put dogs on a leash, and leashes must be no longer than six feet because it prevents accidental biting. 
  • Owners must tame their dogs at all times.
  • Your dogs must be in your overnight staying unit during quiet-time hours every 11 PM to 7 AM on grounds.
  • You must never leave your dogs alone at the site for more than 30 minutes. 
  • You must pick up after your dogs and properly dispose of all of your dog droppings in the trash.
  • If your dog is disturbing, noisy, vicious, dangerous, or intimidating to other travelers or dogs, then the SP would not allow your dog within the spots. 
  • If you have non-fur-bearing dogs, including reptiles, birds, or fish, they must be under physical control; some animals are not allowed inside the spot property. 
  • Wild animal species, native or non-native, and barnyard animals, except horses, are not permitted in the vehicle staying spot. 
  • The maximum number of dogs permitted depends on available on-site types and buffer zones. 
  • Animals such as cats and dogs require a vaccine.

Preparations Before Heading to Three Rivers SP

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Before traveling to a specific place, there are things that you must know and bring, so here we have listed it out for you to have a convenient getaway.

RV Essentials

Three River state park offers camp spots for Recreational Vehicles and Trailers. Still, before planning to check out this SP, there are some appliances and equipment in your Recreational Vehicle that might need a bit of changing or upgrading. 

Recreational Vehicle GPS: To quickly map out your chosen destination without wasting time and effort, we recommend buying the best Recreational Vehicle GPS that you could buy at some stores near you.

Recreational Vehicle Air conditioner: Since the peak season takes place every summer. We recommend getting the best Recreational Vehicle to have a cold and comfortable stay while enjoying Three River State Park. 

Recreational Vehicle Dehumidifier: To escape the hassle of humid weather, we recommend choosing the best Recreational Vehicle Dehumidifier that suits both you and your Recreational Vehicle. 

Recreational Vehicle LED Bulb: An excellent source of light is essential in overnight camp trips, and a LED bulb might be an ideal source of light for you. To get the best-LED Bulb, we recommend stopping by some Recreational Vehicle stores in you. 

Recreational Vehicle Sofa Bed: To sleep comfortably during your trips, we recommend getting the best Recreational Vehicle Sofa Bed and mattress that suits your liking. 

Recreational Vehicle Toilet Paper – To avoid the hassle and stress of fixing a clogged plumbing system. We recommend getting the best Toilet paper that suits your vehicle. 

Travel and RV Camping Essentials

To lessen the hassle of incomplete things and overnight staying gear, we have listed what you would help avoid forgetting something essential on your trips. 

Personal, Hygiene, and self-care essentials

  • Comfortable shoes: We recommend bringing your most comfortable shoes; this spot offers three hiking trails that you could enjoy. 
  • Pair of slippers or sandals: A pair of slippers is optional; you may or may not bring one. But there are times that you would need to take off your shoes to need slippers sometimes. 
  • Spare clothes: You could not camp without bringing extra clothes, especially if you plan to be out there for more than 24-hours. You might also get some swim clothes cause this spot is close to a beach.
  • Body and Face Towels: The spot offers restrooms with showers on them, and since it is a site, not a hotel, you must bring your bath towels. 
  • Sunscreens: If you do not want to get sunburns from a beach sun, especially during summer, bringing a bottle or two of sunscreen gel, lotion or spray will help. 
  • Sun sunglasses: To protect your eyes from sun rays, you need some sunglasses. It could also add a different look, especially on a beach. 
  • Hats: It is also a form of sun protection. You could wear one to protect yourself from heat.  
  • Insect repellent: A bottle of insect repellent is a must, especially in grassy spots. 
  • Umbrellas: Umbrellas are for either sun protection or rain protection. 
  • Raincoats or waterproof jackets: To protect yourself from getting wet, especially when you are outside, you might need to bring some raincoats. 
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste: Of course, toothbrush and toothpaste is a must-have travel essential. 
  • Shampoo and Hair Conditioners: You must bring your shampoo, conditioners, or other hair care essentials.   
  • Soap or body wash: To keep yourself clean all the time, bringing a bar of soap or a body wash is a must. 
  • Hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol: To keep your hands free from germs and bacteria, you must bring a bottle or two of sanitizers or alcohol.
  • Other bath and skincare essentials: Skincare essentials includes lotions, moisturizers, and other products that you usually use. 
  • First aid kit: Although there’s always a clinic or emergency care centers in public places such as spots, bringing a first aid kit is still essential.
  • Medicines: Bringing essential medications would be a big help; you could bring some cough, headache, stomach ache, etc. 

