Top 5 RV-Camper Mattresses

Finding the right RV mattress can be a tough task to tackle alone. Whether it be finding the right size mattress for your needs, understanding the different design elements, or figuring out which mattress bests suits the type of sleeper you are (back, stomach, side, combo,) finding the perfect mattress can seem impossible or at the very least, time consuming. We have pored over dozens of mattresses and picked our top five favorites so you can spend less time researching and more time adventuring.

1. Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress

This medium/medium-firm mattress is infused with green tea extract, castor natural seed oil, and charcoal which act naturally to obscure and eradicate odors. The Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress features a unique three-layer patter of a high-density base foam for support, a transitional polyfoam, and the top, gel memory foam layer. The three of these combine to create a better and cooler sleeping experience with the bonus of pain relief and added comfort.

At a reasonable price, this mattress is an excellent package for sleepers of all types- back, stomach, side, combo. The 6” or 8” mattress measures 74 x 60 in short queen and 80 x 60 in queen and is best utilized by sleepers weighing in at 230lbs or less.

Other attributes include its hypo-allergenic knitted jacquard cover, the mattress passed the strict guidelines and is CertiPUR-US Certified, and the company offers a 100-day sleep trial with a ten-year warranty.

2. Best Price Mattresses

The Best Price Mattresses is, obviously, an affordable option, as well as a beneficial asset to sleepers. This medium-firm mattress is known to relive stressful pressure on the hips, torso, and shoulders. The layers include the bottom supportive layer of high-density foam, the middle layer of “super soft” foam, and the top memory foam layer. The mattress also features a rich poly-terry cover. With its “no pressure point/deep sleep” design, folks sharing the mattress can sleep soundly as their partner tosses and turns.

The Best Price Mattresses come in several sizes with the queen short measuring 59 x 74 x 6.

This mattress is infused with active charcoal to prevent odor and bacteria as well as to efficiently absorb moisture. The mattress has also met the guidelines to become CertiPUR-US Certified and carries a ten-year warranty.

3. Parklane Mattress “The Explorer” RV Mattress

“The Explorer” is a lightweight option that retains its durability. This medium-firm mattress features a polyfoam comfort layer with a Bonnell support core with an innerspring coil system. While this style comes in several sizes, the short queen is said to have around 360 coils, making this mattress a top pick among couples. The cover is derived from bamboo and the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified as well as having a five-year warranty. Stomach and back sleepers weighing more than 130lbs will get the most from this pick.

Some comments from previous buyers include, “Easy to set up… Comfortable,” and “Well worth the investment.”

4. Serenia Sleep Memory Foam

This mattress is a favorite among conscientious shoppers as it is manufactured mostly in the US and entirely in North America. The medium-firm feel and euro-stitching style help to elevate this mattress to the top tier. The open cell top layer aids in breath-ability and temperature control while the other layers help to evenly disperse weight.

The Serenia Sleep Memory Foam mattress is known to be non-toxic and has received the accolade of being CertiPUR-US Certified. Buyers can find this mattress in any size.  Previous buyers have found that the mattress has them sleeping soundly. The Manufacturer provides a limited-time warranty.

5. Dynasty Mattress Deluxe

The Dynasty Mattress Deluxe is comparable to TempurPedic memory foam mattresses but comes in at a much more affordable price point. The layers of this mattress include a polyurethane high-density supportive base, dual sided layers for a maximum level of airflow, and the memory foam top layer. The mattress is anti-mite and anti-allergy with an impressive removable zipper cover that simplifies cleaning.

The queen size measures 75 x 60 x 10. Former buyers have said this mattress provided them with “the best night sleep in [their] lifetime.” 

The Dynasty Mattress Deluxe comes equipped with a 20-year warranty. In the end, personal preference prevails, so don’t be afraid to test out mattresses as you see fit. Hopefully this list has given you insight on the key factors that go in to purchasing one of the many rv mattresses that are available today. Whatever your choice, sleep well and travel often.


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