What will happen if you chose the wrong RV Mattress

Have you ever wondered why there is a time when you feel tired just after waking up in bed? They say that it is just because you are tired or experiencing a stressful week. Others say that there might be an underlying sickness happening inside your body. 

But have you not thought about that, maybe this problem arises because of the wrong choice of mattress. On top of that lousy mattress may not give you the maximum comfort that you are aiming for. Furthermore, it might be a waste of money to have the wrong one. 

In that sense, we will discuss everything that might happen the moment you chose the wrong mattress for your RV. So sit back and finish reading this article as you will learn or two after this one. 

What if you chose the wrong RV Mattress

choosing wrong mattress
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Dealing with a mattress that does not suit you

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There are a lot of factors why you have to keep up with the wrong mattress. One reason would be the old owner chose it, and it happens to be handed over to you. Another reason is there is no alternative available, so you don’t have the choice to select. Or simply just an error when you are purchasing one. Instead of returning it, that may cost a little bit, and quite a struggle, all you have to do is twitch it a little bit. 

In this sense, you will be able to love it the way you want it. Here is one example. If the mattress that you have is not that comfortable, of course, you will not have a perfect sleep. In that sense, you may opt to add a topper to add comfortability to that mattress. Given this, you don’t have to waste your time dealing with returning or buying a new one. 

In addition, you may also choose the sheets that suit your preference for you to avoid thinking about the discomfort of the bed. Let us all admit it. Whatever the type of bed is, as long as the sheets look inviting and pleasing to the eye, they will still feel comfortable to lay in. And don’t forget how it would smell. So make sure that it is clean, or you can use the best linen spray of your choice. 

Also, remember that pillows play a significant role in making a sleeping area majestic. So, add up as many pillows as you want. It can be in different sizes and colors. In addition, you can also add up some of your favorite stuffed toys to lighten up the mood. 

Dealing with a stressful mattress

dealing with wrong mattress
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After work or a great hike during camping calls for a nice rest in your cozy RV bedroom. But will you get the rest that you deserve if your bed is not cooperating? Well, blame it on the mattress that you have. There are some scenarios that we would like to highlight for you to avoid getting the wrong bed.

Say, for example, you are an average weighing person. Not too light or not too heavy as well. Your weight plays vital importance in the mattress that you are going to choose. If you want a bed that bounces every time you move, then the inner coil spring mattress suits you. If you are pretty heavy, this does not work for you as it will cause a lot of bounce to the point that it is not comfortable already. In that sense, you need to choose a latex mattress instead. 

Dealing with a pain-causing mattress

back pain
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Did you already experience being in pain after just waking up? Not because you did any strenuous activity yesterday, but because you only slept. In that sense, we can say that it is either the position you have right before you sleep or the mattress itself. 

An extremely firm or soft mattress both causes joint pains and body aches. This is because not all body types sleep in the same position in the same kind of mattresses. So if your body feels uncomfortable with both, you might want to opt to choose the one in between. In this sense, you can have the comfort that you are eyeing for.

Here, toppers and pillows will also play an important job to keep you away from those pains. Always keep in mind which type of mattress your body is more used to. Not because you want a fluffy bed is a good enough reason for you to buy one. You might want to tackle it out first if you’re going to have one. 

You can try adding an egg-crate style foam mattress topper to make your bed cooler, and it also relieves any pressure points. They are convenient for camping and their weight as well. So you don’t have to fret about the fact that you might be adding some extra weight to your RV with this topper. The only thing that you will add is the comfort that you will be getting. 

Another way of dealing with this is to adjust the bases of your bed. Not entirely changing your bed frame, but you can add some tweaks for it to elevate a little bit. You can add up some pillows at the top part to resemble a hospital bed. This way, you can have a painless sleep ahead of you. 


Choosing the right RV mattress is fundamental as it will determine the amount of comfort you will get. If it ends up to be something that you are not expecting it to be, then that is where all the problems will begin. But every disturbing thing in your possession does not mean you have to throw it out completely. That is just a waste of enormous money. 

All you have to do is to tweak it a little bit. You can add something that is not that pricey. You can do it yourself or anything available within reach. Here, we would like you to explore your comfort level by experimenting with things that will trigger it. 

We hope that this helps you in dealing with your RV Mattress. Try out some of our suggestions and share them with your friends if it helps a lot. Until our following RV talks.

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