Kitchen essentials

  • Foldable tables and chairs: Although most sites offer eating tables, there are still sites with few or even don’t have one.  
  • Stove or grill: Since most visitors cook their meals, a stove or grill is a must-have. 
  • Fuels, lighters, or matches: You must bring anything to make for fire for cooking. 
  • More excellent box or storage box: You could get some food storage boxes to organize the food and snacks you would bring.
  • Chopping board and a knife: You could use this in cooking meals while overnight staying. 
  • Eating utensils: You must bring eating utensils such as spoons, forks, cups, mugs, bowls; you could bring disposable utensils. 
  • Bring dishcloth and soap: If you opt to bring non-disposable utensils, dishwashing soap or liquid and a sponge are necessary.  
  • Can and bottle opener: You must also carry a can or bottle opener for canned goods bottled drinks. 

Tent and other RV essentials

  • Spare batteries: You must bring extra batteries for torches, lamps, and radios. 
  • Power banks: Some sites do not offer power hookups, so you must get a power bank to charge your mobile phones. 
  • Cables and charges: There are still sites that provide electricity, especially in cabins, so you should also bring your chargers not just for your phone but also for other gadgets.   
  • Tent repair kit: You might need a tent repair kit from time to time, so you must bring one during your trips if you plan to pitch a tent beside the lake or a beach. 
  • Beddings: For comfortable overnight staying, get some bedding like sleeping bags, mats or Camp beds, pillows, comforters, and an air pump only if you have an airbed.  

Park Essential Documents

  • Bookings, bookings, or tickets: booking certificates or tickets are sometimes essential to comfort your bookings; you should never forget them. 
  • Overnight stay Permit: Some spots require an overnight staying permit; make sure to bring yours. 
  • Fishing or Hunting License: If you have plans on fishing or hunting, obtain your licenses; if you don’t have them yet, please get one before your trip.  
  • Extra cash: Some spots do not accept cards, so make sure to bring extra money with you.

Identification Cards: IDs are essential to verify your details, especially when you make a booking in a particular spot. 

Nearby Hotels or Inns

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Some people cannot stay overnight in a camp spot; it could be because of health, forgetting to book early, or other personal reasons. 

Aside from beach resort, there are also hotels on the spot, and to quickly map out a great hotel or Inn to stay in, here are the top 10 hotels near Three Rivers State Park:

  • Hotel/Inns Name: Fairfield Inn & Suites Marianna
  • Address: 4966 Whitetail Dr, Marianna, FL 32448-7508
  • How far the restaurant from the site: 14.7 miles
  • Website Link: View Website Link Here
  • Hotel/Inns Name: Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Marianna
  • Address: 4959 Whitetail Dr, White Tail Drive, Marianna, FL 32448-2549
  • How far the restaurant from the site: 14.8 miles
  • Website Link: View Website Link Here
  • Hotel/Inns Name: Comfort Inn & Suites Marianna I-10
  • Address: 2214 Highway 71, Marianna, FL 32448-2532
  • How far the restaurant from the site: 14.8 miles
  • Website Link: View Website Link Here
  • Hotel/Inns Name: Hampton Inn Bainbridge
  • Address: 1522 Tallahassee Highway, Bainbridge, GA 39819-7915
  • How far the restaurant from the site: 24.1 miles
  • Website Link: View Website Link Here
  • Hotel/Inns Name: Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Quincy I-10
  • Address: 01 Spooner Rd, Hwy 267 & I10 Exit 26, Quincy, FL 32351-5613
  • How far the restaurant from the site: 24.7 miles
  • Website Link: View Website Link Here
  • Hotel/Inns Name: Country Inn & Suites by Radisson Midway FL
  • Address: 85 River Dr, Midway, FL 32343-2766
  • How far the restaurant from the site: 35.6 miles
  • Website Link: View Website Link Here
  • Hotel/Inns Name: Super 8 by Wyndham Marianna
  • Address: 2226 Highway 71, I-10 Exit 142, Marianna, FL 32448-2532
  • How far the restaurant from the site: 14.8 miles
  • Website Link: View Website Link Here

Nearby Restaurants

Credits to RP

Some people love visiting restaurants with their overnight staying spot to taste different cuisines and delicacies that the place could offer. 

