What are RV autoformers

Many people are wondering when they see recreational vans on the road. They are curious about how this vehicle can operate appliances inside of it. Some are jumping to some conclusions that this vehicle uses solar panels and generators to lower its expenses. In that case, we want to introduce to you the other product that can provide a great deal to you Rvs. It is the Autoformers.

Some people don’t know what an Autoformers is. For that reason, we are here to give you information that can help you understand this kind of piece of equipment. You can say that this product is a precious item that you can have when you have a motorhome. Not only because it can give you a great function, but also it can provide satisfaction in lowering your operating cost.

Nowadays, many people are visiting different places. Thus, because of the number of campers, many parks face shortcomings. And with the use of these Autoformers, they can experience a peaceful vacation. Moreover, it is the best way to prevent appliances from damaging. In that case, you can avoid spending more to replace your equipment. Plus, plugging in in the park is not a problem. Therefore, you can enjoy your visitation and relax outstandingly. 

To know more about this Autoformer, keep on navigating this article. We collect some information to give you great learning on how this equipment can affect your camping trip excellently. Each of the details that we include is outstanding information that can help you use your appliance in a good way. So join us and explore the wonders of this intelligent transformer. Let’s get started!

rv autoformers
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An Autoformer

Are you one of the people who are not familiar with Autoformers? Then, this section is for you. Autoformers are not the source of electricity. It doesn’t have the capability of producing and storing power that your appliances can obtain. Additionally, an Autoformer can’t affect the park or input voltage. Thus, you can use it to stabilize voltage and lower the operating cost of equipment.

Moreover, this equipment has five windings. It includes two primary and three secondaries. All of them contain a surge and spike protection model. When it sets in automatic mode and the park or the input voltage is 116 volts or below. The output is 10% over the input. Hence, if it is over 118 volts, then the production is 2%. 

Furthermore, Autoformers change the voltage with an amperage relationship. So it lowers the amperage and raises the voltage. Since appliances operate better on higher voltage, lower amperage, and less overall power is used from the park, and you can enjoy the best service from your RV. This equipment runs at the entire output of 50 amps and will use 1 amp, but still cause the appliance to cycle more often and run cooler. In that case, it will use less total power from the park.

Autoformers are from the combined words of automatic and transformer. Thus, it is not an autotransformer. Many of us think it was a common mistake when we heard that combining those two words came from combining them. More importantly, we need to identify the difference because it might cause you trouble. As you know, the Autotransformer is illegal to use on an RV. It is based on the National Electrical Code. 

The thing is that an Autoformer is an electricity booster, a device that is safe and legal to use. It can sense electric supply fluctuation automatically and matches the requirement of the load. This device can also detect open ground, reverse polarity, and open neutral, which can cause overheating of wires. Additionally, if there is a massive spike in electricity, it will take the hit and make a move to ensure the safety of your RV from the possible damage. 

Besides, when it happens, the manufacturer can replace and repair the spike suppressor. There is no trouble about buying a new unit or a separate surge compressor. This device works by automatically adjusting the power supply flow into your recreational van or trailer. It also regulates the electric output based on your actual load demand. 

Having this outstanding device can provide the work for your RVs. It can also avoid a hole in your pocket in the future. In that case, providing a voltage boosting system with a built-in surge protector can be a great option to consider. It is also an excellent investment to maintain the power safety on your preferred RV. 

The idea of having it is also favorable to your trailer coach’s appliances from damage. It can also save and prevent the risk of replacing all your electronic devices. As you know, some machines have a high risk when it comes to the power voltage. It includes an RV air conditioner, television, microwave oven, and refrigerator. That is why, with the use of this Autoformer device, you can avoid plugging your trailer coach in an unpredictable park pole without protection. 


It is nice to discover an outstanding product that can provide an excellent function, especially when you are outside your home. The Autoformer is one of the great inventions that customers can enjoy while they are on a camping trip. Another thing is that it can give a helping hand to operate your appliance excellently. We hope that the information above can be your great guidelines to know more about this kind of product.

Furthermore, it is also an excellent opportunity for some campers that do not know about this product. As you know, the beginners or the new trailers in this field can overlook this kind of item. For that reason, it is their chance to seek the information that they can use to experience this kind of valuable thing. Unlike the veteran and experienced campers, their only problem is recommending the best Autoformers to other campers. 

We are grateful and overwhelmed to share this article. We hope that this reference can reach most campers who don’t know more about this kind of product. This article can serve as their fantastic guidelines in that matter. Thank you, and have a great camping trip ahead!

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