What to look for in a tactical shovel

A tactical shovel is something that you should have as a man or as a camper. Why? Because during camping, there will always be a time that you need to dig on something. On top of that, something that can protect you is a must to keep you from any pos]sible threat in the wild. 

A regular shovel may be too much for you to bring over during camping. Not only will it not fit your backpack, but it is a burden bringing it in your hand during walks or hikes. Besides, it would be best to look for something that will match your preference and style. 

This section will address what you need to keep in mind whenever you are looking for a tactical shovel. You must look into this page first before buying online to make sure you will buy the right one. On top of that, you can reduce the fact of disappointment the moment you receive your package. 

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Reasons why you need a Tactical Shovel

Before purchasing one, you should need to know first if you need one or not. We want to make sure that you will spend your money on something you will use daily. So let’s go and find out if you need one.

Reason #1: Stuck Vehicle

– if you are a usual driver and the places you are going to vary from paved lands to muddy roads, you need one every time you travel. 

Reason #2: Latrine Holes

– during camping, you have to make your outdoor toilet at least have a decent palace to poo. This promotes sanitation in the wild to avoid any bacterias messing up your stay in the jungle.

Reason #4: Gardening Trowel

  – when doing any gardening activity, digging holes and taking out weeds is natural. With the help of a tactical shovel, it will be easier to do a task like those.

Reason #5: Ice Breaker

 – what we mean is something to pierce through the ice during winter, not boredness in an office. Having a helpful tool out there in the cold is essential. 

Reason #6: Branch or Root Cutter

– now, if you love to hike in a pathless forest, for sure, you will need to cut some little branches to pass through. It is easy to say that you will break them with your bare hands, but that is not the case. With a tactical shovel, all you need to do is swing it right to those branches, and it will quickly clear a path for you. 

Reason #7: Fire Starter

– Some tactical shovels have a fire starter included. But not every one of them has.

Now that we know why you should get one let us now discuss what you need to look for in a tactical shovel.

Things to look for when buying a tactical shovel

Before you check a tactical shovel out of your cart, make sure that it passes the things you need to remember to obtain a useful one. Refer to the following. 

Blade Size and Materials used 

Blade Head Size – the reason you need to look after this is that it will determine how you are going to use it. For example, a more oversized head means you can dig bigger holes faster compared to small ones. 

Materials Used – This is to make sure that the blade quality will last longer and not rust easily. 

Solid locking system if its folds 

Other shovels don’t fold, but most of them are. There is usually a threading locking system that is easier to use and maneuver quickly. Others do fold thrice or collapse. 

Handle features 

This is significant because it will help you avoid any possible accidents when you use it. You can choose from the plastic grip, fiber grip, and wood grip. Plastic and fiber may be easier to use, but it does not have extra force when digging. A wooden grip is excellent when searching as it absorbs the shock. This helps you in avoiding lumps and pain in your palms and wrist. But the downside of a wooden grip is that it may collapse and splinter your hand if it absorbs too much force. 


Two things contributed to the weight of a tactical shovel.

Additional Tools

The additional tools included on each package of a tactical shovel differ from each other. In choosing the right shovel for you, select the one with the tools you only need. Those unnecessary extras will add up to its weight, making it a burden in your camping. 

Here are some of the essential tools that you need to consider including in a tactical shovel:

  1. Fire Starter
  2. Knife
  3. Saw
  4. Flashlight
  5. Compass
  6. Ax

Weight of the actual shovel alone

Because of the materials used in the actual shovel, its weight differs from the others. Some are made of aluminum, carbon steel, aerospace-grade materials, and metal. All of these are durable, but their weight varies. You may opt to choose a tactical shovel that is three pounds or less.

This standard weight can guarantee lightweights, durability, and quality all at the same time.


Before buying a tactical shovel, you need to know the essential things to avoid any possible disappointment in the product. Sometimes, if you check the reviews on any online platforms, it is because they did not manage to meet their expectations on the product. This is because they did not know what to look for in a product. 

Our goal in writing this article is to guide you on what to look for in a tactical shovel. This is to help you before actually buying it. In this sense, you can match it with your personal preference and style. In that sense, we hope we had helped you in your search for the best tactical shovel. 

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