To easily map out a place to dine, here are the restaurants near Three Rivers State Park:

  • Restaurant Name: Big Jim’s Oyster Bar Restaurant
  • Address: 7863 Reynolds Landing Rd, Donalsonville, GA 39845-6934
  • How far the restaurant from the site: 8.9 miles
  • Website Link: View Website Link Here

Three Rivers RV Park Camp Rates and Fees

Here you could get a glimpse of how much staying in the three river spot would cost you.  

Type of siteRate of site
siteIt starts at 32 USD per night.
Cabinsare $65 per night, plus tax, plus a
non-refundable $6.70 booking fee. 
eating Pavillion$30 per day, plus tax. Seats 30 to 60 people.
Water and electricity are available. The
pavilion overlooks Lake Seminole.

Walk-in travelers may rent all available sites or cabins on a first-come, first-served basis. Bookings are on a pay-in-advance basis, and same-day bookings are not available. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Payment Information and Booking Policy 

State Forest Daily Entrance Fee Schedule

All fees cover per vehicle with two to eight persons. If more than eight occupants are in a car, they might require you to pay additional fees per person.

Take note that there could be additional fees for using specific spot amenities, including overnight stays, special tours, or any equipment rentals. Children six years of age and below are free of charge at all SPs.

State Forest Overnight Accommodation Discounts and Qualifications

There’s a 50-percent discount on the base overnight staying fee available for FL residents at least 65 years old or FL citizens who possess a current Social Security disability award certificate or a hundred percent disability award certificate from the federal government. 

They would request documents upon arrival. The discounts would only apply to the site occupied by the person who meets the criteria. 

The eligible person does not have to be the same person who registered for the booking. Nonetheless, the skilled person must be present and occupy the site for the booking duration. 

The discounts do not apply to cabin stay, and it is for sites only. It only applies to family and full-facility sites; primitive sites, primitive group sites, developed group camps, and boat slips are included. They must provide their proof of eligibility at the registration time.

  1. Recipients must provide their proof of residency by presenting any of the following requirements:
  • FL Permanent Driver’s License
  • FL Permanent Identification Card
  • Voter’s Registration Card
  • Other official governments issued documents or IDs that have declarations of residency


  1. Recipients must provide their Proof of Age by presenting any of the following IDs:
  • Permanent FL Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Florida Permanent Identification Card
  • A Senior Citizen Hunting and Fishing Certificate; or
  • Government-issued ID or document that presents their age


  1. Recipients must present their Proof of Disability by submitting any of the following documents:
  • Social Security Administration disability award certificate
  • Any federal government-issued document that presents a hundred percent disability
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Disabled Veteran Identification Card
  • Persons with Disabilities Resident Hunting or Fishing License
  • Physic Total and Permanent Disability (Department of Revenue Form 416.)

There’s also a 50-percent discount on the base overnight staying fee available to families operating a licensed family foster home. 

They would request documentation upon your arrival. The discounts only apply to the site used by the occupants meeting the criteria. 

These discounts do not apply to cabin stays, primitive sites, primitive group sites, developed group camps, or boat slips. 

It only applies to family or full-facility sites. They must provide their proof of eligibility at the registration time.

Recipients must provide their Proof of Eligibility by presenting the following documents:

  1. Personal identification card like a driver’s license.
  2. Current Certificate of License from the Department of Children and Families in Florida.

Activity Fees

Activities on the spot require additional fees, such as Instructor diving certification, renting, eating pavilions, and boating. 

Also, renting some equipment like canoes and kayaks and participating in specific tours. 

Photography is allowed without fee for all purposes, except when it distracts normal spot operations or resource protection. 

Booking Fees

Travelers must pay a non-refundable $6.70 booking fee, and it applies per booking, not per night. 

It also applies when making a booking online or using the call center; you would pay fees at the booking time. Booking fees do not apply to primitive sites.

Cabin Damage Fees

Staff may require cabin guests a damage fee only when necessary to clean up or repair any damage beyond ordinary cleaning, wear, and tear. 

There are also fees for lost and stolen items. You would pay a reasonable cost that equals the damages, and it would be less to the card used for the booking. 

If excessive cleaning is needed, the cleaning or repair fee would be equivalent to the staff’s hourly wage for the time to clean or repair the damage. 

And the cost to replace damaged furniture or the actual vendor charge to clean or repair the damage. 

If determined an item is lost or stolen, the amount will be the cost to replace the item.

