What you need to know about an RV air conditioner

There are times that many individuals are purchasing a particular product without knowing the things about it. As a result, they get a high chance of having an item that doesn’t suit their taste at all. That is why we would like to share some information about RV Air Conditioner in demand in the market. Also, the things that you need to know about an RV Air Conditioner.

RVs are one of the most valuable automobiles when it comes to exploring different locations. It is a convenient and efficient vehicle that can allow you to place your essential devices inside while enjoying your ride. RV Air Conditioner is an example of that device. You can consider it a necessary product because it can provide an extra refreshment and counter the hot temperature outside your recreational van. 

As you know, you can’t predict the temperature outside, especially when you are in a tropical country. That is why it is better to prepare it in case you need it on the spot. It is also a big help for those people who bring their children on their camping trip. The ACS can provide a coolness that can make your children comfortable and relax. 

Moreover, you can prevent them from mood swings and tantrums because of the hot temperature that might make them uncomfortable. For that reason, having one in your RVs is perfect for everybody. It has a crucial role in giving the satisfaction you need while you are away from your home. 

Furthermore, to know more about RV Air Conditioner, join us as we give you the details. Let us move forward for more exploration about this excellent appliance. Let us get started!

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Types of RV Air Conditioner

1. Window type

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It is one of RV Air conditioners’ typical types that needs more attention in setting it up. You can place it in your trailer’s window to mount it properly. However, given that its position is in the window, it can cause you trouble viewing different views outside your RVs. The window-type AC can also be tricky when it comes to installation.

In some cases, you need to adjust the portion of your rig if the windows are not wide enough to mount the RV Air Conditioner. That is why you need to know the size beforehand to avoid this problem from happening. It is also an excellent thing to avail RV ACs in the market with different sizes. Some varieties might fit a small space and have 5000 BTU and more vital. 

2. Under Beach

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The name itself refers to a type of RV Air Conditioner that can place underneath your seats. It is a kind of AC that can cause you trouble from viewing the outside surroundings. Unlike the first type of RV Aircon, you don’t need to mount and install it a complex way. It can also give great help to maintain the warmer air inside your RVs if you have a cold temperature outside.

Moreover, it can allow the warm air to rise and stay above. As you know, colder air is much denser than warm air. It can keep your place warmer during the cold weather.

3. Portable Type

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If you don’t want to cover your view on your window upon traveling, the best way to consider is using portable AC. It is one of the most effortless to install appliances. It is also a removable device that you can easily change your position any way you want. Portable types have much less energy consumption than other types. 

However, there is also a limit when it comes to its BTU. That is why it is better to research to know more about the capacity of this type of ACs. It also has a size variation that can help you to manage your space thoroughly. As you know, you have a limited space when you are using an RV, so choosing the right size is a great option to consider.

4. Rooftop Type

rooftop type rv aircon
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It is the best option if you don’t want to see or set up your RV Air Conditioner in the ground or the window. It is such a convenient and space saver. Besides, this type has higher BTUs than your ordinary RV Air Conditioner when it comes to its coldness.

The rooftop type of an RV AC has an average thermal unit of 13500 to 15000 thermal ratings. It can also cover an RV that has a 350 to 450 sq feet area. It can accommodate you, especially on summer trips. The cold air stays lower than the warm air that is why it can provide an excellent chill inside your recreational van. 

Thus, the rooftop type is not advisable in colder seasons because the warmer air tends to stay on top of the denser, colder air. However, it might work if your rooftop has an integrated window. It can allow natural sunlight to go inside your RVs. Besides, there are also high and low profiles that are available for this type of RV ACs.

Moreover, for some reason, there is a high demand for low profile rooftop ACs because it is lighter, more compact, and aerodynamic than the complete profile version. However, the high profile is quieter than the common. Low profile is like your washing machine that has unpleasant noise that can distract you while resting. So,  it would help if you had significant decision-making to choose the right RV Rooftop Air conditioner for you.

5. Ducted and Non-ducted Type

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Ducted type is most suitable for RVs that contain a more extensive and broader space than the other. It mixes the airflow system of the van. This type of RV AC has a centralizing conditioning system that can provide a more refreshing atmosphere. Thus, when it becomes too cold, you can increase the temperature by rearranging the regulator from the control panel that allows the air to pass through ducts.

On the other side, there is a non-ducted type of RV Aircon. It suits some campervans that have no built-in airflow system. For that reason, it is smaller and lighter that doesn’t require more force to distinguish heat inside. The good thing is that it has a remote controller that can be more convenient and more convenient in configuring the thermostat. 

However, it is much weaker than the other counterpart. It is noisier and has a soft cooling effect. 


We have come this far. The information above can serve as your guidelines in appreciating various kinds of RV Air Conditioner. Each of these types can provide the work that might fit your taste. We hope that you can use these details to decide what is best for you and your RV. 

Moreover, each of these types consists of different functional features that you can consider as an option. Good thing that RV Air Conditioners have various types. That way, you can choose the kind of AC and consider the factors you need to include. So, it’s the end of our discussion.

We hope that we give you some things that you need to know about an RV Air Conditioner. This topic is valuable data that can lead you to have an outstanding result in the future. And we are grateful to share this information with you. Thank you, and have a great day!

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