Ways to maintain your RV Air Conditioner

Having an air conditioner is one of the most convenient, especially in tropical countries. It can help you to feel more comfortable when summer hits you excessively. As you know, summertime is the season for having vacations in different places. That is why using RV can give you more assurance.

On that note, RV Air Conditioner is a great help for you while on your camping trip. However, there is a time that you need to maintain it properly. For that reason, we are here to give you some ways to keep your RV Air Conditioner. Each of the ways in the list can help you make your ACs live longer and prosper. 

It is also your chance to save money every time you maintain it and preserve its excellent condition. When you take care of your appliances, you can expand their lives and avoid costs. In tropical countries, you can’t predict the temperature outside your doors most of the time, especially when you are on a camping trip. That is why having an RV Air Conditioner can help you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Moreover, it can make your children rest well and prevent them from having tantrums on your way to your destination. The children have the most acute condition when traveling, and simple irritation can make them uncomfortable and result in tantrums. For that reason, having an RV Air Conditioner is a great choice to consider. It can maintain the freshness of your RVs and maintain the mood of your children.

So, make a way to learn more about how you can help you keep your ACs more functional and in condition. Each method we have can help you understand what you need to know upon maintaining your RV ACs. It is valuable information that you can apply if required. That is why keep navigating this article to learn and discover the details about that matter. 

Let us move forward!

how to maintain rv air conditioner
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Tips in maintaining your RV Air Conditioner Properly

This section contains a list of the possible helpful ways to maintain your RV Air Conditioner correctly. It can provide valuable knowledge to keep your ACs on track, especially during your camping trip. Considering the information, we will give you. We can assure you every time you travel. So, here is the following;

1. Dress your RVs

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Not all automobiles are safe in your garage every time you park them. For that reason, it’s more convenient to dress your Rv to prevent it from happening. When it comes to vehicles, some appliances are having an issue because of the surroundings. Many individuals are so furious when that instance occurs.

So, to make it more simple, dressing your RV can help protect it from outside destruction. That way, you can cover it and maintain the safety of your things inside your recreational van. The dirt that came from the outside can affect your appliances big time. It can penetrate your van, and at the same time, it can infiltrate your equipment and machines. 

Notably, this happens when you are not responsible enough to keep your van clean and maintained. Sometimes, being busy is also a significant factor to neglect your things and regret them later when it’s not working anymore. So, it’s a lesson that you need to learn when you have an RV Air Conditioner. Be responsible enough for the things you purchase and make them also experience their importance, or it’s better not to buy one to avoid this instance from happening.

2. Please clean it up

cleaning your rv
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Appliances are one of the most valuable things that you can have in your possession. That is why it requires so much attention for its maintenance. Cleaning is the most basic and number one list to maintain your appliance. RV Air Conditioner is one of them. 

As you know, sometimes, aircon includes some appliances that are easy to obtain dirt. For that reason, you need to ensure that you clean it properly. Cleaning is also the most essential to keep your aircon from functioning because the dirt can affect the mobility and stability of the aircon, especially when you are on your ride using your RVs.

Besides, RV Air Conditioner is an appliance that can get dirty quickly. Because it operates outside, the dirt that comes from the road is somewhat more massive than simply parking your RVs in your garage. As you know, the sands, the wind, the raindrops, and others can contribute dirt to your RV Aircon. That is why cleaning is the better thing to do before and after using your ride.

On the other hand, to maintain the cleanliness of your RV ACs here is the part of your aircon that needs more attention. It includes the following;

  • Condenser Coil

In cleaning the condenser coil, you need to remove the metal cover, unplug the device and wipe every inch of it properly. Because one of the essential roles in the cooling process on your aircon comes from the loop, it’s necessary to take care of it every inch to avoid any problems later on.

  • Folded Fins

It is another part of your ACs that has a significant function. It is competent when straightened so that the blazing air can evaporate thoroughly from the condenser vapor. As you know, fins are not okay because they trap the hot air inside.

  • Fan Motors

This part is one of the essential portions in the RV Air Conditioner, even in a regular aircon. However, cleaning it is the most crucial. You need to remove and disassemble it from being mounted to perform your cleaning. Remember that you need to remember the parts and place them near you to avoid later trouble.

Moreover, you also need to apply oil to the fan motor’s bearing to prevent it from being stuck.

3. Let it work within its limits

working rv air conditioner
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It is imperative to make your RV Air Conditioner work within the limit that it has. It doesn’t matter if you have excellent aircon in your RVs if you abuse your appliance too much. It might reach its limit and not function again if you use it too much. That is why you need to ensure that you make a proper operation to your RV Air Conditioner.

4. Always check

checking rv aircon
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Having an RV is not all about riding. First, you need to ensure that it has an excellent condition, so checking it from time to time is essential and the air conditioner inside it. It also requires attention, especially when you don’t use it at a particular time. 

It might cause trouble, which is why you need to check it to be sure. Here are the things that you need to consider about your RV ACs. It includes the following;

  • If there are cracks
  • Clogging dirt or debris
  • Tarnished metal parts
  • Slight corrosions and oxidations
  • Expose live wire or peeled wirings
  • Stuck motor fan gears
  • Bent fins


That is the information you need to know about the RV Air conditioner. We hope that we have given you the details to guide you in maintaining your AC. The information above is typically on the list of the proper maintenance of ACs; that is why we assure you that it may help you in the future. Ensure that you listed each of them to make your process correct.

We are grateful for making time to join us while sharing this knowledge. We hope that you understand each of the information above. Have a nice day!

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