Length of Stay – Grounds

Length of stay limits is to protect travelers’ overnight staying experience. Limitations on camping nights and site capacities are essential to achieve this protection while providing adequate overnight prevailing opportunities to spot travelers.

During periods of high demand or peak season, the maximum length in the overnight staying spot or cabin is 14-nights. After 14 nights, you must leave the site for at least three nights before returning to check in again.

Based on the availability and once the visitor is registered and on-site, the spot’s Manager, at their discretion, could extend a visitor’s current stay up to an additional 14 nights. 

The maximum continuous length of stay in any spot is 28-nights.

Visitors are allowed up to 56 nights in total occupancy in any spot for six months, from October 1 to March 31 and April 1 to September 30.

Suppose a booking or series of bookings is determined to be out of compliance with the maximum length of stay policy. 

In that case, the visitor will be contacted and directed to determine which bookings will not be valid to bring the trailer into compliance.

 Refunds will be applied to any bookings, as necessary, to bring the total nights within the allowable limit. Cancellation fees will be available for any booking canceled for this reason.

Length of Stay – Cabins

Travelers could book cabins for a minimum of two nights. 

All sites or cabins available or prior booking is rentable by walk-in travelers.

  • During peak season, the maximum length of stay in a site or cabin is fourteen (14) nights. After fourteen (14) nights, the visitor must leave the spot for at least three nights before returning.
  • Based on the availability and once the visitor is registered and on-site, the spot’s ManagerManager or designee, at their discretion, could extend a visitor’s current stay up to an additional 14 nights. The maximum length of stay in any spot is twenty-eight (28) nights. 
  • Visitors can stay up to 56 nights total occupancy in any one spot every six months, defined as October 1 to March 31 and April 1 – September 30.

Booking Window

Could make from one day up to eleven (11) months before your arrival date. Bookings could only be made beyond eleven (11) months when the booking period starts within the eleven (11) months and ends outside that period. 

The result is bookings could extend eleven (11) months and fourteen (14) days in the future.  

New sites become available for booking every 8 AM EST. Any new spots available throughout the day due to cancellation are randomly released back into inventory following the cancellation.

All sites or cabins available or not occupied are rentable to walk-in travelers on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Note: bookings are on a pay-in-advance basis; same-day bookings are unavailable.

Changing bookings

You could make up the dates or site changes to site bookings one day before the day of arrival. 

 You could change the bookings by contacting their call center at 1-800-326-3521, TDD 888-433-0287, or 1-888-622-9190. 

The traveler would pay $10 for making changes. Once travelers arrive at the spot register, the staff could make a date and site change without charging a cancellation or change fees.

Note: Change fees do not apply to bookings for primitive group camps.

Canceling bookings

Travelers could cancel family site and cabin bookings by calling America’s call center, 1-800-326-3521 or TDD 888-433-0287, or by calling America’s customer line 1-888-622-9190 from 8 AM to 8 PM. 

There would be a $17.75 cancellation fee for each canceled booking. 

If travelers cancel the booking on the day of arrival, you will also pay $17.75 for the cancellation fee, and they will also pay the first night’s usage fee.

All cancellation fees with the $6.70 booking fee are disregarded for travelers who make their cancellations within twenty-four (24) hours of booking the booking, provided they contact book Reserve America to request the costs disregarded.

After the arrival day, they would direct travelers calling book RA to reach the spot to make arrangements for late obtaining a refund. Travelers would receive a prorated refund minus the $17.75 cancellation fee after canceling on the arrival day.

If you book numerous sites on consecutive days for a single stay, please note that the cancellation fee applies to each booking number. 

Fees apply to the total amount paid for the booking.

To be fair, bookings made with a departure date beyond the 11-month bookings window could not be changed or canceled until eighteen (18) days after the booking occurs.

Note: Cancellation fees do not apply to bookings for primitive group camps.

Reselling site bookings are not allowed. Bookings are on a pay-in-advance basis. 

The paid booking is a transaction contract between the purchaser and SP through, and it is something that you could not sell to anyone.

If someone gets caught that they offer or resale a booking to other people, they automatically cancel the booking. They would charge the person who made the booking a $17.75 cancellation fee.


Three Rivers State Park is an ideal place to experience a peaceful getaway; you could relax but at the same time have fun in the activities that the spot could offer. On top of that, the site is rich in natural assets, and it would allow you to experience what nature and wildlife could offer fully. 

We hope you have given helpful details regarding Three Rivers State Park, and we also hope you could use these details in mapping out your next trip to Florida. 

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