Types of RV Coffee Maker and Which One Suits You

We all know that coffee can boost your energy and make you wake up, especially in the morning. It has an aroma that makes you at home even when you are on your camping trip. The bitterness of it can activate the taste buds that can keep you having it more. However, depending on how you make it, it also affects the entire construction of your coffee.

On that note, we would like to give you a list of the various types of RV Coffee Maker that can help you choose which one suits you better. We gathered some information to provide you with an option and decide what coffee maker is the best for your RVs. Having it in your recreational van can give you relaxation while appreciating the views on the outside. The taste and the fragrance of coffee can energize you to enjoy the location that you have.

Moreover, in preparing it, it is more convenient to have your coffee maker. Unlike your instant coffee, where you boil and put hot water, and you’re good, coffee makers can give you more concentrated coffee. It allows the coffee to release its natural flavor little by little without a hassle. It goes with the same thing: it doesn’t need more attention to prepare because the coffee maker can do the job independently. 

Furthermore, you can set your time and pour it into your cup, and you are good. You can enjoy the dark bittersweet coffee while reading your newspaper and viewing your surroundings. It’s just an incredible creation that can help you to start your day with a good vibe. Plus, it can be a great drink for you to stay alert while you’re driving. 

For that reason, here is the list that we are talking about. Each of these types of Coffee Maker can provide the service you need while traveling to different places. We also include some explanations for each kind to give you more precise information about it and help you to decide if it is a perfect item for you or not. So, join us and explore the details of each kind of RV Coffee Maker.

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Types of an RV Coffee Maker

This section contains the various types of RV Coffee Maker that you might need. It is a great thing to know that you have an interest in this kind of appliance. And to reward you, here are the different options to consider while buying your future RV Coffee Maker. It includes the following;

1. Automatic Brewing Machine

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It is nice to hear the word automatic in different kinds of devices. Because it means that you no longer have to provide an extra effort to do certain things like making coffee manually, it is a great idea to have an automatic function to make you more comfortable. You can consider it a convenient invention that can help you lessen your worries when you are not the kind of person who knows how to make coffee from scratch. 

Notably, with the presence of an Automatic Coffee Maker, you can easily make your coffee even if you close your eyes. Just push the button and set the things that you need and finish. However, there are also some details that you need to consider while having this type of coffee maker. It also has different kinds that you can choose from. It includes the following;

  • Solo Serve Coffee Maker

It is well known as a java maker model. If you are traveling alone with your RV, choosing this kind is recommendable. This model is ideal for quick and solo-portion of a cup of coffee. It is also more convenient for small RVs that have limits in space.

This type of automatic brewing machine has a lighter weight and is very portable to bring. Plus, it can fit small spaces, so it’s ideal for some recreational van owners to issue space management. This model also uses K-pod or coffee pods. K-pods look like a mini plastic cup cartridge, while the coffee pod contains the granulated coffee and has a round shape sealed paper filter.

  • Drip Coffee Maker

It is the counterpart of the solo serve coffee maker. Unlike the first kind of automatic brewing machine, this model is suitable for your family and friends. This coffee maker consists of a carafe or coffee pot, a liquid tank, and a filter basket. Heating the water in the coffee pot up to the boiling point is a primary function of this model.

As a result, the steam will rise through a tube system until it reaches the drip area. Eventually, it will flow into the filter basket where the granulated sugar is. Afterward, it will run into another filter before pouring down the coffee into the carafe.

2. Manual Coffee Maker

This time, let us jump to the manual idea of making your coffee. It is the standard way to prepare your coffee. But, as you know, there are still some people who love to make their coffee traditionally. Another thing is that some RVs also have limits in their electrical power. 

Therefore, they go for traditional ways. Thus, here are some of the kinds of this type of RV Coffee Maker. It includes the following;

French Press

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French press is the first on the list to utilize direct immersion and steeping of granulated coffee beans when brewing. As a result, it can produce a bold, strong, and smooth coffee. The construction of this coffee maker has a narrow cylindrical carafe built from glass, stainless steel, and plastic. Plunger in its carafe serves as the filter of your coffee.

Pour-over Coffee Dripper

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It is simply pouring heated liquid into your coffee. It is the most helpful method that the traditional baristas are using up to this moment. Additionally, you can also use a grinder, slow-pouring kettle, gram-scale, and thermometer. Each of these tools has a significant function in preparing your delightful coffee.


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The other name for this model is Air pressure, a coffee maker. In 2005, Aerobies’s president Alan Adler made a step to introduce Aeropress in the market. This model can steep the coffee for about 10 to 50 seconds. It depended on your coffee grates and desired strength, then forced through a filter by making air pressure while pressing the plunger.

Handheld Espresso Maker

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Some people think that espresso is something that they can’t handle by themselves. Especially when most of the time you are in your RVs. You might cross this idea of having a machine that you think is for the coffee shop only. But, then, this section of information is for you.

With the creativity of some professionals, this matter is now possible. For example, some brands and companies offer an RV Italian coffee maker to fit your space in your RVs. You can use it effortlessly, just put the coffee capsule in its canister, put the heated liquid, release the piston, and start pumping the extract. Afterward, you can now enjoy your coffee.

Cool Brew Coffee Brewer

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There are cases that some people hate warm coffee but love the taste of it significantly. Then, this model might suit your taste. It has a smoother and sweeter flavor than the filtered coffee. It also has less acidity than your usual coffee.

Moreover, it does require heat or electricity. However, ensure that you use purified water to make it more delightful and savory. It can affect cooling your coffee, so you need to consider the quality of water you will use. You can also view the mason jar’s excellent coffee extractor.

Furthermore, it is proper mechanics for some trailer keepers that have a minimalist instinct. It requires a 1:4 ratio or a liter of purified water to 250 grams of coarse granulated coffee and let it steep overnight, or when you think that you achieve the right flavor that you desire.


If you are a coffee lover, the information above can help you decide which ideal RV Coffee Maker can suit your taste. We hope that this detail serves as your guidelines to choose the suitable model for you. You can also include your family and friends in selecting it because there is also some model that can be an excellent choice for them also. Having one of these can provide you excellent service and satisfaction while enjoying the fantastic views in your location.

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