What to check out in an RV awning cleaner

Whenever you are shopping for your RV awning cleaner, sometimes it may get you flustered. Why? Because there are almost hundreds of brands and variants that may look the same and work the same. But it is not the case. 

Each of them has their formulation for every category of your cleaning needs. In that sense, we will give out some information about some RV awning cleaners and why you should have them. In that sense, we will highlight the things you need to look for in an RV awning cleaner present in these products. 

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What you need to check out in an RV awning cleaner

Tough on Stain, not on Awning

The possible problem that you will face with an RV awning is mostly about stains. You can get this by changing weather from heat to porings and vice versa. It can be from the resin of trees or bird poop. Any possible stain can harm the quality and appearance of your Awning. 

Having an RV cleaner that is tough on Stain is a must to keep it presentable. You can opt to check the formulation and see if it has acetic acid, just like in vinegar. In addition, don’t fall for those fake and misleading advertisements. Trust the honest reviews that it has but not all. Some are just ill talking about a product for the sake that they don’t get a refund. 

Kills germs and bacterias

The purpose of cleaning your RV awning is not just for the sake of it to look presentable. One of the reasons why we tend is to keep those viruses away from family as well. This is very important, especially now that we are still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yes, we hear you! The Awning is usually a shade and mostly doesn’t get a touch daily. But cleaning every part of your RV is a must. Plus, it won’t kill to keep it out of bacterias and viruses. 

Easy to Use

You bought a cleaner right from the store to cut the chase and mess of making it by yourself. In that sense, it should deserve its purpose of being convenient. Our suggestion is to buy one in a spray bottle already. This can be applicable on your first buy. Then on the second, but you can opt to choose the refillable. 

We suggest those in spray bottles because they are easier to use and store in your RV. When you’re cleaning your Awning, it is less messy when using a spray bottle as the liquid will be sprayed on just the part alone, unlike when you will splash or throw it, which will cause a lot of wet features and a possible mud formulation. 

Smells Good, Feel Good

The primary purpose of cleaning your RV awning is to keep it in good shape. It will be great if you would also have it smelling good the moment you wash it. Let us all admit it. A good-smelling house or RV will feel extra clean. 

In this sense, whenever you buy an RV awning cleaner, always look for something that has added fragrance. It does not have to be highly fragrant. It only has to be subtle smelling just to offset the pungent smell of the cleaning agents. 

If your favorite cleaner does not have any fragrance added to it, you can add some essential oil or any fragrance of your choice. It will not lessen the cleaning effect of the cleaner at all. 

UV rays shield

Your RV awning shield will absorb all the heat from the sun. This keeps you protected from those harsh UV rays present more specifically at the peak of the sun time. But what will protect your Awning from these harmful UV rays? That is where your RV awning cleaner will play its role.

If you don’t protect your RV awnings with a special cleaner, they will fade and become damaged instantly. If it is a vinyl awning, it will become brittle over time. If it is made of fabric, it will deplete and will make small holes. 

If it deteriorates because of the UV rays, there will be a high chance that you will need to replace it or buy a new one, which is kind of not good for your savings. The more you buy a new one, the more it will deplete your budget, which can be avoided by choosing the right cleaner. 


Nowadays, most cleaning products pose a grave threat to our environment. This is because they have harsh chemicals added to them to kill viruses and bacterias. But it also kills the environment in some ways. 

Knowing if the RV awning cleaner is an Earth lover should not contain any phosphorus, ammonia, and nitrogen. These chemicals damage the plants, land, and waters, and all living things in those bodies. Also, the actual formula is not just the only thing that you need to check. 

Check as well if the packaging is biodegradable. In this sense, you can lessen the trash. Moreover, having recyclable packaging or refillable one is more eco-friendly. Cleaning your RV awning does not have to damage our only living planet. Help clean it as well. 


Of course, it will be better if the RV awning cleaner will have all of the characteristics mentioned earlier. In that sense, you don’t have to buy a different bunch of cleaners to have all the factors you need. Furthermore, you can also save a lot. 

All of the brands will always say that they have all that you need. But we all know that it is just an advertisement for you to buy it. In that sense, you can trust the reviews that it has, or you can ask other RVers which one is the best. 


Your RV awnings play a vital role in keeping your RV holidays well spent. This will keep you from extreme sunlight or harsh rain pourings. Whatever its type is, it indeed protects you from these factors. Let us protect what is watching us. In this case, protect your RV awnings with the right cleaner designed for them. 

In this article, we highlighted all the things you need to look for in an RV awning cleaner. This is to make sure that you will get the required protection from your awnings. We hope that this has helped you enough. 

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