Essential Reviews and Guide About Timberline Campground

If you are looking for a campsite to bond with your family, or maybe to destress after a long exhausting week, then Timberline Campground in IL, United States, will never let you down. One reason why you might love this place is its splendid fall scenery view and some wildlife singing and marching and happily crawling around.

Here, you can enjoy watching some elk, moose, mule deer, golden eagles, porcupines, and chipmunks, too! Though you might find some part of it crowded because it becomes a go-to place for a quick-nature adventure.

Join us to discover what this called City Convenience campsite offers to camp enthusiasts worldwide!

Basic Information

Here is the quick-glance at the necessary information about these kinds of campgrounds. We have selected the information here with a reader’s friendly focus information. It means it is more manageable to understand and a more organized outline. Here they are:

Operational Hours:
Check-in time: 2 PM

Check out time: 12 PM  (noon)

Quiet time: 10 PM – 6 AM
Reservation:Contact 303-275-5610 or reach out to You should reach out at least four days before your adventure date.
Address:2788 Benzie Hwy. US-31 Benzonia, MI 49616
Social Media Accounts:Facebook



Best and Busiest Season:Fall and Summer
Location Information:
Latitude: 39.43726011

Longitude: -105.7653463

Elevation: 9,800′

Google Map:
Click Here

Direction to Timberline Campground Using Your RV

Once you arrive in Denver, Colorado, go to Highway 285 Southwest. Then go on to Park County Road, 58. After that, take the right turning point at Country Road, 58. Go on to Forest Road, 125. Take the right turning point again, then follow the road for about 0.5 miles. There, you will see the campsite entrance, eventually.

Credit: Google Map


In searching for a place to spend your vacation day or two, amenities play a huge role. It does not spice up or give more relaxation, but it is also there to make more memorable memories with your friends or family members. Here, we have done some massive research for you and compiled the most enjoyable amenities available at this campsite.

Check them out!

Free Wifi

Urgent last-minute work is not a hindrance now. You can just bring your laptop and finish your urgent last-minute task because, in Timberline Campground, you can connect with it with Free Wifi. We would say, a pretty convenient amenity it is. However, since wifi is free here, you should not forget to bring your extra RV Generator because your gadgets will eventually use up their battery’s energies.

Heated Pools

An ordinary pool is an excellent way to aid your joint problems. With its water aerobics, you can say hello to your fading joint pains soon. Well, with these Heated pools on-site, you can have a fantastic workout year-round since heat is an excellent element to relax your muscle.

Modern Bath House

The modern bathhouse is now another right choice for staying in the camp for a couple of days. It is because it can provide a modernized setup that you are very familiar with. Plus, you can be sure that the tools and necessary things are available here and working.


If you desire to have a perfect bonding day with your friends or family members, at any age, you can enjoy the playgrounds accessible in this place. One impressive thing about playgrounds is that children can increase their self-confidence and self-esteem by talking or communicating with others.

Basketball Court

Do you want to have an excellent full-body workout with fun? Well, if the answer is yes, you will love the Basketball Court here. You can play in a team game., your family team vs. the other family team. Your wife or your daughters can do an excellent cheering chant!


If your wife and daughters feel boring by watching you playing basketball, they can play, too! They can play volleyball at this campsite. You see, this campsite is a great place not only for sitting and watching excellent views, but playing physical games to power up your physical health.


You can enjoy the horseshoes activity, too. If you have not played it before, it is an excellent time to watch how people do it. You might even enjoy doing it in the future, so open your ears and eyes, and watch how people become fit while having fun playing this activity.


Many people tend to think that Pavilions are just decorations. Fortunately, yes, they are, but there is more to it. These things are your protection, too, against scourging light from the Sun. It can protect your skins, your vehicles, your foods from its harmful rays. Well, no one wants to eat their favorite snacks under its piercing Sun rays. Do you?

Parking Area

Most parking lot roads are paved. With that shared information, you would expect that the area’s parking lot is organized. However, there is a limitation in bringing vehicles. You can check it down in our Must-know section for quick reference.

Vault Toilets

It is quite frustrating when nature calls you, and you cannot find a place to do the stuff. Yes, we know it, and the campsite is concerned about it. Thus, they build many non-flush, waterless toilets. In other words, you can find many Vault Toilets here to aid your do the stuff privately.

