Tips in Maintaining your RV Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the appliances that can provide an outstanding service. It is a virtual machine that can make your food fresh at a specific time, especially when you are on a camping trip. You need to ensure the security of your food and make it more reliable when you cook it. For that reason, we are here to give you a list of the tips for maintaining your RV refrigerator. 

An RV refrigerator has a vital role in every ride that you have. Traveling into places requires a long ride to reach the location that you prefer. Thus, food is the number one thing that you need to continue that goal. Preparing something that you can eat to energize you from getting exhausted in driving is what you need and the reason for having an RV refrigerator.

So, to ensure that positive idea, maintaining your RV refrigerator is what you need to do. We gather some information that you can perform to manage your fridge perfectly. The function of this machine is what you are into. That is why it is better to know the do’s and don’ts when repairing and maintaining it in a specific period. 

Let us move forward and make your fridge years older than you expect. Let’s get started and join us in this excellent discovery. 

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Ways to make your RV refrigerator work well

This section contains a list of ways to perform to achieve better work of your RV fridge. Each of them can contribute to ensuring that you can have an outstanding performance of it. It can serve as your guidelines to get the best out of your fridge. Thus, maintaining it is the number one thing that you need to do. So, here is the list of ways on how you do it. 

It includes the following;

1. Inside your refrigerator, install a muffin fan.

RV fridge fan
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To get the reliable function of your RV fridge, considering it is a great choice. As you know, unlike this fridge, a regular refrigerator has a blower that makes it more reliable. It can offer a big help to secure the cold air circulation throughout the inside. It is a significant factor in making an equal temperature in every food you have inside your fridge. Somehow, an RV refrigerator is lacking in that matter.

However, you can try to install a muffin fan to offer that coolness inside your fridge. This 12-volt DC muffin fan can provide the missing element that a regular fridge has. It is cheaper and easy to install inside your appliance. 

Aside from that, it also has different sizes that you can prefer. You can buy a 12-volt DC muffin fan based on the size of your fridge. You can install it by hooking it up using the wires where your refrigerator’s light can power up. You can perform it with minimal knowledge about wiring and primary connector. 

Thus, ensure that you place it near the evaporator coil to blow air over or around the fin. That way, you can achieve great coldness inside your fridge.

2. In a condenser coil, install a muffin fan

muffin fan
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It has no more complications than the first thing on the list. It can increase the efficiency of your RV refrigerator that you expected. Access to the back of your fridge is the first thing to do. Remove the outside vent is what you need to perform this thing. Afterward, find the condenser coil and install the muffin fan to create a significant blow over the loop. 

Moreover, the only thing that it matters is where you can wire the fan into. Thus, given its 12-volt DC, you can wire it in any available 12-volt connector.

3. The door Gasket Seal needs a replacement

door Gasket Seal
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To have a secure and tight seal when you close your fridge, you need a strip of magnetic vinyl. If it damages somehow, the air can get out, and the warm air might go in. You can avail of a new door seal from the manufacturer of your RV refrigerator to replace the old door gasket seal that you have.

Moreover, in performing the replacement, grab a cutting knife or a pair of pliers to loosen and hold it and pull, to remove the door seal. Afterward, place the new door seal by pushing it into the groove with your old door seal. To check if it works, close the door and do a visual inspection to avoid gaps between the sides of the seal, the door, and the fridge. To feel the tightness of the seal, you should open and close it multiple times. 

Suppose you don’t know how to do it. Then, you can try to call an expert to do the job. However, it can cause you a little bit and achieve the things you want for your RV fridge.

4. Do preventive maintenance

There is some equipment and inspection that you can use to obtain the longevity of your RV refrigerator. It includes the following;

  • Set your eye on the evaporator inside your fridge. If it produces a thick layer of cover the fins, defrost it, or you can use a hair blower to melt the ice.
  • Avoid thick ice to cover your freezer to give enough space for your food.
  • If you are not using your RV fridge for a while, check the condenser coil and propane component once in a bit to avoid any instances from happening. Clean it if necessary.
  • You can see online or navigate the manual of your RV refrigerator to monitor the parts of it that need more attention during cleaning.


The information above is the tips that you can perform during the maintenance time of your RV fridge. Each of them can provide an outstanding outcome to prevent some issues from occurring. It can help you to offer an excellent service when you need your fridge during your camping trip. It can maintain the freshness of your food and make an extraordinary meal out of the ingredients inside your RV refrigerator.

With the excellent performance of your fridge, you can secure the happiness and satisfaction of your family. You can provide the best trip during the days that you spend time with them. The meal is one way to experience that critical moment with them. That is why maintaining your fridge makes it happen even more.

So, we thank you for that. Enjoy your vacation and have a wonderful moment with your family. Enjoy!

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