Types of RV Backup Camera Sensors

Are you concern about the kinds of RV Backup Camera Sensors that can suit your taste? Then this article is for you. First, we gather some information that might provide significant knowledge about the types of RV Backup Camera Sensors available in the market. Each of them contains a particular feature that might seems fit to your preferred functions.

Moreover, we also include some explanations for classifying each of them based on what factors they can offer. It is an excellent idea to support the types that you will see at the bottom. It is a smart move to introduce these details to you to make an option to get what item and model can serve you better. It might be tricky and hard to do. However, it makes sense when you are using it in your RVs.

So, here is the list of the types of RV Backup Camera Sensors that might give justice to your spending money. Likewise, experience the protection and safety of these items. Of course, there might be some differences in their features. Still, they all can provide the service that you need in the first place.

one black wireless backup camera
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1. Wireless cam

Unlike the wired cameras, this wireless cam is more convenient. You don’t need to think of a way of hiding the cables and wires while you are setting it up. It is also removable and easy to place in your RVs or even in your rented cars and detach and uninstall it if needed. However, there are also some issues that you might think are troublesome at some moment.

Most likely, you might encounter an internet connection loss. However, it depends on what kind of backup camera you have. Choosing the right and reliable is also a significant factor of a useful wireless cam. Ensure that you get the stable and useful one upon purchasing.

2. Wired backup cam

The typical kind of backup camera has wires. Before the wireless one releases, the wire cam built an excellent reputation in the market. You can connect this cam directly to your power sources. The wires can provide a stable connection rather than the wireless cam. 

Moreover, it is more reliable in signal and easy to place in your RV. There might be no issue seeing you get a longer wire. However, the only thing that might give you frustration is, the wire is not easy to hire. Having an excellent setup to achieve the right angle and place it inside your recreational van is more convenient to consider.

3. Box camera

Nowadays, this type of camera is more popular. It has an average field view of a box that can go more than 120 degrees. For glare protection and waterproof housing, they attach a visor to it. It also contains infrared and night vision LED lights. 

Aside from that is the grid line. It can sensor the far and near of an object or space within the surroundings of your recreational van. You can also consider the dual cam model of this product. It can help you to view trailer hitch and other things down the road that you cross over. Although it is a simple feature nut, it can be more convenient.

4. License Plate Cam

Another type of backup camera that you can place and attach to your plates. Suppose you are hesitating to make drilling holes in your recreational van; having it can solve your problem. You can mount it in your mounting license plate screw. It is more convenient and effortless to assemble.

Notably, it has a high res CCD IMAGE sensor. It can fit any automobile and have a low-profile version that will not cover your plate number. Also, the only drawback is it adapts the height of the license plate.

5. Bumper Cam

Dissimilar to the old car that needs more attention in drilling holes, this model might suit your taste better. In addition, this new model of backup cam can be your partner to make your RV more valuable and secure. You can easily find a place to attach this bumper cam when using a new RV model. In addition, you can check if your RV has a provision bumping the camera.

In that case, choosing this bumper cam is the most suitable product you can consider in your camping trip.

6. Wing View Camera

This type of cam fits your edgy and large recreational van. Given the blind spot that it has, you can easily view it with this camera without trouble. In addition, it can help you while you are changing lanes. It also contains a rearview camera and split screens.

7. Dashboard Cam

You can consider it an excellent camera to record the situation even if it’s not moving and unattended. Most of the authorities are using this dash cam to investigate various traffic incidences and regulations. With this cam, you can also protect yourself if you encounter accidents and even vandalism on your recreational van. It also contains dual swiveling cameras that can capture the inner part of your vehicle.

Moreover, it is an excellent idea for the user of RVs and users.

8. Surface-mounted Cam

This type of cam contains a bracket and an effortless installation process. It is more practical for automobiles like jeeps, SUVs, and hatchbacks. You can set it up on flat surfaces. The most advisable idea is to mount this cam high for optimum advantages, and you can adjust it freely if you need.

9. Flash Mounted Cam

Some people that use RV for their camping trip without minding the views can use this camera. However, they can only use it as a recording for some unexpected instances while traveling. You can set it by making a drilling hole and attach it to a safe place regardless of the weather. However, unlike other surface-mounted backup cameras, it lacks optical depths because you can’t place it in a high position.


We hope that we give you the details that you need to know about these RV backup cameras. Purchasing it can provide a stable and convenient camping trip. It is better to understand more about the backup cameras that you might come across in the market. That way, you can choose the right option for your RVs. 

Moreover, familiarizing each of these types can help you find the best for you and your van. Considering them in your purchasing choices can give you more chances to get a stable cam that records the scenes, movement, and happenings within its range. It can also provide extra security that might be useful if you face some instances in the future.

So, go and get the most out of these types and deserve more and better products. Find the right one and install it in your recreational van. Thank you and enjoy!

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