Grills or Fire rings

Experts said there are many health, practical and emotional benefits you can realize about having fire rings. And yes, it is not all about the BBQ you can cook with it. And it is another exciting thing about Timberline Campground.

Picnic Table

Worry no more about bringing more stuff to make your adventure treasurable moments. You do not need to bring a table since the campsite provides a picnic table where you can enjoy your snacks and home-family prepared goodie foods.

Available Recreational Activities

Recreational activities should always be presented when we are talking about nature adventures. Here, we have listed some of the activities you can find exciting with its health- and mental-focused benefit realization. Read on to uncover them!

Wildlife Watching

There are tremendous things to discover about wildlife watching. Aside from its natural relaxing benefits, it can help you improve your memory by recording what fantastic animal movements or behavior you just witnessed on a specific day at this campsite.


Come on! We already know the fantastic benefits of hiking. But what you can expect at this campsite is another level. Aside from its health and mental benefits, you can also love this place by enjoying watching birds flying above or some of them singing for you while you hike. We are not yet mentioning the other wildlife who are waiting to see you there!


Not all people know this: Fishing can enhance your concentration. Since many Recreational Vehicle campers are there to camp because they want to unwind, escape the busy city, and destress from their massive works. With fishing activity in Timberline Campground, you can now relax and reduce your emotional baggage, and power up your concentration. It means, too, that you can be ready, again, to fight another work battle!

Camping or Renting Cabin

Why does it become an asset of this place? There is something more about staying here. Aside from the fresh air you can breathe, it can also improve your mood, reduce stress, meditate, and increase your survival instinct by accepting different challenges. You can contact the campsite facility information center to learn more about its available activities.


What makes biking in this place different from other campgrounds? There are many to mention! Here are some. Animals, like birds, are there to sing for you. Elk, moose, mule deer, golden eagles, porcupines, and chipmunks will welcome you with their harmonic voices. And from time to time, you can see them climbing and crawling up and down the trees.


Do you want to try something new in physical training, but you have to go to the gym? Well, try canoeing. Canoeing at this campsite gives you additional mental benefits(not to mention its excellent physical health benefits). Unlike doing training in the gym, this place offers many health benefits.

One of these is the fresh air you can inhale and can refresh your lung’s airflow. Check now the details on how you can try out some site’s canoeing activities here.


Some people said skiing is a sport for your heart. Not only because it is hard to work out, but also it is hard to master. Well, people depended, “That is the beauty about it!” If you want to pursue another challenging physical activity, such as skiing, this campsite offers you another exciting activity!


Many people think golfing is a challenging activity. Well, guess what? It is! And that is the catch! It is also the reason why many people are starting to play golf since it challenges them.

What makes it exciting to play is that you are not competing with other people. You are competing with your older self by beating your previous record. If this excites you to play, this campsite is open for new players or people who plan to play golf. Contact them to check more information about this activity.


Here is a weird yet unique activity at this campsite. You can do a mushrooming activity! Have you ever heard that before? It is a kind of activity in which you gather or collect mushrooms! What makes this exciting activity is that you might find yourself dwelling on how mushroom works and how it helps the environment sustain its healthy living.

These are a few of the activities you can enjoy at this campsite. You can always call or email the said contact information to get specific and more detailed information about the available activity you can enjoy from there.

Must-know about Timberline Campground

Here, we have collected the information you must know before you go on a nature adventure. This information can prevent you from feeling regret because you miss the essential information about this campsite.

  • There is no drinking-water at the Campground; It can be accessible at Kenosha Pass campsite.
  • You should bring your garbage bags. This facility is a “pack it in & pack it out.”
  • Be more precautious for possible lightning. The place is common for thunderstorms.
  • Kindly be more cautious when going from lower platforms. The place is in a high platform facility.
  • Keep all your food secured in the approved containers or securely locked them inside your Recreational Vehicle. Be bear aware! Remove all your food from the site after you eat.
  • Ten vehicles per loop; if you exceed, there will be a $6 nightly charge per one additional vehicle.
  • Firearms and fireworks are prohibited.
  • There are no RV hookups available.
  • Check this link to get more information.

