Top 5 Reasons why you should use RV Leveling Blocks

RV leveling blocks are a must-have item for your recreational vehicles. Leveling blocks serve as a mini ramp for your RV’s tires where they can rest on. They are convenient if there aren’t any flat surfaces to park your recreational vehicle. You might think they are unnecessary, especially if you have a built-in leveler; I suppose you might be wrong. 
If you’ve been to many RV sites, you might notice a lot of uneven terrains. It can be not very pleasant to work, eat, or sleep on a rough surface. However, if you are still hesitant to buy an RV leveling block, we will list five reasons you should buy them.

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1. They will keep your RV level even on uneven terrain or surfaces.

It is the number one reason you should buy an RV leveling block; its primary purpose is to keep your RV leveled. As stated above, working on an uneven surface can be annoying. In addition, focusing on what you’re doing can become a challenge if you’re not comfortable with your spot.

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If your RV is not on a flat surface or terrain, you are prone to water spillages, open cabinets, or doors. If you do not have a leveling block to level your RV, you might suffer minor injuries and accidents like bumping into the doors. In addition, your tank’s water level will get affected, which will cause you a hard time cooking or showering.

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Leaks can also be a huge problem, they tend to ruin your RV in the long run, and you have to avoid that. If your RV is leveled, you won’t have to worry about leaks, uneven water levels, cabinets, and doors that might harm you.

2. There are a lot of camping sites with uneven terrain.

If you’ve been to a lot of camping sites with your RV, you might notice that there are a lot of areas with uneven terrain. If your go-to camping sites are in the wilderness, the chances of having an even terrain will be slim. However, camping on these sites won’t be a hassle for you, and your RV will undoubtedly thank you for the leveling blocks.

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Some camping sites have soft ground. Tires tend to sink into the ground, and they can be very annoying and might ruin your tires. If you have a leveling block, you can avoid sunken tires. They will serve as a ramp that will prevent your tires from sinking. Then, you only have to worry about cleaning the blocks.

3. Leveling blocks will help your RV equipment be in top shape.

Most of the equipment on your RV needs to be on an even level to work correctly. For example, if your water tank isn’t on the level, you might face difficulties using the sink and your comfort room. 

One standard equipment or appliance that RV owners have is refrigerators. If you have a fridge, your rig must be on a level to ensure your safety. The appliance’s safety operation depends on your rig being on the level. It is not if you think being a little uneven or parking on a slight slope is minor. Ensuring your fridge is on a level will prevent fire from breaking out.

4. Your built-in levelers are just not enough.

Sometimes you might encounter an intense slope, and the built-in levelers on your RV won’t suffice. However, if you have a leveling block, you won’t have difficulty figuring out how to solve this problem. 

Leveling blocks are also helpful with campsites that have soft ground. In addition, leveling blocks will serve as a ramp to prevent your tires from sinking.

5. There are a lot of leveling blocks that you can choose from that will serve their purpose.

If you are hesitant about buying an RV leveling block because there are too many choices and you are unsure if they will serve their purpose, you do not have to worry because they will. 

There are wood leveling blocks that are cheap. You can also make them if you are good with your hands and you have the needed tools. The problem with wooden leveling blocks is they tend to be heavier, and over time, they will rot. If you are not handy, you might want to consider buying leveling blocks instead of making one from scratch.


Leveling blocks are essential to make camping with your RV more accessible and safer. They will keep you from feeling uncomfortable with slopes and uneven terrain. In addition, they will keep the equipment inside your RV in its top form. 

If you do not know how to use a leveling block, there are many articles that you can read that will surely help you. You can also try tutorials on Youtube made by fellow RV owners that will certainly help you, and you can gain insights from them. 

Yes, we know that they can be a bit expensive. That is why we advise you to invest in an excellent and durable leveling block if you buy. Leveling blocks will keep you safe, comfortable, and your RV won’t suffer; instead of settling for cheaper blocks that will break in a few months, splurge on a high-quality leveling block that will last a few years.

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