Nearby Hotels

If you feel fancy about your next adventure date at this campsite, you have the hotel experience near the campsite. Here are the five hotels you can try and start checking information about its unique amenities.

Hotels Near from the Site to Stay:

Hotel Name: MainStay Suites Waukee-West Des Moines

Hotel Address: 2885 Grand Prairie Parkway, Building B, Wauke, IA 50263

How far from the campground: 1.9 km

Phone: +1 515-987-6678
Hotel Name: Drury Inn & Suites West Des Moines

Hotel Address: 5505 Mills Civic, Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266-5307

How far from the campground: 8.0 km

Social Media Links: Click Here
Hotel Name: The Rewind West Des Moines, Tapestry Collection by Hilton

Hotel Address: 6075 Mills Civic, Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266-8319

How far from the campground: 7.2 km

Social Media Links: Click Here
Hotel Name: Homewood Suites by Hilton West Des Moines/ SW Mall Area

Hotel Address: 6220 Stagecoach Dr, West Des Moines, IA 50266-8365

How far from the campground: 7.0 km

Social Media Links: Click Here
Hotel Name: Hampton Inn West Des Moines Lake Drive

Hotel Address: 7060 Lake Dr, West Des Moines, IA 50266-2524

How far from the campground: 6.0 km

Social Media Links: Click Here

**Again, you better plan ahead and contact the facility’s officer to learn more information, get necessary details to reserve your spot, and learn their fees and room rates.

Restaurants Nearby

If budget is not an issue for your next adventure, you would want to try some fancy restaurants near the campsite. Here, we have listed some of the restaurants you can dine in or order foods to take out and bring to the hotel you want to check in.

Restaurants Near the Timberline Campground:

Restaurant Name: LT Organic Farm Restaurant

Location: 32513 Ute Ave

How far from the campground: 1.3 km

Social Media Links: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano

Location: 5990 University Ave

How far from the campground: 7.1 km

Social Media Links: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Rube’s Steakhouse & Lounge

Location: 3309 Ute Ave

How far from the campground: 2.1 km

Social Media Links: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Location: 330 68th St. Paradise Pointe

How far from the campground: 6.5 km

Social Media Links: Click Here
Restaurant Name: The Cheesecake Factory

Location: 101 Jordan Creek Parkway Ste 12550

How far from the campground: 5.9 km

Social Media Links: Click Here

**Again, you better plan ahead and contact the facility’s officer to learn more information, get necessary details to reserve your spot, and learn their fees and room rates.

Fees and Rate

Note that the fees and rates vary depending on the season date of your camping. Here are the usual fees for standard non-electric and double non-electric. You should also know that the provided rates do not mirror taxes, discounts, and total charges. Here, we have gathered the fees up to 2025 for your convenience.

Season DatesSite TypeNight/Day Rates
08 September 2020 to 31 December 2020(First-come, First-served)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (334496)


15 May 2021 to 07 September 2021(Peak Season)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (Double Site)


08 September 2021 to 31 December 2021(First-come, First-served)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (334496)


15 May 2022 to 07 September 2022(Peak Season)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (Double Site)


08 September 2022 to 31 December 2022(First-come, First-served)15 May 2023 to 07 September 2023(Peak Season)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (334496)


08 September 2023 to 31 December 2023(First-come, First-served)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (Double Site)


15 May 2024 to 07 September 2024(Peak Season)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (334496)


08 September 2024 to 31 December 2024(First-come, First-served)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (Double Site)


15 May 2025 to 07 September 2025(Peak Season)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (334496)


08 September 2025 to 31 December 2025(First-come, First-served)
Standard Nonelectric

Standard Nonelectric (Double Site)



Last Words

You see, you can do many amazing treasurable adventures in Timberline Campground. But we would like to emphasize that planning ahead of time is what you should prioritize. It is because proper preparation comes next to an excellent adventure.

No one wants to feel frustrated because you forget an essential tool, for instance, the RV Recliner, to enjoy more wildlife watching while sitting on your favorite relaxing chair. Thus, having a checklist is another great thing to remind yourself of the essential thing to bring.

We will love to hear it in the comment section if you enjoy reading this one. We are hoping for your prosperous and excellent adventure!

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